Diving in the Red Sea Dahab Egypt


Getting Dive Certified in Dahab, Egypt

Dahab Egypt is an amazing location for diving. The Red Sea is alive with beautiful corals and unique fish. Here's my experience getting dive certified in Dahab.

Diving has been on my bucket list for years now. I follow at least 50 dive accounts on Instagram and am fascinated by the ocean. I love being in the ocean. I’ve snorkeled, learned how to surf and spent countless hours just relaxing and swimming in the waves.

Choosing Dahab to get Certified

I didn’t know where I wanted to get dive certified but I figured doing it somewhere abroad would be an amazing experience. It was last year when Egypt was put on my radar as a hotspot for diving and an affordable/safe option for dive classes. I didn’t know much about Egypt but I was meeting all these people who were raving about the diving in the Red Sea. I figured this year I would check it out.

A lot of people back home were surprised that I was going to be diving in Egypt. There is a lot of stigma around Egypt since the revolution, people saying that it’s unsafe and unfit for travelers. I cannot stress enough how incorrect that is, especially when it comes to Dahab. Life was a lot quieter and more relaxing in Dahab. It was the kind of place I could have stayed a while and making the decision dive in Dahab was the best decision I could have made.

Getting in the Water

Then it was finally time to gear up and get in the water. Our dive instructor was Islam, a 24 year old Egyptian from Luxor and he was incredible. I was so worried that I was going to be terrible at everything, and my biggest fear was taking my mask off underwater but he was so patient with us. I felt so comfortable the entire time and that first breath I took underwater was actually breathtaking.

The diving in Dahab was incredible. The ocean was so full of life and you could tell that the Egyptian and Bedouin people in Dahab really care about the fish and corals living there. Steve at Sea Dancer had signs up everywhere encouraging tourists not to eat the fish in Dahab and be careful where they swam. I loved how much they truly cared about the ocean and the environment.

I have never seen so much live coral and marine life anywhere in my travels. To be honest, I have never seen live corals anywhere. I wish I could have spent even more time underwater diving because I needed more time to soak it up. The ocean is incredible.

Diving with Sea Dancer Dive Center

We did our skills in the ocean which was exciting but also challenging because of the how often we got distracted by the marine life and corals. Diving in Dahab was a dream come true and one the of the most amazing things I’ve done in my life.

After finishing the skills part of the course we were able to start doing more expedition dives. Sea Dancer Dive Center is the best dive company in Egypt because they took us to the most popular dive sites in Dahab for our open water dives. By the time I had finished my Advanced Open Water Course with Sea Dancer, I had dived the Blue Hole, The Canyon, The Bells, Lighthouse Reef, The Island and Eel Garden. These are literally the best dives sites in Dahab and I got to dive them all between my two courses with Sea Dancer.

Other dive centers make you pay extra to do those dives after your course is finished instead of letting you learn while you get to do these incredible dives. I was so impressed with Sea Dancer Dive Center and would highly recommend them (no this isn’t sponsored I just love Sea Dancer so much!)

The cost for the diving course + a few dives afterwards + all the gear, workbook and certification was $600. Accommodation and food in Dahab were around $10 a day so altogether I only spent about $100 in Dahab for 10 days, outside of diving.

When you are making a choice about where you are going to dive, I encourage you not just to pick the cheapest option. There is always risk when you dive, you want to make sure that you are taking the proper precautions and diving with Sea Dancer made me feel so safe and secure in the water. We had one instructor to two students which made it easy and comfortable to do your tasks and sign things off. If we didn’t understand or master a task, Islam let us try again until we felt confident that we could do it on our own.

Thanks to Sea Dancer, I now have the confidence to dive anywhere and the certification to do so as well.

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