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How I Actually Make Money Blogging

December 17, 2018

Alright guys, I am writing this post for 2 reasons.

#1 I want to help other bloggers know how they can monetize their blogs

#2 I want my friends and family to understand that I do actually make money on this blog, regardless of what’s discussed at Thanksgiving.

This isn’t an income report, and this isn’t one of those, Learn how I made X amount in just 1 month blogging. This post is just what I have learned over the past 3 years of this blog making very little money and how I have changed that.

In my post, The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog I talk briefly about the different ways that you can make money blogging but in this post I want to explore those a lot more.

There are 4 main ways that bloggers can make money these days online.


Ads are the most traditional way that people have made money on their websites since the beginning of time. However, it’s an outdated method. Ads are busy and distracting. They can also make your website slow and clunky. Not to mention most everyone I know, uses an ad blocker on their browser. (I use Adblock) This means they aren’t even going to see your ads, let alone click on them.

Another way people make money blogging (and this is one method that I use) is,

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be extremely powerful, when it’s done right. But first, what is affiliate marketing? It means that you are going to market a product for someone else, but you need to do it with a special tracking link that allows the company to know what customers are traffic from you. You get paid a portion of what the company makes, at no additional cost to your audience because you are marketing for that company.

Top Tips for Affiliate Marketing

  • Only promote products that you actually like and use. If you promote something that sucks, your audience is going to stop trusting you really fast.
  • Join lots of affiliate programs! Chances are, all the stores you already love have an affiliate program so make sure you’ve signed up.
  • Write informative blog posts educating your readers about the product instead of just throwing links up and hoping people will come.
  • Always make sure that you read through the affiliate guidelines so you understand how you are allowed to use your links. Almost every program is different!
  • Some programs will kick you out if you don’t make a certain about of money is a specific amount of time so don’t join those programs until you are seeing more traffic from your blog.
  • Disclose your affiliate links so users are aware they will be buying through them - even though it doesn’t cost them anything.
  • And lastly, grab my free download all about affiliate programs that you can join (I include over 40 that I am a part of for different products and services!)

Affiliate marketing can be an easy way to make money blogging but you need to keep in mind that you aren’t going to make a lot at first. To succeed with affiliate marketing you need traffic and loyal fans who love what you promote. This is why I suggest writing blog posts instead of just throwing links up. (I personally have both those since I do have my resources page!)

Next up,


I have found myself explaining my collaborations more and more to people. Collaborations are when you work with companies on a marketing campaign for their products or service. A collaboration could include free product in exchange for an Instagram review or huge paid campaigns where you create content for your blog, Instagram and YouTube on a consistent basis for a company.

As a new blogger I joined a few programs that help connect influencers with companies that want collaborations and I did a lot of collaborations in exchange for free product. Now that I am a bit more established I negotiate and get paid for almost every collaboration that I do. Right now, these are a BIG part of my income though they take up a lot of my time because I always have to go looking for new collaborations.

The last way that bloggers make money online is through online products.

Digital Downloads & Courses

I currently have a set of Pinterest Templates, an eBook and an Online Course that I know use to create additional income for my blog. Having an online store with digital products is a great way to make money as a blogger. As a blogger, the chances are that you are probably an expert at what you blog about. Why not use your skills as a blogger to help others grow? That’s what compelled me to create my Pinterest Course. I’ve seen so much success on Pinterest and I’ve been able to make so much money on that platform that I wanted to help others do the same. I recommend that when you start growing an audience and you become more of an expert in what you are writing about, starting thinking of digital items that you can sell.

Wrapping up

Just to wrap up, I really hope that this blog post has helped you to better understand how I make money on my blog. Whether you were simply curious or you were wondering if making money on a blog was something that you could do as well, I hope this had all the information that you were looking for.

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