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110 Services You Can Offer As A Virtual Assistant Right Now

As businesses are looking to expand, diversify and cut costs, they are turning their teams virtual. This means no more renting an office space or covering the costs of employee travel. As businesses move to more work from home friendly scenes, they’re able to pay their employees more, give people more time off and work with military wives and moms WAY more. Which basically means that being a virtual assistant is the BEST.

Chances are you’ve heard the term virtual assistant or VA… Especially if you’ve ever visited this blog before… As businesses are looking to expand, diversify and cut costs, they are turning their teams virtual. This means no more renting an office space or covering the costs of employee travel. As businesses move to more work from home friendly scenes, they’re able to pay their employees more, give people more time off and work with military wives and moms WAY more. Which basically means that being a virtual assistant is the BEST.

My Story as a Virtual Assistant

My journey to working online started as a virtual assistant over 4 years ago now. I was broke and stranded all the way across the world. And I couldn’t afford a plane ticket home… or pay off my credit cards… so I need to start working FAST. That’s when I met Esther, she offered me a place to stay while I got my feet back under me but when she heard how much trouble I was actually in… she came to my rescue! Esther is the first person who taught me about virtual assistants.

Just 4 short months later I had my credit cards paid off and I was flying home to surprise my family for Christmas! Since then I’ve been able to grow an online business that flourished and has allowed me to continue traveling the world.

But hey… Enough about me. This is about working as a virtual assistant and ALL the various services you can offer as a virtual assistant. In fact, I’ve come up with 101 services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

If you’re wondering how you can get started working as a virtual assistant, I would highly recommend checking out the 90 Day VA. This is a comprehensive course teaching you how to do a variety of skills online. This isn’t information about being a virtual assistant, it’s an actual real-life training program to get you working online even faster.

Now let’s get into 101 services that you can offer as a virtual assistant. I’ve tried to break these down by category:

  • Social Media – As a virtual assistant that works on social media, you have a LOT of options. As social media grows, more and more businesses are worried about their presence online. You have the opportunity to help businesses create their profiles, grow their accounts and engage with their ideal customers. Getting started and getting good at social media means you’ll have a successful career ahead of you as a Virtual Assistant.
  • Copy Writing – The wonderful world of copywriting. Everything online has to be written by someone. Be that someone. I promise you the work will be never-ending. Businesses need people to write engaging copy that is going to drive sales, engage people and help them grow. You have a variety of options available if writing is your jam.
  • Business Management – Basically businesses have gone from having personal assistants, to have virtual assistants. Meaning most things that a personal assistant is doing from an office, you can be offering from the comfort of your own home. It’s a lot… believe me! Business management tasks are some of the biggest opportunities for growth and success as a virtual assistant.
  • Video Creation and Editing – The world is going towards video. More and more people want to watch things instead of reading them. But just because the world is going to video, doesn’t mean that everyone is good at creating videos. Video creation is time-consuming and oftentimes, HARD. There are tons of jobs out there for the video lover. All you have to do is learn how to edit, shoot and create beautiful videos and you’ll have a lucrative way to earn money as a virtual assistant.
  • Podcasting – As with video, podcasting is becoming increasingly popular. This means that there are plenty of jobs out there for people wanting to get started as a virtual assistant. Do you love podcasts? Well, every podcast you love has an entire team behind them making that show happen. From the guests you love to show transcripts that seem to just appear, there’s a virtual assistant out there making it all happen.
  • Websites Design, Building + Maintenance – From design to just management, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes on a website. Most business owners don’t even know what they should be doing on their website! Let alone how to manage it all. That’s where you come in. If any of these technical website tasks sound fun to you, then you might just have a career as a virtual assistant in your near future.
  • Graphic Design – Graphic design is a great way for creative people to work online. I have a friend who went from being an artist to a graphic designer simply so that she could live abroad with her boyfriend. Now she gets to work online and travel the world, while still doing something extremely creative.
  • Bloggers – Did you know there are at least 10 different services that you could offer to a blogger alone? Running a blog is a lot of work and as bloggers grow, they usually start growing their team with a virtual assistant.

Let’s get right to it. 101 services you can offer as a virtual assistant. Some of these services will overlap and some will be applicable to so many fields. The opportunities are actually endless. (See something you love? Join the 90 Day VA to learn how you can get started as a Virtual Assistant in just 90 days!).

Social media services that virtual assistants can offer

  1. Social Media Account Setup – Does your new employer have all their social media accounts setup and up to date? Do they have all of the relevant information needed to grow their brand and reach their target audience? My guess is no… offer your services as a social media expert to help them set up their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Facebook Group Management
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Hashtag research and implementation
  5. Writing engaging social media copy
(This could fall under copywriting or social media management. But if you’re the social media expert then you should be in charge of writing compelling copy that gets their audience to engage with their business.)

6. Engagement

7. Managing social media schedulers

8. Securing sponsorship

9. Applying to have their account featured on other accounts/looking for opportunities for story takeovers

10. Managing Influencer Campaigns

  • Finding influencers for brands OR finding brands for influencers
  • Reaching out to Brands/Influencers for collaborations
  • Negotiations
  • Following up with content
  • Appointing campaign hashtags
  • Resharing collaborative content

11. Responding to DMs

12. Social Media Audits

13. Creating social media templates for posting on the main feed, stories and highlights

14. Hashtag research and implementation

15. Pinterest Management

16. Ad Running and Management

  • Facebook Ads

  • Pinterest Ads

  • IG Ads

17. LinkedIn Management

18. PR management

Copywriting Services you can offer as a virtual assistant

  1. Blog writing
  2. Ghost Writing
  3. Email Copy
  4. Website Copy
  5. Content Repurposing
  6. Copy Editing
  7. Optimizing past content
  8. Optimizing website SEO
  9. Blog Audits
  10. Conducting keyword research – reporting back with results
  11. Interviewing people for guest posts (writing guest interviews)
  12. Creating course content
  13. Scriptwriting for Podcasts, Videos, etc.
  14. Resume Writing

Business Management Services

  1. Email Management

  2. Moderating Online Communities

  3. Funnel Building

  4. Project Management

  5. Lead Generation

  6. Travel planning

  7. Event Planning/Management

  8. Bookkeeping

  9. Recruiting

  10. Team Management

  11. Providing Customer Service
    1. Live Chat

    2. Email Support

    3. Phone Support

  12. Customer Experience

  13. Managing Product Launches

  14. Self Publishing Assistance

  15. Formatting eBooks

  16. Monitoring Product/Client Reviews/Online Mentions

  17. Tracking and reporting metrics

  18. Managing a team of VA’s

  19. Scheduling appointments and calendar management

  20. Webinar Support

  21. Webinar management

  22. Live webinar assistance

  23. Proofreading

  24. Data entry

  25. Payments and Invoicing

  26. Branding services

  27. Press releases

  28. Organizing technical support tickets

  29. Training new staff/preparing systems for onboarding

  30. Asana setup

  31. Asana Management

  32. Surveying audience

  33. Competitor analysis

  34. Requesting backlinks (link building campaigns)

  35. Turn raw data into a report for team members

  36. Collecting documents for tax season

  37. Customer refunds

  38. Welcome and Goodbye packages for staff and clients

  39. Conducting background checks (credit checks and criminal checks)

Websites Design, Building + Maintenance

  1. Website Management
  2. Membership site management
  3. Landing page creation
  4. Page layout and design
  5. Website Development
  6. Managing developers and creators for Website Creation
  7. Setting up + Managing an online store
  8. Managing databases
  9. Website Audits
  10. Updating plugins and themes

Podcast Management + Development

  1. Research for blogs, content, podcasts, Youtube Videos
  2. Securing sponsorship
  3. Writing Show Notes for Podcasts
  4. Podcast Editing
  5. Transcribing

Services you can offer to Bloggers

  1. Managing Affiliate Programs
  2. Uploading and formatting blog posts (or other content)
  3. Managing Email Lists
  4. Email Campaigns (sending newsletters, etc)
  5. Managing contests and giveaways
  6. Sourcing stock photos
  7. Coordinating Guest Posts
  8. Coordinating Speaking Opportunities (Podcasts, Events, etc)
  9. Creating lead magnets/content upgrades
  10. Managing an editorial calendar

Services you can off to YouTubers/Photographers

  1. Photo Editing
  2. Video Editing
  3. Writing show notes or captions for Youtube videos
  4. Cataloging photos and video clips

Graphic design work for Virtual Assistants

  1. Creating social posts
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Pins for Blogs and Products
  4. IG Stories
  5. Email Headers
  6. Creating presentations
  7. Resume Design
  8. Newsletter Design
  9. Logo design
  10. Creating Infographics

As you can see… there are a lot of opportunities out there for virtual assistants. And you can get started today! Do you want to know the best part of working as a virtual assistant? You don’t have to do it alone. There’s a course out there that can help you learn ALL of this. (I even teach the Pinterest section for Pinterest VA’s!) I want to briefly introduce you to the 90 Day VA.

The syllabus for the 90 Day VA includes all of these modules:

  • How To Work Online For Others Effectively
  • Content Repurposing & Content Marketing
  • Blogging and Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Podcast Management
  • Video Editing & Management
  • Lite Email Marketing
  • Web Management for VAs
  • Manage Client Projects + CRM Like a Boss
  • PR Management for VAs

And this doesn’t even include over 10 other bonuses that Esther has thrown in just to help your journey even more. Literally everything I shared above can be learned in the 90 Day VA.

Why am I so passionate about it?

Let’s face it… working online can be scary and lonely. And I wouldn’t be here without the girls from the 90 Day VA. The Facebook community helped me to find jobs and hone my skills. The support you receive is worth more than the entire course. But don’t just take my word for it, click here to learn more about the 90 Day VA.

Most of the girls in the program start working online within the first month. I landed my first client after 2 weeks of being in the program. There are so many opportunities out there, you just have to know how to get started.

Before you go, I’ve got one more thing for you! If you decide to start your Virtual Assistant Journey with the 90 Day VA, send a picture of your receipt to I’ll send you my eBook, ‘Working as a Pinterest Manager’ which includes the exact email templates that I use to land Pinterest clients ALL the time (value $17). And I’ll also send you 10 of my favorite pin templates to get you started standing out on Pinterest (value $27).

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below! Happy working online friends.

*Disclaimer – some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. Small commissions like this help me keep this blog running full of free resources and without ads! Thank you for your support!

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