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10 Things I loved about Egypt

March 25, 2018

I think that I have dreamed of going to Egypt since I was about 8 years old and they taught us about it in school. I found their culture to be fascinating. Mummies, pyramids, hieroglyphics and more. I used to imagine myself as Cleopatra with my sleek black cat and the desert all around me. Now, while Egypt wasn’t a thing like my 8 year old self imagined it to be, I still fell in love with this wild country. Here’s 10 things I loved about Egypt.

The overwhelm

I love those overwhelming cultures where no one drives in their own lane and everyone wants to share a cup of tea with you and no one really has anywhere to be or anything to do.


DUH - They were astonishing. I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing them. I walked out into the desert so that I could see them all and then just sat there for a while, taking it all in, alone. It was magical. And the fact that people were just climbing all over them… I was like “Stop!! Don’t you know how old these are!?” Lol


Cause it’s vegetarian hodgepodge and I love it. Koshery is basically like a mix of everything that you might have left in your pantry that you just throw into a pot together. It’s 2 different noodles, onions, rice, chick peas and sauce and it is delicious.

Mashed Potato Sandwiches

Yes I had one of these every day and it costs 10 cents. And yes it is just mashed potatoes in a pita bread with no sauce or anything. But hey, I wasn’t complaining.

The desert

Like actual miles of rolling hills of sand, desert. Sandy, Star Wars desert. The kind that I had only seen in movies until now. And because who doesn’t want to wander off into the desert.


I loved everything about it. Mummies, temples and more! The history is never ending and it’s why I wanted to go in the first place. I first fell in love with Egypt because we spent seriously only probably 1 week studying it in school, but for me that was everything. I couldn’t believe that they pulled people’s brains out through their noses, and that they mummified everything from humans to monkeys and alligators! And seeing it all in person, made me feel as giddy as an eight year old all over again.

All the oranges

Who would have guessed there were so many oranges in Egypt. I drank freshly squeezed orange juice from the same stand, several times a day for the entire time I was in Cairo and it cost me about 30 cents.

Egyptian people and their extreme kindness

I swear everyone just wants you to sit down and drink some tea with them. (of course, there are people to avoid - just like anywhere but there are also amazingly kind and generous people.) I soon realized that for the most part, if I was polite and kind to people, all they really wanted to do was talk to me about my home over an endless cup of tea or Arabic coffee, which was fine with me lol.

The travelers that you meet in Egypt

They have a different type of backpacker than the ones you meet in Europe or Asia. These ones are more adventurous and I would say like minded. Here I met people that didn’t even bat an eye that I was traveling alone. I met people that were looking a way to buy a boat so that they could sail down the Nile into Sudan. I met people that had spent months in Africa just traveling and hitchhiking and doing things I have always dreamed of. I met my people.

The weather

At times it was SO HOT. But at other times I was frozen and grateful that I had all my sweaters. It was kind of a nice mix of both. I honestly thought that I was going to be dying of heat the entire time, especially since I only had winter clothes from Europe.

If you want to know more about my trip to Egypt along with all of my helpful tips for staying safe while traveling alone, just let me know! I will be coming out with more blogs about Egypt soon! And will hopefully be traveling back to this incredible country soon!

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