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Why 2020 Is the Year for Travel With Trusted House Sitters

January 06, 2020

The world of travel is constantly changing and adapting. We dream of longer trips, further and further away from home. But finding the time and the money for those trips is not always feasible.

It’s through these adaptations in the travel world that we’re able to find opportunities like TrustedHouse Sitters. TrustedHouse Sitters is a site designed entirely around the trust of others to stay in your home and watch your pets… or plants ;) while you are on vacation.

There are two sides to TrustedHouse Sitters. On one end, you have the homeowners. They can list the dates that they need a house sitter on the site and from there, the ‘sitters’ apply for the job. The sitters come from around the world and essentially have free accommodation through the house sit.

The opportunities are endless! Since TrustedHouse Sitters launched in 2010, (A decade ago!! Can you believe it?!) they’ve had one thing in mind. Keeping pets safe and comfy in their own homes. They’ve since built a business that spans the entire world. Recent statistics showed that there are over 500,000 users in over 130 countries!

A rise in opportunities like this will skyrocket in 2020 and the years to come as people search for authentic and affordable vacation options. Through TrustedHouse Sitters, you not only get a place to stay, but you often have a kitchen, are close to shops and get to have the feeling of ‘home’ while you are away.

Your house sit can last anywhere from a weekend away to a year abroad. As families decide to take their kids on round the world trips, you can find yourself house sitting for a year in Tahiti (believe me, I know a couple doing this!) It’s become easy to find staycations and vacations through a trusted program like this.

Now that you’re ready to start searching through the thousands of opportunities online (don’t go just yet!), let me give you my best tips for how you can land your dream house sit in 2020.

The video below will show you a bit more about Trusted House Sitters and then I'll be sharing my tips for how you can land your first sit today!

Trusted House Sitters Welcome Screen

Fill out your profile

Remember to add lots of photos, information about you and your current situation (for me, that means that i travel with my partner and work online) so that people can get to know you. You can also adjust your availability so that people can reach out to you!

When filling out your profile, you need to make sure that you include everything! You need to show people that you are a real person. And of course, that they can trust you.

This includes things like adding all of your verification. Remember, you’re being trusted by a stranger, to watch their house and their pets while they’re away on holiday. It’s so important that you have the necessary verification to let people know you’re trustworthy!

How can you get verified?

  • Email address checked
  • Phone number checked
  • Reference received
  • Identity confirmed
  • Documents checked


You might be thinking it’s going to be impossible to land your first house sit with no reviews… but how are you supposed to get a review if you can’t get a house sit!? It’s an endless circle… but the amazing thing is that TrustedHouse Sitters has thought ahead. You might not have done any house sits, but just like other jobs, you can have outside references. Ever watched your neighbors cat while they’ve been out of town? Well, guess what, your neighbor can write you a review!

Reach out to some friends, coworkers, and neighbors and see if they’d be willing to write a review on the platform for you.

Video Applications

When you’re applying to house sits, you have the ability to apply by video. You also have the ability to have a video on your profile. These things can make or break your chance of landing a house sit. A video is a more personable way to connect with someone you know very little about.

And as the travel world continues to change, I urge you to look for the authentic travel experiences of staying in a local's home, while they head to their faraway places. Find your first gig on TrustedHouse Sitters today!

Stay Flexible

An important thing to keep in mind when hoping to land a house sit (especially your first house sit) is to stay flexible. Remember, you’re more likely to land a house sit when your dates are flexible. Instead of choosing right away ‘when’ you will go out of town, choose ‘where’. Pick where you want to go and then you can search the site for locations, and find out what dates people are leaving. If you have a few places in mind, search them all.

My favorite way of searching is by region. Then I can look at all of Europe, knowing I could get a train or bus to just about anywhere, for pretty cheap! Once you start looking, you can get a good idea of what dates are available. Then you’ll have a better idea of what to plan for!

Apply to plenty of sits

Another important aspect of the site is that you need to apply to multiple sits. Don’t set your heart on one sit, take the time off work and then be heartbroken if you don’t get it. I knew that I needed somewhere to stay in Europe over Christmas. I wanted to be near Switzerland. So I applied to multiple sits around the region. I ended up getting an amazing house sit in Bern, Switzerland. I’ve gone back to watch her cats multiple times since then!

I know the amazing house sit in Tahiti is the house sit of your dreams, but make sure to keep your options open. Apply often, use videos and be authentic. Check the website often as well. Being one of the first to apply will increase your chances.

Are you ready for unlimited adventures in destinations you’ve never dreamed of going?! Then I think you are ready to start your house sitting journey!

If you join here, you’ll get 25% off your membership!

Do you have any questions about house sitting? Maybe you’re wondering how to get started? How to land your first sit or if you should trust someone from TrustedHouse Sitters to watch your pets while you’re away… drop your questions below! I’m happy to help you in any way that I can.

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