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3 Tips for How Pinterest Can Help You Grow Your Travel Blog Right Now

March 22, 2020

Today we're talking about blogging and Pinterest and how you can use Pinterest to your advantage to grow your blog right now.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to comment on the COVID19 crisis and what you should be doing. For resources about what you should be doing, refer to the CDC and WHO and follow the instructions of your local government. I simply want to use my space to help your business & bloggers during this time.

I know that blog traffic is down for everyone around the world by about 50%.

Since people aren’t traveling, they aren’t shopping (unless you sell toilet paper and hand sanitizer…) and they aren’t eating out... and a product of this, unfortunately, is that they aren’t reading our blogs, buying from our affiliate links or even our online shops.

Since I’ve used Pinterest to grow my entire platform, today I want to give you some actionable and totally free things you can be doing that will help your blog maintain some sense of normalcy and some traffic.

Why does it matter?

If you’re not a blogger, you might be asking yourself why it all matters… For bloggers, a loss of traffic means a loss in money. We make money through ad revenue which increases and decreases depending on how many views our sites get.

Bloggers also make money through collaborations with companies and it becomes very hard to collaborate with companies if you’re not getting eyeballs on your site. When you begin a collaboration, you share a media kit with the brand that lets them know how much traffic you get, how many subscribers you have, etc. When those numbers start to drop, you lose a lot of income.

(Not to mention a lot of collaborations require leaving the house and traveling... at least in my case.)

That’s why it’s so important that we keep up our page views even when people aren’t traveling or planning for travel.

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How Pinterest can help...

As I said, blog traffic is down A LOT. My own website is down, but I’ve been working on updating my Pinterest strategy to combat loss in traffic. I’ve been using Pinterest to strategically grow my blog for over 4 years now. I get the majority of my traffic and subscribers from Pinterest.

On top of that, I try extremely hard to stay on top of Pinterest trends as I work as a digital nomad doing Pinterest Management and I teach a Pinterest Course. So I like to consider myself to be a bit of a Pinterest Guru.

In 2020 Pinterest made updates to their system, encouraging bloggers to put out as much new content as possible. That doesn’t mean that you have to be creating a ton of new blog posts, what it does mean though is that you should be creating a lot of pins and images for each blog post, to put on Pinterest.

(If you need help creating new Pins for your blog posts, don’t worry, I can help! I have a store full of Pinterest Templates that you can use right now! Check out my online store)

Recently I’ve started reading in a lot of groups that people are encouraging bloggers to wait to put out their new content. Why? Because once you’ve added it to Pinterest, it’s no longer new. It’s now old content. And this means that if you add all of your new content right now when traffic is down, it could be wasted content because no one will see it. Then you have to create all new content when people are traveling again.

I’ve decided to go against the grain and start pushing my new content, just to see what happens. And now I’m sharing what I learned with you. (I’ve been testing my new strategies for a little over a week now and I will be updating this post as I learn more.)

Post less content on Pinterest

First things first, post less content on Pinterest. By this, I mean that you should reduce the number of times a day that you are pinning. If you use a pin scheduler like Tailwind, then you should go in and decrease the number of daily pins that you are sharing. I’ve decreased my number of daily pins down to 20 a day (I was pinning about 25-35 a day before this).

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but by reducing the number of pins you are putting out, you can focus more on posting a higher quality of pins. You can also focus on pinning pins that are relevant for your audience during this time.

Share more of your own content

Next, share MORE of your own content. Normally when people ask me, I tell them that a good rule of thumb is 20% your own content and 80% other people’s content. With the change of pace, I have started pinning 40% of my own content and 60% other people’s content. And following my new 2020 strategy of pinning as much new content as I can, I’ve been keeping a schedule of 50% new content and 50% old content (within the 40% of my own content that I am posting).

Encourage your audience

And lastly, adjust your content for the current landscape. Encourage people to read your blog NOW by sharing things that are relevant to their lives now. This doesn’t mean that you should be sharing COVID19 advice if you’re not a qualified person to be doing so. This means that if you’re a travel blogger, share content that people can use to ‘escape’ their current scenario. Instead of giving people lists of things to do in Venice, tell a story of your time there.

Content I suggest creating right now:

  • Tell stories that inspire and uplift people. What travel experiences do you have that are going to make people laugh? Or fall in love with a place they’ve never heard of?
  • Help people learn how to journal or scrapbook their experiences
  • Teach people how to start their own dream blog in a series of posts or videos
  • Fall in love with a new hobby from abroad. Find something that you can do at home, that you learned abroad and take your audience on that adventure with you
  • Attempt cooking foods you’ve tried abroad and share your end results with your audience whether it’s a win or a complete fail!
  • Write blogs about your own home and home town. I know a lot of us never talk about home because it’s not as interesting as the places we go abroad… but share your home with your audience.

Another thing I really suggest doing right now is to make free content for your audience. Think of how you can serve people and take this as the opportunity to finally sit down and do it. You could create that Budget Travel Guide you’ve been thinking about for ages. This could be a chance to teach your audience about something while also being able to grow your business through your email list!

I know that things are going to be slow right now. And chances are they will continue to get worse before they get better. It might be a while before your blog traffic is back up to what you’d like it to be... But I hope that by utilizing Pinterest, you can gain back some of the traffic that you’ve been losing during this time.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest and how it can grow your blog and business, check out my course! And if you’re looking to hire your very own Pinterest Manager to handle it for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to I can get help sort you out!

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