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How to spend the weekend in Nazareth

March 26, 2018

After spending some time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem I decided to take the bus over to Nazareth for a few days. This also helped me get to Amman because there is a bus that goes directly from Nazareth to Amman every other day.

Nazareth is a very quiet place. You can walk around and see the whole city in about a day. There are also lots of beautiful things you can do such as The Jesus Trail, a 65 kilometer hiking pilgrimage that starts in Nazareth.

Where did I stay?

Fauzi Azar Inn - with the Abraham Hostels

How did I get there?

The Abraham Bus from Jerusalem for 40 NIS

How long did I stay?

Just 2 nights in the end. I was meant to stay for 4 nights but I extended in Jerusalem for 2 more nights because of Purim as well as Shabbat.

What did I do?

Well I am not going to lie to you, I did not do much in Nazareth. When I arrived it was the middle of the day on Sunday and NOTHING was open. There was like one place that I could have gone for dinner but I decided instead to stay in and eat at the hostel. Best decision ever honestly.

I got a lot of work done that evening, after taking a quick walk around the city.

The next day I got up, had breakfast and decided that I would go on the free walking tour that was offered by the hostel. They tell you the story of the house that you stay in and about the beautifully painted ceilings that you have to see in the upstairs sitting area.

After that you get taken around to local shops and markets. Everywhere is offered a discount of some sort for those staying at the hostel which is nice. The walking tour lasted about 2.5 hours and in the end the tour guide passionately tells you about the history of Nazareth. All along the way we asked her questions about why it was so quiet and why it seemed like everything was closed and when we got to the end, she told us a bit more about why that was.

While there are some amazing things to do around Nazareth like visit Haifa, do the Jesus Trail or more, I just made the decision to hangout and get some work done since I had fallen behind.

I ended up at the SIMSIM cafe for most of the day, having some cake and working. Then around 5 pm I decided to run and get a Falafel. I was lucky that I left when I did because once again, everything was closed. The man that I was headed to get dinner from was just about to close up but he happily made me food and I sat on the ground and ate with him and his wife. It was really lovely, and the food was amazing. They have a special offer for hostel guests where they will make you a huge Falafel for only 12 NIS. Which is pretty good. Plus it is plenty of food if you ask me.

After that everything was shut down so I walked around for a bit but just ended up back at the hostel. Nazareth is a great place to go if you need to get your work done! I did so much! It was really nice to have some quiet and just get things done.

When I come back to Israel I will give Nazareth and the surrounding area more time!

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