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Why Is Your Post Title so Important?

October 22, 2018

I would argue that your post title is THE most important part of your entire blog post. I mean yes, content matters but your title is what’s going to persuade someone to click and read or keep scrolling. Still not convinced? Let me tell you why your title is so important and how you can come up with better titles for everything that you write.

You have about 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention.

Or less…

In 5 seconds most people will have decided if they are going to read your post or not. You have about 5 seconds before they scroll to the next result. In order to get people to click from Pinterest or Google or even Facebook & Twitter, over to your blog post you have to grab their attention. Without a compelling title, all of your posts are going to fall flat.

Spend time coming up with a new title. I share tips for how to get creative with your titles down at the bottom of this post. One more important thing is that you want to make sure you are capitalizing your titles correctly. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can use a tool! This is my favorite one.

Your title tells readers what the post is about

You might read this and think, well no duh.. Of course my title tells readers what my post is about. It’s right there at the top, the first thing they read. But I still see people creating titles that tell me nothing about what I would be reading. I also see people who give their post a title that has nothing to do with their post. This is a horrible way to get loyal fans… Be smart and make sure your title informs readers of exactly what they are going to learn.

Your title also helps improve SEO

Including your keywords in your post title is going to help search engines know what your post is about. Then when users search on that platform the search engine will know that your post is relevant because of the title. Don’t try to be smarter than the internet. If you want to show up in search engine results, you’ve got to add keywords to your post title.

Here’s a few other reasons that your title matters so much:

  • The title of your post is going to spark curiosity and get your readers excited
  • It’s going to tell some one right off the bat why they should read your post
  • And it’s going to engage your readers.

Now we know why titles are so important, but how do we create a great one?

Creating a great title

What’s an eye catching title composed of?

Your title should be composed of the perfect word balance. The structure of your post title should include:

  • Common Words
  • Uncommon Words
  • Emotional Words
  • Powerful Words

That’s a lot of words. Don’t be too worried about the number of words though. Great titles usually consist of about 55 characters or 6 words. So with 6 words you could have some emotion, power, common terms and uncommon terms.

According to CoSchedules Headline Analyzer Tool, a great headline consists of 1 powerful word and your title should be 10-15% emotion to drive people to click through to your post. The common and uncommon words are going to give your title substance and information.

Titles should always include information. This post for example, Why is your post title so important, scored a 72. It doesn’t have any uncommon or emotional words, but it’s powerful and I’m hoping that drives people to click through. It also gives you all the information. On Pinterest I would add a little subtitle that says something along the lines of “And how to write the best title for your next post” and for google I would include that in the META description so that people know I am teaching them how to write titles, not just telling them they need one.

The best practice for creating the best titles is to write 20-25 titles for every blog you are going to write. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just sit down with a piece of paper or a blank screen and start writing down every idea that comes to mind. Eventually you’ll get really good at this and you’ll have 20 titles written down in a matter of minutes. This way you are always thinking outside the box and giving yourself time to come up with the best title possible.

If you follow these steps, I can guarantee you that more people are going to stop their scroll and click through to your website. Which is after all, the ultimate goal of blogging.

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