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The Beginners' Guide to Tailwind

July 09, 2018

Tailwind was a game changer for my blog and business and for those of you who aren’t familiar with what Tailwind is, it’s an online pin scheduling platform and it is amazing. Honestly.

Do you want to rock Pinterest Marketing, without having to spend a ton of money or add hours to your day?

Then you want to be using Tailwind!

Tailwind is the most efficient way to drive traffic to your blog or online business. Once you get the hang of Tailwind you’ll be able to set up weeks worth of captivating content in just a hour a week.

Firstly, you need to understand how you can get the most out of Tailwind. Just like anything else, if you aren’t using Tailwind correctly, you aren’t going to the results that others are seeing. That’s why I have created this guide to help you EXPLODE your Pinterest traffic.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Tailwind and will earn a referral fee if you sign up via my link. You can schedule and publish 100 Pins FREE! If you purchase a plan, you won’t pay a cent more by using my link. Thanks for your support!

However, if you aren’t yet using Pinterest, then make sure that you read my Ultimate Guide to Pinterest first! It’s important that you are growing your Pinterest, then it’s not going to help you to start on Tailwind.

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind is the Pinterest marketing toolkit for bloggers and online businesses. This scheduler is the official partner of Pinterest. This means that it won’t get shut down like other schedulers have. Tailwind helps you drive your leads, traffic and sales from Pinterest back to your website or blog and once you have things set up, it’s pretty easy to do.

When you are using Tailwind, you don’t have to find time to pin daily. You can sit down once a week and let Tailwind post for you. They even create a smart schedule, making sure that you pin at the best times of day for you.

Along with a perfect schedule, Tailwind also offers analytics that show you what content is really resonating with your audience. This way you can make more content that people are looking for and try improving content that isn’t working for you.

Tailwinds Marketing Tools Does:
  • It creates a queue that you can fill to auto post for you.
  • Posts things at the best times for engagement.
  • Repeats your content at an interval that you choose.
  • Helps you discover relevant content to share with your own audience.
  • Connects you with pinners in your niche using Tribes.
  • Monitors conversations on your Pins.
  • Amplifies your reach.
  • And measures the results!

All these features within one extremely affordable tool.

How does Tailwind work?

When you sign up for Tailwind, you just have to link your Pinterest account. Once you are signed up, Tailwind starts analyzing your account to help you create your smart schedule and allow you to pin when it’s best for you and your engagement. It also starts to give you analytics to track your audience and content.

It’s so easy to set up your schedule. All you have to do is let Tailwind know how many times a day that you want to pin. You pick as many pins as you want. Then you have to fill your queue and Tailwind will do the rest of the work for you.

Adding Pins to Pinterest:
  1. Schedule content from Pinterest and add it to your queue.
  2. Schedule content directly from your website.
  3. Upload pins directly to Tailwind in a similar way that you do on Pinterest.

If you want to pin using the top 2 options, you have to add the Tailwind extension to your browser. Once you have that installed, you just have to hover over the image that you want to save and click the Tailwind button and you can save anything you want.

When you want to add a pin to more than one board, you should first add your pin to the most relevant boards. You can add a pin to as many boards as you want. When you add a pin to more than one board, I recommend that you use an interval so that pins go out to Pinterest on different days and at different times. This can help so that you don’t spam your page and boards all at once.

Once you’re done, just hit schedule pins and you’re all set!

How does Tailwind help you grow your followers and engagement?

Tailwind helps you to explode your Pinterest possibilities.

  • Maintains a constant presence on Pinterest without manually Pinning all day.
  • Spaces out your Pins so they won’t appear spammy to Pinterest or annoy your followers.
  • Pins at the best times for engagement (helping you crush the Pinterest algorithm!).
  • Curates Pins from your favorite blogs in the Find Content feature, to save you time.
  • Offers niche Tailwind Tribes for another source of Pins to share.
  • Joins you with Tribe members who can share your content too.
  • “Loops” your Pins so they keep posting to Pinterest automatically! (More about Loops coming later!)

If you aren’t on Tailwind today, sign up to receive your first 100 pins for free. I promise even with those first 100 pins are already going to change your life on Pinterest.

Sign up for Tailwind!

P.S. If you are wondering how else you can save time on Tailwind, keep an eye out for upcoming posts on Tailwind Loops, Board Lists and Tribes. I’ll be sharing more information about Pinterest and Tailwind all week and special deals for my new Pinterest Playbook Course - the best place to learn how to make money and grow your business on Tailwind.

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