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19 Best Free Stock Photos Websites (2021)

Let's face it... we can't all be professional photographers or have an 'insta-boyfriend'. Instead, let's find some amazing free stock photos you can use (and some handy tips to make your stock photos stand out!)

Let's face it... we can't all be professional photographers or have an 'insta-boyfriend'. Instead, let's find some amazing free stock photos you can use (and some handy tips to make your free stock photos stand out!)

Using images on your blog can be very powerful. That being said, we can't all be photographers and a lot of use aren't running image-heavy blogs. On top of that, most of us don't have time to add ‘learning photography’ to our already giant to-do lists. I mean we already have a million things on our to-do lists!

When I'm traveling I have a lot of beautiful photos, simply because we live in a beautiful world. On the other hand, when I'm spending a lot of time at home I simply don't spend the same amount of time out taking photos. My secret? Beautiful and free stock photos!

I am going to share with you 19 websites where you can find awesome free stock photos for your blog. I'm also going to share a few tips with you on how you can use these free stock photos in a unique way. My biggest pet peeve is when a specific stock image gets 'discovered' by bloggers and all of a sudden it's all over the internet. I like my stock images to continue to look unique so that my site continues to stick out.

As I mentioned above, popular and free stock photos get used over and over again when they get 'discovered'. When this happens and you keep using them your graphics and posts, you no longer look unique. If you want things to stand out, you still want to be using photos that stand out. You'll want to avoid using the same photos that everyone else is using.

If you love a free stock photo and you know it's been overused, don't worry! There's still ways that you can look unique with free stock images.

Top 3 tips for using free stock photos in a new and unique way

  1. The power of cropping. Make sure to crop the photos. Sometimes, you'll like a piece of an image, but the whole image itself doesn't appeal to you. That's ok, you can crop the photo so that you are only using the piece that you like. This can make the image look like a whole new picture.
  2. Then you should do some digging. My favorite place to go digging for stock images in UnSplash. They have awesome galleries that other people have put together and I have been able to use those collections to find images I love. When you dig around and search beyond just the topic you were looking for, you can find some cool and unique images.
  3. Always be on the lookout for new images to use. Be up to date when new images get added.

Do you want to learn my real stock photo secret though? A couple of years ago I was having a really hard time finding free stock photos to use on Pinterest that other people hadn't overused. That's when I discovered Hautestock.

If you can't find unique images that you love, Hautestock is the one place that I purchase stock photos from. I use Hautestock, a stock image membership which updates every single month with beautiful and original images.

Rachel, the founder, creates beautiful images which are both creative and seasonal. She even includes graphic packs and social quotes making your online presence much easier.

The membership works so that you can join quarterly or yearly but either way, you have unlimited access to her huge library of stock images, graphics and social media templates (and did I mention that she updates it every month!?)

Seriously, once you go Hautestock, you'll never go back. Don't believe me? Give Hautestock a try for your brand today. You can download a free sample pack of everything Hautestock here.

Once you've found beautiful images to use everyday, you should shift your focus to using those images to create viral pins. If you need any help with that, you can check out my guide on how to design pins that go viral every time, this guide helps you gain traffic and drive more sales through extremely visually appealing imagery.

I love being able to use stock images for my blog, especially when I don’t have time to take images myself. I hope this helps you find plenty of free stock photos to use for your site as well. Happy blogging!

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