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How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

There are no limits to what you can blog about. However, there is an art to creating a profitable blog. In order to run a blog that makes a profit, you have to plan. This guide will help you create a successful plan, including how to pick a profitable blog niche that will drive you towards success.

There are no limits to what you can blog about. However, there is an art to creating a profitable blog. In order to run a blog that makes a profit, you have to plan. This guide will help you create a successful plan, including how to pick a profitable blog niche that will drive you towards success.

In the pursuit of transparency, my blog didn’t turn a profit for over 3 years because I wasn’t blogging correctly. I was just blogging for me and never for my audience. A big part of this was that I never picked a niche. When I wrote, it was just a matter of what I felt like each day. I’ve taken that one step further and truly divided my blogs now. This will help each blog be profitable in its own way.

But why does that matter? When Google crawls your website, they are looking for keywords. If you don’t have a specific niche that you are focusing on, then Google is going to have a hard time categorizing your blog. This is important for new bloggers especially because new bloggers are up against those who have been around for the past decade.

If you want to stand out to Google, you need a niche to focus on. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized I needed to be the go to resource for Pinterest. This being said, I knew that I needed to be ranking on Google for any search related to Pinterest. I couldn’t do this on a travel blog that occasionally talked about the platform. I needed a dedicated resource that Google understands is people’s ultimate Pinterest resource.

How to pick a profitable blog niche

I’ve finally switched my focus to running a profitable blog and for the first time in 3 years of blogging, I am seeing income from this and I am loving it. That’s why I want to help you pick a profitable blog niche as well.

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • How do blogs make money?

  • Why does your blog topic matter when it comes to making money?

  • What are the TOP blog niches that other people are using?

  • How do I start a profitable blog?

  • What blogs make the most money?

  • What blog niches are the most popular on Google and Pinterest?

I want to cover a few of these things and then I have a special gift for you! It’s a free download with over 100+ profitable blog niches that you could use to start your own blog today.

First things first,

How do blogs make money?

Blogs make money a couple of ways. Each way is going to be determined by the blog that you have. I created a blog talking more in depth about profitable blogging which you can find here.

  • Ads. Blogs can make money by running ads. This is probably the most well known way that blogs make money. However, it’s becoming much less common. People don’t want you to have ads on your website and google will actually penalize you for having them.

  • Affiliate Marketing. This is my favorite way to monetize my blog. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service with a special tracker link that contains a cookie. That cookie let’s the company know that whoever purchased came from your link resulting in a payment for you, from that company.

  • Sponsored posts. Having a targeted blog niche is basically the only way that you are going to be able to make money doing sponsored posts. When you have a targeted niche and audience, people are going to want you to promote their products for a wider audience.

  • Digital Products. The last way that you can monetize your blog is through digital products. This can also be determined by what you blog about. When you are picking your blog niche, if you want to sell digital products, you should think ahead about what you want to sell. Then make sure that works with the niche or the other way around. For an example of what an online store looks like, you can view my online store here.

Once you have a plan for how you want your blog to make money, we need to discuss blog niches. Does your blog need a niche? Let’s find out.

Why does your blog topic matter?

I’ve talked throughout this post about the importance of your blog niche, but let’s figure out why. These are the top points where a blog niche will help you become a much more successful blogger, much faster.

  • Having a blog niche helps you become an expert in your field. When you are an expert people are going to be way more loyal. You are going to land more blog subscribers and you will get more traffic.

  • When you pick a blog niche and focus down on the keywords that relate to that niche, you are WAY more likely to show up in Google and Pinterest search results. These search engines will start to recognize you as an expert in your industry. If you are constantly blogging about different things, your keyword and search engine optimization won’t be as strong and you’ll be less likely to trend.

  • With a strong blog niche, you can reach out and land even more sponsored posts. You’ll be able to work with bigger brands and make more money from a single collaboration. However, if you want a big part of your blog to be sponsored posts then you need to choose a blog topic that you could get a lot of companies involved in.

  • What are popular niches that others are using?

Of course there are people blogging about just about everything. BUT don’t let that discourage you! If other people are having success that should be a motivator that you could also see success in that niche.

Big niches that other people are blogging in right now are:

• Travel
• Solo Travel
• Female Travel
• Traveling Blogging
• Packing
• LGTB Travel
• Group Travel
• Food/Health
• Fitness/Sports
• Fad diets
• Long term diets
• Diabetes and other health issues
• Home/Family
• Mommy Blogging/Newborns
• Family planning
• Family nutrition
• Home decor
• Family travel
• Homeschooling
• Specific Interests
• Hiking/Outdoors/Camping
• Photography
• Blogging
• Youtubing
• Scrapbooking

As you can see, people are blogging about just about everything. Blogs that make the most money are blogs that are well researched and planned. These blogs don’t just happen overnight and blogs that last the ages. Blogs that withstand time are the most likely to make the most money!

Are you ready to start a profitable blog? Go ahead and download this special guide with over 100 blog niches that could be highly profitable for you.

Then once you’ve picked a topic, read my Ultimate Guide for Starting a Profitable Blog!

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