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Vegan's Guide to Austin

October 08, 2018

I recently began taking a plant-based approach to life. I haven’t eaten meat for some time now and dropping dairy was the next step. Being Plant Based has challenged me to find new and exciting places to eat in the cities that I travel in, while still being able to try to the local cuisine. Now of course, the local cuisine here in Austin is BBQ and every joint I tried to eat at was all meat, meat, meat. Not being able to try the BBQ forced me to think outside the box. What other foodie destinations does Austin provide?

Are you ready? I am going to share with you all my Austin eats. Austin had such a diverse food landscape, with tasty bites from around the world including about 100 different food trucks!

Torchy’s Tacos!

My favorite tacos in Austin were from Torchy’s Tacos! I had their fried avocado tacos with their guac and chips. For Vegans, just make sure you ask for them without dairy (They come with cheese)

Torchy’s was amazing, fresh food and they also had really great staff! It was easy to order and the food came out very quickly.


Papadom had an entire back menu of vegan options! Their Indian food was so authentic and fresh. It was a bit spicy but not overwhelmingly so. I was lucky to go with a group of about 10 girls who all ordered Vegan so I was able to try many different things. If you are a vegan, you know this hardly ever happens!

Personally I had the Aloo Gobi because I love cauliflower but the Yellow Dalh was my next favorite. We also grabbed the Garlic Naan. The Aloo Gobi was cooked perfectly. The cauliflower was soft and crunchy at the same time. The portions were also huge so you could even just order a few things to share.

Mai Thai

I want to start by saying the staff at Mai Thai were some of the most amazing staff that I have ever met. Secondly, I had their Pad Thai (without the egg) and it was delicious! We also got a pot of the Tom Kah. The Tom Kah was so smooth and full of coconut flavor. It was also pleasantly spicy. All the flavors worked so well together.


For burgers, I was so impressed by Arlo’s! Their menu was completely vegan and full of flavor. The reason that I keep stressing the flavor of these options is because a lot of times you get people that think vegan food is bland and boring. I am just here to tell you that all the places I tried were not that way!

I got the BBQ burger at Arlo’s because I wanted to have an option to at least have a little of the BBQ in Texas! There was so much tangy BBQ sauce on this burger that I was dripping in it by the end and so happy! The burger was bean and chipotle as well.

I went with Michelle, a fellow blogger staying at my hostel and she got the ‘chicken’ tacos. They were so fresh and crispy. You could really tell that the guacamole that came with them was fresh and made daily as well as the chips. All together, I would definitely eat at Arlos again!

And lastly, vegan options for dessert!

Dolce Bacio

Woohoo Dolce Bacio was creamy and perfect! They are a newer food truck focusing mainly on Gelato at the moment. What I loved about Dolce was that they made the Gelato right there in front of you and for vegans, they had more than just fruit flavors! I say this because a lot of Gelato for vegans is just fruit but Dolce Bacio had a black and white flavor that was dark chocolate and coconut. The combination of those flavors were mouthwatering. The owners (unfortunately I didn’t catch their names) also allowed us and even encouraged us to try every flavor they had! If you are going I recommend the fresh passion fruit, strawberry or black and white!

That’s it for my vegan foodies guide of Austin. Stay tuned and enter your email below to be the first to know where to eat vegan around the world!

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