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How to Grow Your Blog Using Pinterest in 2021 (New & Updated)

In this post, I'm helping you learn how to grow your blog using Pinterest in 2021. This includes business accounts, scheduling your content, and growing with & without Tailwind depending on your budget! Let's get pinning!

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Email v.s. Pinterest Marketing: What's Best for your Business?

Pinterest · Sep 26, 2021

I'm breaking down Email v.s. Pinterest Marketing. And why these two tools are so important to the success of your business. It’s most certainly not one or the other, it's BOTH.

19 Best Free Stock Photos Websites (2021)

Blogging · Mar 4, 2021

Let's face it... we can't all be professional photographers or have an 'insta-boyfriend'. Instead, let's find some amazing free stock photos you can use (and some handy tips to make your stock photos stand out!)

The Most Powerful Platform for Bloggers

Blogging · Jul 31, 2020

The statistics are in, bloggers should be using Pinterest everyday. I’ve put this together to merely show you why Pinterest is the most powerful platform for bloggers. There’s a lot of platforms bloggers have to focus on lately, but Pinterest is by far my favorite.

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Blog

Blogging · Jul 24, 2020

It took me a long time to master blogging. It truly is a lot of work, but if you start a blog right from the beginning, you’ll be a lot better off than I was. That’s what I want to help you with today. This guide isn’t just going to walk you through starting a blog, but it’s also going to walk you through how you can be profitable from the start.

How to Start Making Money Blogging

Blogging · Jul 17, 2020

This isn’t an income report and it's not one of those, learn how I made X amount in just 1-month of blogging. This post is just what I have learned over the past 5 years of blogging. The first few years, making very little money and how I have changed that!

How to Plan a Year of Blog Content in One Day

Blogging · Jul 10, 2020

Not sure what to post on your blog?? What if I told you that I could help you create an amazing content calendar, to help you post on your blog for an entire YEAR?! All in one day...

5 Myths About Blogging, Debunked!

Blogging · Jul 3, 2020

Over the years I've heard a lot of myths about blogging! Things like making money, growing your blog and whether or not it's even worth it to start a blog in 2021. Let's dive right in.

250+ Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Blogging · Jun 26, 2020

Ideas for your next blog, in every niche. Fight writers block by picking something from this list next time you start writing.

5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging · Jun 19, 2020

For years my only blog reader was my mom. Here's how I changed that! Learn my 5 steps for driving more traffic to your blog, starting today. Don’t sit around and wait for people to read your blog. Take these actionable steps instead.

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

Blogging · Jun 12, 2020

There are no limits to what you can blog about. However, there is an art to creating a profitable blog. In order to run a blog that makes a profit, you have to plan. This guide will help you create a successful plan, including how to pick a profitable blog niche that will drive you towards success.

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