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5 Ways to Get Your First Client Today!

August 13, 2018

Welcome to the wonderful and challenging world of Freelancing. You are now on the magical journey of trying to figure out how you can start getting your first clients. Let’s talk for a quick second about the places that I do not recommend going for these clients.

  1. Upwork - Listen, I don’t care what anyone else had told you, it sucks. They take 20% of your money - which is a ton in the grand scheme of things. They don’t pay you until you have $100 and they don’t protect you if you do the work and the client suddenly decided they don’t need it anymore. They just say, oh well, you did all that work for nothing. See yah. Your money in Escrow will just head straight back into that clients account. BUH BYE. So no thanks, I am done getting screwed over by Upwork. Not to mention, clients on there want cheap work. They don’t want to pay for quality.
  2. Guru - got totally screwed out of $2,000 because my client disappeared and they did nothing to help me.
  3. Fiverr - nothing I do is worth $5. NOTHING.

Keep in mind that this style of websites are designed for people with no budget, or for freelancers from overseas to get work. I don’t know a single freelancer who feels like they got what their work was worth, from a site like this.

So what do you do instead?

Join the Groups

First things first join some Facebook groups and start being active in them right away! Don’t spam people because they will hate you, but find ways to be active. Ask for feedback, give feedback. Participate. Post pictures of your dogs. The more people know you, the more likely they are to recommend or hire you!

What’s on your resume?

Secondly, customize your resume! Every job you apply for should get a customized resume and cover letter. Do you have no idea what I am talking about? Go ahead and talk to Taylor at Remote Like Me. She created a course just for this. You can sign up today and start applying better tomorrow.

Follow directions

Third, make sure that you are following peoples directions. If they say to email them and in the header tell them your dogs name and then to forward that to your second aunt and then tell them what your favorite Starbucks beverage is and why. THEN DO IT. You have a way better chance of standing out when you actually take the time to follow people’s directions.

Where’s your portfolio?

Fourth, make sure that you put together samples of your work. Don’t have any samples? Go offer to do something for someone for free to get a sample. Don’t want to do that? That’s okay, go and do stuff for yourself. I started a blog for several reasons:

  1. An example of a website that I know how to build, which shows people my web development skills.
  2. An example of the variety of articles that I have written.
  3. Graphics that I have made as well as images that I have taken.
  4. Statistics! This one is the most important. I have good stats for my own blog - which then shows people what I can do for them! Holla!

Now finally, to start getting clients right away, you need to be applying, A LOT. A friend once told me that I will hear back on 1 in 10 applications. Quite honestly, sometimes I only hear back on more like 1 in 15. So don’t give up and always keep applying. If you aren’t hearing back from anyone then it might be time to rework your resume, build yourself a portfolio or get more samples.

And one last thing; I am going to link some resources where you can find legit jobs to apply to, without having to use Facebook Groups alone or sites like Upwork!

  1. Working Nomads
  2. Remote Work Hub - has a paid version, but I just use the free version!
  3. Remote Like Me
  4. The Nomad List
  5. Digital Nomad Girls Job Board

And yah the other option that I always tell people to go with is Facebook Groups! I have gotten MOST of my work in Facebook Groups. I will leave the links for some of the groups I am in below as well!

  1. Remote Like Me Community
  2. Work From Home (without selling anything)
  3. Digital Nomad Girls Community
  4. Freelancing Females
  5. Digital Nomads
  6. Copywriter Cult Board

Now go get applying my lovelies! It’s time you get to start working online today!

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