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19 Places to Visit in 2019

January 08, 2019

Every year I sit down and think of all the places that I would love to travel to in the coming months. Sometimes I visit them all, sometimes I only visit one or two. This year I am making it my goal to really spend more time traveling and creating amazing content. Whether you get to take one vacation a year or spend all your time traveling like I do, I want to help you decide where you are going to go in 2019.

Here’s my 19 Places to visit in 2019!


Georgia is a stunning country with an amazing visa of 365 days on arrival for Americans. I can’t tell you why I’ve never been before! The prices are great and it’s an extremely untouched place for people looking to travel to Europe this year. Next time you’re planning a holiday, make sure to consider Georgia.

Where to Visit in Georgia

Tbilisi- The capital of Georgia and one of the best cities in Georgia to visit. Make sure that you walk through the colorful old town, rich with history as Tbilisi has been the capital of Georgia since the 5th century. Getting to Tbilisi is extremely easy. You can find helpful information about the public transportation in Georgia here. Wondering where to stay in Tbilisi? Find a room here.

Mtskheta - Mtskheta is the religious capital and spiritual heart of Georgia. That’s what makes it such an important city to visit on your trip through Georgia. (It’s also one of the oldest cities in Georgia and was the capital before it was switched). Wondering where to stay in Mtskheta? Find a room here.


I’ve been to Latvia once before and would really love to go back! I want to travel back with my blogger friend Bri from A Little Piece of Bri Elise because she speaks fluent Russian and has been teaching me quite a lot. I want to go somewhere that I can practice my new skill and Latvia seems like the perfect choice.

Where to Visit in Latvia

My top recommendation for visiting Latvia is to see the colorful capital Riga. This city is full of picturesque architecture, trendy cafes and buzzing bars. Looking for a room in Riga? Book one today!

Jurmala - Just a 20 minute drive from Riga you have to check out this seaside resort unlike any other. This is your chance to get back to nature as you stroll through the pine fringed shoreline. Book a room today.


Now Africa is a big one for me right now. I’ve only been to Egypt and I am dying to explore more of Africa this year. I will have to let you know how it goes!

Where to Visit in Namibia

The top places to visit in Namibia include the Epupa Falls, Walvis Bay, the Namib-Naukluft National Park and the Etosha National Park. These two national parks are the the largest game parks in Namibia where you can see all kinds of incredible wildlife and the Etosha National Park is home to thousands of Flamingos. Are you planning a visit? Book a room here.


Another stunning country in Africa.

Zimbabwe is home to the incredible Victoria Falls, something that you have to make a stop at on a trip to Africa. Book a room around Victoria Falls.

You should be going to Zimbabwe for the wildlife, the scenery, the history and of course the people. While staying in Zimbabwe make sure that you check out the Hwange National Park and spend some time in the capital city, Harare.


Iran is the number one country that I want to go to in the entire world. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the people, the culture and the scenery. I don’t know how I am going to get there but I know this year I want to make it happen.

The best option for visiting Iran for Americans can be found with Intrepid Travel. I have heard amazing things from their trips and may even take one myself this year. No matter what country you are from, these tours through Iran with Intrepid are incredible. Check out Intrepids trips here and search for Iran.


Every photo that I see from Uzbekistan is absolutely incredible. I hope to be heading here this year. From the absolutely stunning architecture to the incredible culture, Uzbekistan will be the most fascinating country that you travel to this year, believe me.


Where to go in Uzbekistan

You will be sure to have the country all to yourself. Make sure that you check out Tashkent, the capital for it’s mix of modern and soviet-era architecture. As well as Samarkand for it’s impressive mosques and Bukahara for the Ark Citadel. Start booking your trip to Uzbekistan right away, before this untouched destination gets discovered! And for the Ultimate Guide and knowing everything before you go, make sure to check out this article I love from Lost with Purpose.


Always a fun country to visit with amazing food, great beaches and unbeatable cities.

Top Cities to visit in Portugal include Lisbon, for the history, great Pastel de Nata and perfectly tiled old city. I recommend starting your trip to Portugal in Lisbon before heading south to explore more of the country. Book a stay in Lisbon here.

After spending a couple of days in Lisbon you can head south to Porto where you can see the stunning cliff sides and pristine beaches. I recommend staying at least a few days because believe me, when you get there you aren’t ever going to want to leave. Find a room here.

Then before you leave head to Ericeira, a quiet fishing town where you can spend your days filling up on pastries and coffees in the sun. Find your accommodation in Ericeira here.


A great place to visit for sun, sea and culture, Malta has just recently popped up on my radar. In this last year I met someone from Malta and he sold me on adding it to my bucket list right away. Make sure that you spend a weekend in Gozo and explore the colorful backstreets of Vittoriosa. Book your stay today!


This region of the world is something that I’ve dreamed of visiting. Aptly named the roof of the world, I’ve dreamed of trekking the Himalayas, seeing a new culture and way of life way up high in the world.



Nepal has been another country that has been calling to me for years. I’ve heard nothing but absolutely amazing things about Nepal and I hope this year can be the year I finally trek the to Everest Base Camp. That would be a huge accomplishment to tick off my bucket list. If you are looking to visit Nepal, I highly recommend starting your trip in Kathmandu but getting into the mountains as soon as possible because the views look like nothing I’ve ever seen. Book a room in Kathmandu here.

Then travel to Pokhara to begin your Nepalese journey. Earlier this year at travelcon I met an amazing girl who spends most of her year traveling through Nepal so if you want any advice on what to do or see, make sure that you check out Michelle.


I was meant to go to Myanmar just two years ago but my trip plans fell through. I hope to change that this year with the chance to visit this unique country. There’s been a lot of controversy about travel to Myanmar but I encourage you to read this article by the Wayfaress if you were at all questioning a trip, and keep in mind that when traveling to countries like Myanmar, keep your money in the hands of the locals. Stay with local accommodation, eat at locally owned restaurants and buy handmade goods directly from those making them.


A wonderful friend of mine, Taylor, lives in Guatemala and she’s always posting the coolest pictures and telling me stories of everything she gets up to over there. I really hope to make a trip out to visit her this year. I know that I will make a stop in Antigua when I arrive and wander the colorful city streets. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Antigua, check here!


Faroe Islands

Words can’t describe how stunning the Faroe Islands are. I’ve had dreams of exploring the rugged landscape and since I will already have my trekking boots on, why not visit these Islands as well. When traveling to the Faroe islands make sure that you visit Saksun Church, Streymoy, Mulafossur Waterfall (Vagar Island) and Lake Sørvágsvatn, Suduroy but honestly there is so much to see here you are going to feel like you need WAY more time to explore.


My grandparents lived in Argentina for a few years and I’ve wanted to go and visit because they have told me absolutely amazing stories about their time there.

Where to Stay in Argentina

Buenos Aires- Culture Trip shared a great article with 6 reasons why you should visit Buenos Aires in your life and I have to tell you, they convinced me! If you need to find somewhere to stay in Buenos Aires then you can find a room here.

When visiting Argentina, one thing that you CAN’T miss is the Torres del Paine National Park. It’s something that you have to see in your lifetime. Plan on camping and make sure that you are prepared to stay warm and be blown away by the sights. If you’re interested, there are plenty of places that you can book trips and guided tours through Torres del Paine.

Chile and Easter Island

Because it’s incredible. Another great country if you want to visit the Torres del Paine National Park, Chile also has a lot of unique things to offer. Travel in Chile is very easy, you just have to make sure that you don’t rush it. You want to make sure that you have plenty of time here.

Where to Visit in Chile

Santiago - the capital of Chile. Make sure that stroll through the historic streets of Santiago, taking in all that the Chilean culture has to offer. Book a room in Santiago today.

From Santiago make sure that you plan a trip out to Easter Island. When going all the way to Chile, Easter Island cannot be missed! Intrepid has another great trip that takes you around Easter Island and helps you enjoy all the beauty of this unique destination.



The Hawaiian Islands honestly can’t be beat. I’ve never been to Hawaii personally but I have just always wanted to go. From the gorgeous white beaches to the lush green forests and towering waterfalls, there’s so much to see on each island, I better just plan on spending the whole year there ;) For me, I dream of going to Kauai and Maui.

Cape Town

The raddest blogger I know lives in Cape Town and her photos are always drool worthy. To get inspired make sure that you check out her blog. My favorite thing about her guide for Cape Town is all the handy information that she gives you right from the start. She really shares with you all the secrets of visiting this incredible city. She has accommodation recommendations as well as how to get around and stay safe. I promise you’ll have a ticket booked to Cape Town as soon as you see her photos. This year I hope to get the chance to finally check it out for myself. Check out the amazing hotels you can book in Cape Town here.


My goal for this year is to take my parents on a trip to Scotland. I would love to hire a car and just drive the countryside with them. I know that’s a trip that I’ve done before but I’d love the chance to take my parents.

Where to Visit in Scotland

Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities that I have been to in the world actually. The people were amazing, it was so easy to get around and the city is beautiful. I highly recommend starting your Scotland adventure from Edinburgh and if you need somewhere to stay, make sure you book here!

From Edinburgh I recommend that you head to Stirling and then Glencoe. This is going to be the perfect route for your highlands road trip. From Glencoe you can head to Loch Ness and then Inverness. (If you are a fan of the Outlander series then I am sure that Inverness is on your list) From Inverness you should check out and then Cairngorms National Park. From Aviemoreyou can drive to Killiecrankie and finally find yourself back in Edinburgh.


Vietnam was on my list for 2018 and I still didn’t make it there so I am determined to go this year. Everytime I start to plan a trip to Vietnam I just get overwhelmed with all the places that I really want to go, because believe me, there are about 100 on the list. I will just name a few here though to get you started though.

Top Places to Base Yourself for Travel Around Vietnam

Firstly, head to Hanoi. You should visit Hanoi for the centuries old architecture and the rich culture from China, France and Southeast Asian Influences.

Ho Chi Minh City. In the south of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has rich French influence with many structures looking French as well as being made completely out of French materials. When traveling south through the country you have to make sure to stop here. You can find a place to stay in Ho Chi Minh City here.

And lastly of course you should visit Halong Bay. The views from Halong Bay are incredible and quite honestly can’t be beaten anywhere in the world. The limestone islands seem to jump straight out of the ocean covered in lush green forestry. Make sure to book your stay today!

As the new year begins, I am excited to see which of these places I get to tick off. Are you wondering how it’s possible to have the goal of traveling to 19 new countries all in one year? I am so lucky to be able to travel full time and I would love to help you do the same. If you want to know how to start a blog, how to make your blog successful or how to make several thousand dollars online every month through your blog or freelancing, make sure that you book a consultation call with me this year.

I offer 60 minute long phone calls where we can talk about your goals, your dreams and how you can succeed in 2019. During these calls I can help you learn how to start a blog, begin your life as a freelancer, make money online or grow a loyal audience. Before the call I will walk through your goals for the year so that I give you the most targeted information for your online career. All you have to do is bring your questions. After the call I will email you everything that we went over so that you can find success this year!

I can’t wait to see how many of these destinations you want to get to this year. And I am so excited to help you get there! Book a call with me!

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