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The Quickest Ways to Gain More Traffic and Earn More Money with Pinterest

November 25, 2018

Every time I tell someone that I work as a Pinterest Strategist they always get so excited and ask me what that means. I tell them that I work to helps bloggers and small businesses grow and market on the Pinterest platform. In return I always get astonished open mouthed excitement. It’s amazing how many people who own businesses or blogs, aren’t using Pinterest correctly for their business. Today I want to share with you how you can gain more traffic and earn more money through Pinterest with my new course, The Pinterest Playbook.

If you don’t want to rock the world of marketing on Pinterest then you can just skip on and read a post about Egypt. But if you are serious and growing your business through this powerful search engine, then stick around!

Here’s how you can gain more traffic on Pinterest:

The Pinterest Playbook

This course is a comprehensive, week by week guide to help you turn your Pinterest traffic into a loyal following for your business.

Included are 5 modules, released week by week (This is to make sure that you are following all the steps and not skipping ahead!)

In Module One we talk about setting up your business account on Pinterest. I walk you through all the ways to SEO optimize your Pinterest profile and create boards for your business. Starting from the beginning with a powerful profile is extremely important. If you skip week one, and just start pinning like crazy, you might see a spike in traffic but you won’t find that traffic directing over to loyal followers. You first have to optimize.

After we optimize Pinterest we can move on the next steps. Module Two is a step by step guide to my favorite Pinterest tool: Tailwind. I am going to teach you how to pin for success. What tribes to join, what schedule to keep, how to create board lists and loops to save even more time and grow even faster. In week two you are going to start to see real growth to your account.

Then onto Module Three is where I teach you how to Pin like a pro! This week is all about Group Boards, best pinning practices, a bit of information about the 80/20 rule and everything else that you need to know to put your pinning on autopilot and see consistent growth.

Next we have one of the most exciting modules if you ask me (however I might be a bit biased). Module Four is Driving and Converting your Pinterest Traffic. Now that you are seeing real growth within the Pinterest platform, I want to teach you how to convert that traffic over to real customers! This module is going to teach you how to capture emails, make more sales and grow a real following off the Pinterest Platform and on your blog.

Lastly, I created Module Five to teach you how to understand the analytics behind Pinterest and Tailwind. If you can read and understand the analytics behind the platform, you can create content that your audience truly wants to read. You can also plan times for webinars, create new products and find new niches for you to be a part of. Using your analytics is the most powerful way to grow your online business.

Still not convinced that the Pinterest Playbook is for you? Well let me share the bonuses with you!

Bonus One: Making Money on Pinterest. In this bonus I teach you the ins and outs of making money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing!

Bonus Two: How to land your dream clients on Pinterest. Are you a freelancer? Do you want to work as a Pinterest Strategist and Marketer? This bonus teaches you how to use the Pinterest platform to land your dream clients.

Bonus Three: What to do when you traffic drops. This last bonus is a special one. Have you ever started gaining momentum, seeing more traffic to your business and more sales and then all of a sudden that traffic takes a steep drop? I remember the first time I saw a huge drop in traffic on my Pinterest account, that resulted in a drop in traffic to my business. I instantly thought that I was done for. That my days on Pinterest had been numbered and my business was going to fail (Dramatic, I know). Drops in traffic can be scary, that’s why I am adding this last bonus module. This teaches you how to go with the ebs and flows of business traffic and how to get those customers back, after a fall in traffic.

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But hey, can’t you learn all of this stuff online? Sure, I mean I learned it all online, but guess what. It didn’t take me 6 weeks to master Pinterest, it took me 12 months. So if you’ve got time to kill, I encourage you to start researching. If you want results, now, I suggest learning from someone who’s gone through the whole process themselves!

Would you be interested in a one on one call to learn how Pinterest can really work for you specifically? I also offer strategy calls where I analyze your business, come up with specifics just for you and a plan of action that we can discuss on a 60 minute call. Book yours today!

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