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15 Tools That Every Freelancer Needs To Work From Anywhere

February 12, 2018

Being a freelancer requires that you have a few essential things with you all the time. I easily manage travel full time but I wouldn’t be able to do it without all of these things in my back pack!

HP Spectre Laptop

This Laptop is amazing. I cannot speak highly of it. It’s light weight and extremely powerful. It has an incredible 4k touch screen that I use for Digital Illustration. The screen has 4k resolution and this computer is a winner when it comes to multitasking. Find it on Amazon.

The Surface Arc Mouse

This mouse folds up to be basically flat. I love it. It’s absolutely perfect for travel because it slides right into your bag. Also, the battery life lasts forever so you don’t really have to worry about carrying extra batteries. I love having a mouse on hand. Have a look at the one I have.

Laptop screen pen

I use my computer pen all the time. It helps me add customization to my blog and graphics. This pen is amazing. It takes my design work to the next levels, and allows me to make personal notes of my portfolio to point out to people exactly what I want them to see. (Certain computers do come with their own pen, but it your doesn’t, check this out!) Another GREAT option is the Wacom Pen.

Battery pack

Having a really good battery pack can really change things for you. Being able to charge your phone on the go is amazing. This way you can always be available to check the map, answer an email, call someone, or do anything else while out and about. Just throw the Anker PowerCore External Battery Pack into your bag and you are ready to go all day, and all night.

Travel universal cable

What better way to stay organized then with a power cord organizer?! This way you can always find what you are looking for. No more lost cords, anywhere! I love it. I swear I have always been that person that loses all their cords and then finds them all tangled into one jumbled mess! But no more! Now I can always find everything and it’s amazing. You have to get one of these. Just throw it into your bag and you will always have everything you need. I use the this one.

Power converter

I really cannot recommend enough that you grab one of these before taking off on your next trip. Let me just tell you a quick horror story about foreign plugs and power. THEY AREN'T GREAT. I spent about 7 months living in Bali and during that time I had two friends Go Pros break and my laptop ended up breaking. The power in Bali blew my motherboard. It fried my computer. And you know why? Because I used some cheap plug that I bought for a dollar. And like I said, I had multiple friends blow their Go Pros and have them just stop charging. Not to mention phones blowing and more. The power in the country was wack and now I always travel with a high tech power converter to make sure that NEVER happens to me again. Check this one out, it does a great job and I always feel much safer using it. Don’t risk it guys! This is a lot cheaper than replacing all your nice electronics when they blow out.

Laptop Stand

This is the best way to save your back when you are always working from your laptop. They always say that it’s best no to be looking down at your screen all day, and this guy folds right up to travel with you! You can easily throw it in your laptop bag and head out and about. Check this one out and save your back today.

Travel Microphone

Now a travel microphone might not be for everyone, but I really think that it comes in handy more than people think it will. This little guy folds right up to fit basically anywhere. Pull it out to record podcasts, interviews, webinars, online classes and more. Never be hard to hear again! This will change everything for you.

Wireless Headphones

Having a good pair of Bluetooth headphones is the best. These little ones don’t even have cords that you have to deal with. You just throw them in your purse or backpack and then you always have them when you need them. Say goodbye to messy cords and always having to untangle your headphones. This will solve all those problems for you.

Universal Surge Protector / Power Strip

Yes I carry this around with me everywhere and guess what - it may look nerdy but it comes in SO HANDY. Never have to fight over plugs again! Only one plug in the cafe or hostel room? No worries! No plugs around at the airport? NO WORRIES! Plus it’s universal, so everyone from anywhere can plug in and use it as well. They are going to love you. Yes all my friends thought I was crazy at first, but now, they love that I pack this bad boy around. I totally recommend getting one.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

This backpack has changed the game for me. This bad boy holds EVERYTHING and opens up flat to easily find all your things. No more digging around in a dark backpack looking for things. You won’t need to do that ever again. The other thing that I love about this bag is that it has the back laptop compartment and then another pocket in the main section that I can put books and journals. This style has the padded arm pads and the big water bottle packet on the side. I can’t do anywhere without it. It holds all my gadgets and my camera easily. And they are well made and last forever. You can find one Amazon today.

Google Pixel 2 XL

This phone might not be your first choice when you think of your next upgrade, but let me let you know right now why you need it as a freelancer. First thing, my whole life and business are in my google drive and this is the google phone. Meaning this phone connects directly to my business. It also has A TON of storage and an amazing camera. You can snap all the travel pics to make your friends and family jealous. Plus it still costs a lot less than the beloved iPhone. Find one here.

Portable External Hard Drive

I don’t go anywhere without my storage device. It is my life. Everything goes straight from my laptop to my google drive and my portable storage. I don’t leave anything up to chance, I back everything up. I love having my storage drive to store photos, websites and word documents and eBooks. I have this thing organized and if anything was my personal assistant, it would be this.

Skyroam Solis Portable Wi-Fi

If you have this bad boy you don’t need much else. Never worry about Wi-Fi again because you finally have your own to carry around with you all the time. I wouldn’t be able to survive without the Skyroam. It’s a total game changer. Every freelancer out there needs one of these now.

Kindle eReader

This eReader is the best for travel because it has those pages that actually look like book pages with no glare, meaning that you can now read all your favorites at the beach, in the airport or late at night in bed. eReading is the way of the world, go ahead and jump on board with this awesome new eReader from Kindle. The perfect way to relax when you have to work a lot.

This may seem like a lot, but I swear I can’t take a trip without all of this with me. My business just wouldn’t run the same without it. What do you have to have in order to have your freelance business run smoothly?

** This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy anything, I get a portion of the proceeds at no additional cost to you! This simply means that I get to keep doing what I love, thanks to your support. Thanks in advance! **

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