5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog


5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

For years my only blog reader was my mom. Here's how I changed that! Learn my 5 steps for driving more traffic to your blog, starting today. Don’t sit around and wait for people to read your blog. Take these actionable steps instead.

Do you ever hit publish on a new blog post and then sit there and watch as no one views it? First things first, don’t sit and watch. I am a true believer that the watched pot never boils. Instead of watching and waiting for traffic to come in, take actionable steps to start driving traffic to your blog using different social sharing sites and tricks that I am going to share with you.

An unread blog does nothing for you and it does nothing for your audience. You’re goal should be to build up a loyal audience that you help each week with new blogs, but that doesn’t work if no one can find you. That’s where this post comes in.

Here’s my tips for driving traffic to your blog

Keyword Research

You shouldn’t write a blog post without keywords in mind. Proper keyword research should be done before you even start writing your next blog post. Keywords are also the key to long term success. It’s how new readers are going to find you, so make sure you’re spending time on this.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are what a user is searching for when they type anything into Google. We all do this all the time. For example, you are taking a trip to Paris. You want to visit local cafe’s on your trip so you head to Google. Chances are, you are going to search, Local Cafe Favorites in Paris. Just like that you’ve typed keywords into Google. Google is then going to crawl the web, looking for pages that have that keyword listed in them. No one knows exactly how the Google Algorithm works, but we do know you need Keywords to begin ranking.

If you don’t use Keywords in your blog posts, no one is going to find them through Google and if no one is finding your blog posts organically, then you’re going to experience very slow growth. Organic means through a search. Paid ads for Google don’t count as organic leads from Google.)

Post Titles

After you know what keywords you are going to use, you need to give it an eye catching title. You have only about 5 seconds to grab the attention of your readers. This is why your title is so important. When it comes to picking the title of your post, you should never just pick one title and roll with it. The best practice for creating the best post title is to write out at least 20 title options for each post that you want to write.

I know, writing 20 titles can sound overwhelming but when people search on Google, your title is going to be the first thing they see and if that title doesn’t stand out to them they are never going to click into your post.

If you want to learn how to write eye-catching titles, check out this guide I created for you.

Be Active on Social Media

Now, let’s discuss posting on Social Media. Using Social Media to share and drive traffic to your blog after it’s posted is a great way to let people know it’s out there. You want to get lots of hits to your website from social media because that helps programs like Google see how valuable your site it. When you are sharing to social media you should create some social images for sharing.

The places that you can share your blog post are:

  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Stories
  • Your Facebook Page
  • Various Facebook Groups
  • Your Facebook Stories
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter

I recommend that you create different graphics for each social media share. Canva is a great place to create those graphics. For Instagram and Facebook Stories you are going to want to create long images with lots of info. For the Facebook Shares you want the long rectangle images and then for Instagram you want to use square graphics. (Those are just a few options but there are lots graphics that you could create).

Once the post is uploaded, create those graphics and share them with the link everywhere that you usually post.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an awesome way that you can share you blog to an even larger audience and get that traffic you need. I recommend joining at least 5 different Facebook Groups that allow you to share your posts. Usually these groups will allow you to share your posts a certain day a week so mark your calendar and make sure that you are ready to share that day. They also let you do social media posting on certain days so that can be a great way to get tons of new engagement.

When you are sharing in Facebook Groups, make sure that you always engage with other’s articles. A lot of people ask that you leave an engaging comment so just always set aside some time in the day to participate.


Of course you had to know that I would talk about Pinterest. I have a ton of resources for Pinterest and how to use it to best grow your blog and get more traffic so be sure that you check those out but in the meantime, the best way that you can start driving more traffic to your blog is by creating pin images to share for Pinterest. I recommend that every for every blog post you create 3-4 pins, put 1 or 2 of those pins on your website and then share the rest onto Pinterest.

Always use keyword rich descriptions if you want to get a lot of traffic from that pin back to your blog. Once you have shared to Pinterest make sure that you schedule it to repost often so that you content never goes dry. You can do this using Tailwind’s new looping feature.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest, make sure to check out the Pinterest Playbook Course. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about marketing yourself on Pinterest within the course.

In Conclusion

If you follow these steps you are going to get so much more traffic to your blog with every post you share, I can guarantee that. No more sitting around, waiting for traffic to find you. It’s your turn to put your posts out there and see your site growing. Make sure to share this post, the 5 steps for driving traffic to your blog on Pinterest for me.

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