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Making Friends While Traveling Solo

May 21, 2018

Getting to the bottom of solo travel

Traveling alone as a female leads my family, friends and just about every stranger I meet to ask about my experience.

Solo travel, especially for girls, has a pretty big stigma around it and is a fear for a lot of people. Obviously the biggest comment or question I get is, “Doesn’t your mother worry sick about you?” Or they will say it as a statement instead of a question when in fact they aren’t true. My mom loves it and she knows I am safe because we talk everyday and to be honest, I am ever actually alone. Well sometimes I am, but it’s almost always a choice to be alone. Meeting people and making friends while traveling is one of the easiest things to do. I swear sometimes you actually can’t get rid of people when you would rather be alone! (sorry if that’s ever been me, it probably has ☺) So how do I do it?TRAVELING SOLO while making friends and memories in every corner of the world.

Let’s start with the traveling alone part first. I recommend it 100%. TO EVERYONE. I don’t care who you are, how much you love your friends, life, job, dog or how scared you are of strangers, planes, murderers, sex trafficking or just being alone. DO IT ANYWAY. Book that ticket, get on that plane and get out there. See the world and do it solo because it will change your life. Traveling has changed my life in more ways than I can tell you. Making friends while traveling is different from making friends at home. You will have different bonds with travel friends. You may spend 1 day with someone or 1 month with them but the friendship can just about be the same.

When traveling, you will be friends with anyone and it will be strangers from all countries and all walks of life. They will inspire you and you will inspire them and you will be friends forever. Cause next time you are in Australia, or Malaysia or Amsterdam you’re going to remember John or Sally or whoever you added on facebook and spent that day with in Italy. Then before you know it, you’ll be sleeping on their couch or staying at their grandma’s house without them or end up hanging out with their friends. The more places you go = the more friends and friends of friends you’ll have, and you’ll truly never actually be solo.

A few tips I have for you when it comes to traveling solo and making friends are:

  1. Always, always always trust your intuition.
  2. Be brave and put yourself out there. Locals will love you and you will be amazing and inspire travelers that share your dreams, and that is incredible.
  3. Stay in Hostels
  4. Be smart. Don’t wander into dark alleys alone (you might think this is common sense but it’s not), don’t get shit faced and forget where you are, who you are or how to get home.
  5. Make friends and drag them along on whatever day trips, hikes and adventures you want to go on. Some of my best memories is hiking with people from my hostel. You always have more fun hiking with people.
  6. Ask for advice from others, whether they are travelers who got to a city a few days before you, hostel staff or local people. If you are unsure of something, just ask.
  7. Get a map in English and the native language because it will be way easier to get help from people so you’re not always lost.
  8. Eat food! I mean, everyone eats food and wants to go get food most the time so just invite people at the hostel to come with you because food is the easiest and best way to get to know people.
  9. Attend the activities put on by your hostel. Go to the hostel bar, or hangout in the common area and just get talking to people.
  10. Embrace being alone, because you will meet so many people that there will be days that you are begging to actually be alone. Never take it for granted.
  11. HAVE FUNNNNNNNN. Just love the fact that you are alive and that you get to explore a new place every day.

Remember that plans can change and don’t ever be so set on your plans that when they fall apart, you fall apart. Stay open and relaxed - makes the having fun part a lot easier.

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