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March 25, 2019

As a freelancer I have learned a lot about new and emerging technologies. I used to be a person who thought technology was completely overwhelming and over my head. Now I’m learning how to accept payments through crypto currency.

How have I been able to make these leaps in my own career as a freelancer? Mostly through a new app I’ve recently discovered. Recently I’ve started using a new app called Spera which has helped me better organize my work, update & bill clients and accept payments.

Here’s 7 ways that using Spera has helped me work better.

1. Organizing work and tasks to get more done.

In Spera you can create different projects, assign them to various clients and then add your tasks. I often set up a new project first, then I will go in and assign myself due dates and tasks before sharing it with my client so they are up to date with the work I am doing.

2. Adding clients to projects so they can view progress.

My FAVORITE thing about Spera is how easily I can update my clients on the progress of their projects. When you create a new project in Spera you can invite you clients to it. This way they can see exactly what you are working on and when things will be finished. They can also see outstanding invoices, pay you and more. The best part is, you can make it so they can only see the work that you are doing for them. All the rest of your projects and tasks will stay hidden.

3. Allowing me to track multiple clients, projects and tasks at once.

Spera also allows you to have multiple clients, projects and teams. I love this because it allows me to use Spera for my business and my personal life. Making sure that I stay on top of everything. You can even create a project for you and your partner to better your home, get groceries or just stay on top of things together. The capabilities are endless.

4. Billing & Sending invoices to clients. You can track who’ve you sent invoices to, who’s filled them and how much money you’ve made each month.

The ability to track and bill clients is what drew me to Spera in the first place. I have never been very good at keeping track of my clients payments. I can never remember who I’ve invoiced, who’s paid me and I always lose invoices the second I send them. This makes it really hard to do business but with Spera on my team, that’s changed completely. My branded invoices now send themselves and Spera can even track when you’ve been paid.

5. Allows you to help with taxes by helping you keep track of invoicing and expenses.

Along with tracking your payments and invoices, Spera also is wonderful at tracking your expenses. Tax season is the bane of my existence as a freelancer. I dread March and April because I always know that I will be scrambling to put together my taxes. With Spera you can itemize and keep track of everything as you go. This will seriously save you so much time, energy and money. Trust me.

6. And you can customize everything for your brand! Allowing you to send branded updates and invoices to your clients.

One of the more exciting features of Spera for me is that you can brand everything to match your business. This way it doesn’t feel like you are using someone else’s business to grow your own. You are using your business. You are sending invoices with your branding and inviting clients to view projects that match with your website and business. This might not be the most important feature but it is definitely one of my favorite parts of this program.

7. And lastly, you can even post and find jobs on Spera’s job board.

And lastly, have you been looking to expand your team or begin new projects? Recently Spera has launched its own job board. Here you can find new work or outsource and grow your own team. is seriously becoming the best program that I use and I find myself spending more time in there then on my own social media lately. It’s pretty amazing.

One more thing before I go, I mentioned above that with Spera you can now accept Bitcoin as a freelancer - EASILY. I’m serious. I never thought in my entire career that I would be accepting a BitCoin payment. A few years ago I still thought Bitcoin was something that you only used to buy fake things in video games and now I am actually using it as a valid way to accept payments in my own business. If you aren’t sure this is something for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Spera. They have jumped on multiple calls and walked me through every step of setting up my account to accepting my first payment.

I can promise that once you start using Spera, you won’t want to use anything else.

Sign up to start using Spera today and use my Code: JSGAFL18 at checkout to receive 20% off.

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