How to Plan a Year of Blog Content in One Day


How to Plan a Year of Blog Content in One Day

Not sure what to post on your blog?? What if I told you that I could help you create an amazing content calendar, to help you post on your blog for an entire YEAR?! All in one day...

One of the hardest things about blogging is keeping up with consistent content, writing often (even when you have writer’s block). Always producing content that your readers are going to love. This can get overwhelming especially when you are traveling, responding to emails, taking + editing photos and videos and still trying to enjoy your trip. Let’s talk you through how you can plan a year of blog content in just one day.

Plan a year of blog content in one day

Once you have your core content prepared, you can write multiple blog posts at once and save them for throughout the year. This way you always have something to post and it won’t be something that you’ve just put together because you forgot that you always post on Sundays or you’ve put it off too much and know that you just need to post something. When you put content out there that is thrown together or not useful, then it will do your audience no good which won’t help you either.

The most important thing to be a successful blogger is to always serve your audience. Every piece of content that you produce should be serving your audience and answering an important question for them

This guide is meant to help you plan/get ideas for a year's worth of valuable content.

Time Blocking and Batching

I first learned about time blocking from Esther over at VAI. She taught me that by batching out what you are working on and time blocking it into your week, you end up getting your work done a lot faster than you normally would. Time blocking means that you set up your schedule so that on Monday’s from 3-5, all you do it write.

When you sit down to plan our your blog content for an entire year, you’re going to know exactly what you need to be writing about and when. When you’re this prepared, you can go ahead and set aside one day a week where you put on your favorite playlist and write, write and write.

How to Begin Putting Together Your Content for the Year.

Know your goals and limitations.

Gone are the days of bloggers posting content everyday. Your blog followers are not going to have time to read your content everyday (nor are they going to want too). I post on my blog 2 days a week, which brings me in a consistent amount of traffic while still allowing me to create extremely high quality content for my readers.

With this being said, my goal for 2019 was to post 8 times a month. My posts preform better if I post them all before Thursday. I have personally found that I get the most engagement on Sundays and Wednesdays, but make sure that you are finding the days that work for you and sticking with it.

If posting 1 day a week is what works for you, then make sure you know what blogs you are going to be posting for the month, this way when you are feeling inspired, you can sit down and write multiple posts at once and then go back and edit them at once and be done!

Always plan ahead

I start planning my content in my google drive (I use google drive for everything!) I recommend that you open a new google sheet and organize it to be your blog content for the entire year. You can start by breaking it down into Q1, Q2 and Q3. (You can do this by creating new pages within 1 sheet)

Quarter One covers January, February, March and April. During January I always post my new year content. Bucket lists and goals for the year. Reflections on the year before/year ahead and productivity/success/goals posts.

Depending on what your blog is about, February can be about Trips to escape winter, valentines or fashion trends (a lot of fashion weeks happen in February). March/April can be about Spring. Things like Spring cleaning, spring trips to take, spring fashion/makeup trends.

Some great content ideas to keep in mind:

Holiday Content – those must read holiday gift guides – why not plan to post those in November and get working on them to make them the best resource ever?

Seasonal Travel – Summer Break, Spring Break, Winter Break

A launch that you might have coming up is a great way to plan content. Prior to a launch all of your content should be educational about what you are launching.

Fashion Weeks – if you are a fashion blogger

Seasonal Food trends if you are a food blogger

Outdoor vs Indoor workouts if you are a fitness blogger.

Once you start looking at the year like this, it’s much easier to plan what you will be posting and when.

If you’re still confused, let me help. I will share my Q1 content plans.

Planning my content for the year

For January I planned to share bucket list ideas for the new year. I was also planning content like this blog content planning post. I wanted to share with my audience how they can start preparing for the amazing year ahead of them. This also shows my audience how I can help them.

For February I already knew what my travel plans were going to be so my content is centered around where I am going to be exploring. In March I am launching my first webinar so you can guess what that content is going to be about. Through the end of February and March I will be preparing content to lead people to join my free webinar. In April I will return to a few backlog blogging posts and travel posts that I haven’t gotten the chance to write about yet.

Then you just have to think about what is happening the rest of the year. Quarter two blogs can be all about summer trends in travel, fashion or blogging. They can be affiliate posts with favorite products, summer blogging tips/blogging gear, summer photography and more.

As you go into Quarter 3 it’s time to start planning your holiday content. You should be posting your holiday content at least one month in advance. This helps you follow fall trends and jump into things like gift guides, holiday travel and holiday bites. The holidays are a great time to share content so make sure that you plan accordingly. Get your content out with plenty of time before the shopping and trip planning starts.

Staying organized

I wanted to share with you tips on how you can stay organized while you are preparing your content.

  • Make sure that you put everything into the google spreadsheet.

  • Add dates so you know when posts need to go live.

  • If you have bulk written posts for the year then make sure you link them in google drive. This way you don’t lose them and you can go back to edit them.

  • Set aside time to bulk write when you are in the zone. It’s a great way to pump out amazing content. However, remember that you need to go back and edit your content for mistakes.

  • If you need inspiration, you can link those in a separate page of your google drive for reading and inspiration.

  • Do lots of keyword research and make plenty of pins so that your blogs get the traffic that they deserve. If you are really organized you can also include this information in your google sheet as well.

It’s important that you stick to your goals and post when you’ve said you are going to. This way you will be able to stay on top of you blogging and not drown or get burned out. Having a consistent blogging schedule is how I’ve managed to significantly grow my blogs traffic.

I hope this has helped you plan a year of blog content that you can start writing as soon as today. If you’re not sure what your blog should be though, read my guide to picking a blog niche.

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