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The Best Things About Living in Bali

July 23, 2018

1. Balinese People

They are some of the friendliest people that I have ever met, and I have met many different kinds of people. Balinese people are always smiling at you. They are so cheerful. We have the most amazing drivers here, who love to show us around their beautiful island as well. I told a friend recently, it’s not Bali we’re all in love with, it’s the people. Balinese people are a big part of loving this island. Even when they don’t speak great English and my Bahasa is mercasi, it doesn’t stop them from being very kind.

2. GoJek

HEYO. This will actually fall into sub categories because it’s that amazeballs. Let me explain to you the best thing that has ever happened on this planet earth. GoJek is a way to get around. You can call a gojek and someone will come along on their scooter and take you where you need to go. Like Uber. Except, gojek took Uber like 1,000 times further and better. You’ll see.

2.5. GO LIFE

Introducing Go Life. This amazing little app will have ANYTHING delivered to your house. And I do mean anything. You can even have a truck brought to your house, you can load it up with everything and have it delivered somewhere else. So what have I gojekked? To have any meal delivered to your house it only costs $1.You call a gojek and pick any restaurant you want, put in your order and an local will drive to that restaurant, pick up your food and deliver it to you for $1. Yes this is paradise. Another miracle of gojek, say you need medicine from the pharmacy but you are too sick to leave the house, gojek will go to the pharmacy, call so you can talk to the pharmacist, and then deliver whatever you need, for once again, $1.Alright so you can have anything delivered, that’s awesome. However it gets even better. You can gojek a 90 minute massage to come to your house, for $7.5. That way you don’t even have to leave the house for your spa days! You can gojek mani-pedis, massages, hair stylists and so much more! If you can think of it, gojek will deliver it. Please explain to me a better service. Please.Okay be jealous, I’m done.

3. Amazing Sunsets on the beach while sippin’ coconuts

Need I say any more? Bali has some amazing sunsets and tons of prime locations to watch them at. There’s the Lawn in Canggu, a super hip lawn on the beach that serves all the drinks, with live music and a pool while you watch the sun go down. There’s Single Fin in Uluwatu. The perfect place to watch surfers all afternoon and then enjoy a lovely sunset with some more drinks and yummy nachos. Then there’s some temples. On the beach. In the water. They’re gorgeous. Head there for a sunset or two. I promise you’ll never run out of places and you’ll never get bored of these beautiful golden hours.

4. Food

Yupp. Super yummy, super healthy food everywhere you go. Bali is a really good place to go if you want to eat good, fresh fruits and veggies all day. In my opinion, it’s a great place to go for all the vegans, vegetarians and anybody else who has a specific diet they stick too. It totally makes me feel like I am more healthy. But also!! Indonesian food yo! Like come onnnnnnn is at such a great price. One example is Nasi Goreng – which is fried rice with chicken and an egg on top and it usual costs $3, or mie goreng – same same but different because it’s noodles.

5. All the Bali dogs

While Bali dogs is a very sad and touchy subject, I love the Bali puppies that are a part of my life. I just wish that we could save them all. Bali puppies are the sweetest little buggers on the planet. I know life just wouldn’t be the same if I wasn’t surrounded by all my furry friends. I get a million people asking me every day if I’ve adopted a puppy, but while I know I can’t, I am so grateful for everyone that has. Because they bring so much joy into our lives! Yay for the sweetest Bali pups.

6. Coworking

Alright so I now know that this is a thing everywhere… But I didn’t know about it until after I moved to Bali and started working anywhere that I could get a good Wi-Fi signal. Soon to find out though, that Bali is home to tons of digital nomads! All looking for strong Wi-Fi. I have now been lucky to meet tons of awesome people and learn all about what they do, just because we all met at the same cafe on a Tuesday to do work.

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