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5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

July 30, 2018

Eating just might be my favorite thing in the world to do. This being said, I love food so going vegan has its ups and downs. Ice Cream is harder to find, sushi is nearly impossible and trying the local cuisine when I travel isn’t always your first option, but local foods can be easy to recreate yourself with vegan substitutes.

However, more and more cities have their favorites popping up in some of the tastiest vegan versions ever. I’ve made it my mission to find those restaurants and basically eat the entire menu before leaving the city. Check out what my 5 favorite vegan restaurants in Amsterdam were!

My Favorites:

The Meatless District

The Meatless District is arguably the best vegan restaurant in Amsterdam. Just make sure that you make a reservation. It was very busy. There menu is 100% vegan so I always recommend that you try it all. How often do you get those chances right?

They had things like burgers, salads, sandwiches, pastas and more. Plenty of dessert options too 😉 I chose to go with trying their BLT because that’s usually just something I just leave the “B” off of, so it was nice to see what their version was like.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk food is becoming ever more popular, you find a lot more options like this instead of what is usually the healthier options. For me, this is perfect because I love junk food and the Vegan Junk Food Bar did not disappoint.

I love their loaded fries. I had the loaded Supreme which came with mayo, ‘chickin’, cheese and veggies. I also loved their traditional veggie burger but that was all I had the chance to try. If it had been up to me, we might have just eaten their everyday. Their food was so full of flavor and really fun!

Holy Mac’n Cheesus

I LOVE MAC AND CHEESE and this was no exception! It was amazing. I actually also wish that I would have tried everything on their menu however I only tried the Return of the Mac. We had this delivered with Deliveroo but every time we tried to eat there afterwards it was always closed. If you’re only in Amsterdam for a few days then I would check everyday if they are open because you don’t want to miss it. They also had guacamole which I got and mixed in with the Mac a bit. Everything was fresh and perfect.


Vegabond is a must visit for any sweets. They have sandwiches and cakes galore! I love the focaccia and the spring rolls with avocado are to die for. You can sit outside by the cafe or indoors on their little couches. They also have an entire shop where you can buy healthy and delicious things for your kitchen (INCLUDING ICE CREAM!).


Perfect for those traditional chips that everyone is searching for in Amsterdam but with a wonderful selection of vegan sauces! It’s right next door to the oh so famous Mannekin Pis but I promise for Vegans - this place is SOOOO much better. And the line was WAY shorter.

After we ordered our fries we sat outside and watched everyone line up for the Mannekin Pis fry joint. You get delicious food and entertaining people watching!

And lastly, Stroopwafels!

And for those of you on the hunt for Stroopwafels that you can enjoy, don’t get discouraged! You can buy them at Erica in central station! And believe me, they are even better than the original. If you are willing to search, you really can find everything you want to try in a city! I hope that this foodies guide to Amsterdam has helped you realize that, even just a little.

Alright, now you know where you can find dutch sweets, fries and everything in between.

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