The 8 BEST Places to Eat and Work From in Portland, Maine

May 14, 2018

I didn’t know this, but Maine is a foodie HEAVEN. And I am a total foodie. Luckily for me, there are about 15 coffee shops just on the street I am living on (And no, they are not all Starbucks and Dunkin) I haven’t even been here a week yet but I have already tested them all! I am always looking for the best Wi-Fi, the best coffee and the best vibe for work. So here’s my faves! Organized by time of day you want to head over.

1. Where I start every day is called Yordprom.

This place is where I start everyday because they have killer Wi-Fi and amazing Vietnamese Coffee. I start my days there because I usually can’t make it any further up the road without coffee in the mornings lol.

I also like that they are super happy to have freelancers come hangout all day. There are always people working in there which is actually kind of uncommon in Portland - even though there are like 4 colleges around??

2. Tandem Coffee

This place has great homemade almond milk and fresh biscuits that make you fall in love. However, they leave something to be desired with the fact that they have no Wi-Fi and their staff tend to look down on those looking for a nice place to work a while.

3. Local Sprouts

Hello this place is a dream come true. I would live here if I could! They have all the vegan food options, including vegan mac n’ cheese. (Don’t worry they have other options as well) They also have super high speed internet and great coffee. The other great thing about Local Sprouts is that they have great prices! You can get a mug of coffee for only $1.60 which is pretty great. They do close early though at 3 pm on Mondays and 5 pm all other days. Otherwise, I would stay all night.

4. Coffee by Design

This place looks tiny but has plenty of seating on the inside. They participate in this cool event that Portland does called the First Friday Art Walk. I ran into Coffee by Design to get out of the snow on a Friday and they had tons of cool local artists hung up on the walls. Their coffee was awesome and so were their muffins. I may have had two….

5. Speckled Ax

The Speckled Ax is awesome! Except for the fact that they have no Wi-Fi. KIND OF A BUMMER GUYS. But they do have awesome drinks, really cool staff and a nice vibe. Overall I was very impressed, but as a person that needs to work, I wouldn’t be able to go back.

6. Bard Coffee

They have great coffee for a really great price and they also have two high speed wi-fi networks that you can jump on and use. The staff at Bard is extremely friendly and happy to have you sit and work all day, no matter how busy they get. I loved it at Bard! A big plus, they also have Italian Sodas that looks amazing.


7. B.Good

B.Good is a farm to table hamburger joint. My favorite part about it was the fact that you could turn any normal burger into a veggie burger. So clearly I had this amazing Avocado Chipotle burger. It was to die for.

To get the best Wi-Fi you are going to want to sit upstairs. They also have live music and comedy events on Monday nights. B.Good has an amazing playlist. I was loving it.

8. The Francis

The Francis is right next door to where I was staying and every night when my Wi-Fi would crap out, I would see that they had all this strong Wi-Fi going on and get really sad. So one night I decided I was done wondering about the nice Francis Wi-Fi.

I headed downstairs and asked them if I could work there a while. They aren’t open super late, but they are a great 5-9:30pm working option. You might be asking yourself who works from 5-9pm but yah, that’s me. I feel like I get most of my best work done so late at night.

The staff at the Francis were so kind! It’s a bit of a fancy place, but I am telling you, Portland bars and restaurants DO NOT HAVE WI-FI. So if you need to work at night, The Francis is it. They also have really great smelling lotion in their restrooms, if you are into that. I loved it there. I would be happy to work at the Francis again. I sat at the little table in the corner next to the plug. My only complaint was that it was a little cold.

Oh and one cool thing about the Francis is that it is also a little boutique hotel and spa. But the coolest thing is that this building used to be a morgue, and they redid the whole thing to make it this beautiful hotel and restaurant. I totally want to stay here the next time that I am in Portland.

My time in Maine has involved A LOT of coffee shops, but that is pretty common for my time anywhere. I loved the foodie scene in Maine and would love to come back in the summer and get to experience they city when it’s nice and warm.

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