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10 Things I Love About Israel

May 06, 2018

Last year I spent 10 days in Israel and ever since I left I have been seriously dreaming about going back. During my trip I visited Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Jerusalem which were 3 of the most diverse cities that I have been to, in a single country! I'll share more about my itinerary soon but here's 10 things I love about Israel.

What do I love about Israel?

Last year I spent a good part of the year living in Bali. It started to feel like home to me and I loved it, but it has its faults as well. The biggest thing that I love about Bali was the community of people that I had. My Bali family. Leaving them was so hard and I have never had so much FOMO in my whole life. That leads me to the first thing that I love about Israel.

1. The people

I have been surrounded by loving and kind people since the day that I arrived. I am staying at this unreal hostel and the volunteers and staff have made me feel completely at home. I love them and even though it’s only been a few weeks, leaving is SO hard!

2. The Food

This is a big one everywhere that I go but especially here. All the fresh fruits and veggies that I have had since I got here have been amazing. It’s so easy to eat veg here and I love that. The best part is a dish called Shakshuka. It is traditionally eggs which are poached in a tomato based sauce with chilli peppers and onions then often seasoned with cumin. I could eat it for every meal!

3. Public Transit

It’s so easy to get around which you all probably know is very important to me.

4. The differing cities

Everywhere you go in Israel is different. You can go 1 hour from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and feel like you are in a completely different world. They are so strikingly different and I loved that.

5. History

I am a huge nerd and that is part of what even got me traveling in the very beginning. I love to learn about the world and the past and what better place to do that then Israel. There is tons of history here and it has made my trip that much better. Everyday I learned something new.

6. The Abraham Hostel

and all their staff. WAY TO GO GUYS. You have killed the hostel game. I loved every place that I stayed, the door to door service is amazing and honestly you guys have the greatest culture. They were so kind and understanding and I can’t wait to come back and be a part of the family again.

7. Art art art

You know Bansky, the anonymous England-based graffiti and political activist artist…. Yah ALL over. The art around Israel is amazing and so inspiring for me. I am a major art geek and wandering around just looking at street art all day is totally my jam.

8. The beach

The beaches in Tel Aviv are great! The sand is perfect, the beaches are clean and everyone just goes to hangout and watch the sunset. Give me a beach and a sunset and I am a happy girl no matter what.

9 Purim

If you haven’t spent Purim in Israel then I don’t think that you have really lived. It’s incredible. In this holiday everyone dresses up and takes to the streets. There is endless dancing and parties. If you want to go to a balcony to enjoy the view, chances are people will just welcome you into their homes to party with them and then you can move on when you are ready!

10. Shabbat

I actually love Shabbat. Whether you are religious or not, I think that it is so cool to be able to go and spend and entire 24 hours just with your family and friends. I love that their is no transit, I love that everything is closed and I love that you can just walk around completely empty streets all day. And Shabbat dinner - of course. I think that it should be mandatory for everyone in every culture to take a whole day off and dedicate that day to their family and friends. Yes please.

Coming to Israel was such a good idea and I can’t wait until I get to come back. There is still so much that I want and NEED to do here. I am not finished yet.. So while I have to leave for now, I will be back so soon.

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