110 Services You Can Offer As A Virtual Assistant Right Now

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Do you want to work remotely in 2024? Being a virtual assistant (a VA) is one of the best ways to start working online and jumpstart your self-employment career. And if that’s the path you want to take, you’re in the right place! In this post, I’m sharing 101+ services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

All those dreams of working on your own time, traveling the world, and taking Tuesdays off to fly to Thailand, those dreams can be a reality when you work as a virtual assistant. 

Chances are, you’ve heard the term Virtual Assistant or VA before, especially if you’ve followed me for any length of time. I got my start online as a virtual assistant thanks to my good friend Esther. I was living in Bali, working as a community manager in exchange for food and board but at the time I was making no money. As I’m sure you know… travel blogging isn’t the most lucrative – and at that time for me, it wasn’t lucrative at all. 

That’s when Esther introduced me to working as a virtual assistant

As businesses are looking to expand, diversify, and cut costs, they are turning their teams virtual. This means no more renting an office space or covering the costs of employee travel. As businesses move to more work-from-home-friendly scenes, they’re able to pay their employees more, give people more time off, and work with military wives and moms WAY more. This means that being a virtual assistant is, essentially, the best.

My Story as a Virtual Assistant

Bali – my first time spending more than 2 months in a place, while also working remotely.

My journey to working online started as a virtual assistant over 8 years ago. I was broke and stranded across the world. I couldn’t afford a plane ticket home… or pay off my credit cards… so I needed to start making money fast

Luckily for me, I met Esther. She taught me the ins and outs of being a VA and paid me to work for her business creating courses for people around the world. I took her 90 Day VA course during this time and it transformed my life. 

Just 4 short months later I had my credit cards paid off and I was flying home to surprise my family for Christmas! Since then, I’ve traveled nonstop and I’ve been able to build a business that is flourishing. My Pinterest Marketing business made over $60,000 in 2023! 

But hey… Enough about me. If you want to learn more about my story, follow my journey online. In the meantime, let’s make 2024 the year you kick off your own virtual assistant business. I originally wrote this post back in 2020, but it’s newly updated with skills around AI, TikTok, and much more. 

If you’re wondering how you can get started working as a virtual assistant, I would highly recommend checking out the 90-Day VA. This is a comprehensive course teaching you how to do a variety of skills online. This isn’t information about being a virtual assistant, it’s an actual real-life training program to get you working online even faster.

Click here to learn about the 90-Day VA.

Now let’s get into 101 services you can offer as a virtual assistant. I decided to break them down into categories so you can scroll through to the platforms that interest you. 

Post Categories

This is a looooooong post. Feel free to skip ahead to the serivces you want to offer as a virtual assitant.

  • Social Media (TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, etc) – As a virtual assistant who works on social media, you have a lot of options. As social media grows, more and more businesses are worried about their presence online. You have the opportunity to help businesses create their profiles, grow their accounts, and engage with their ideal customers. Getting started and getting good at social media means you’ll have a successful career ahead of you as a Virtual Assistant.
  • Copywriting – The wonderful world of copywriting. Everything online has to be written by someone. Be that someone. I promise you the work will be never-ending. Businesses need people to write engaging copy that will drive sales, engage people, and help them grow. You have a variety of options available if writing is your jam.
  • Business Management – Businesses have gone from having personal assistants to having virtual assistants. Meaning most things that a personal assistant is doing from an office, can be offered from the comfort of your own home. It’s a lot… believe me! Business management tasks are some of the biggest opportunities for growth and success as a virtual assistant.
  • Video Creation and Editing (everything from YouTube to short form) – The world is moving towards video. More and more people want to watch things instead of reading them. But just because the world is going to video, doesn’t mean that everyone is good at creating videos. Video creation is time-consuming and often, hard. If you know how to edit, shoot, and create beautiful videos you’ll have a lucrative way to earn money as a virtual assistant.
  • Podcasting – As with video, podcasting is becoming increasingly popular. This means that there are plenty of jobs out there for people wanting to get started as a virtual assistant. Do you love podcasts? Well, every podcast you love has an entire team behind them making that show happen. From the guests you love to show transcripts that seem to just appear, there’s a virtual assistant out there making it all happen.
  • Website Design, Building + Maintenance – From design to just management, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes on a website. Most business owners don’t even know what they should be doing on their website! Let alone how to manage it all. That’s where you come in. If any of these technical website tasks sound fun to you, then you might just have a career as a virtual assistant.
  • Graphic DesignGraphic design is a great way for creative people to work online. I have a friend who went from being an artist to a graphic designer simply so that she could live abroad with her boyfriend. Now she gets to work online and travel the world, while still doing something extremely creative.
  • BloggersDid you know there are at least 10 different services that you could offer to a blogger alone? Running a blog is a lot of work and as bloggers grow, they usually start growing their team with a virtual assistant.

There’s even more that doesn’t fit into these categories! This post is meant to inspire you to find something that you can offer online – and do it! 2024 is the year. It’s your year. 

Let’s get right to it. 101 services you can offer as a virtual assistant. Some of these services will overlap and some will apply to so many fields. The opportunities are endless. (See something you love? Join the 90-Day VA to learn how you can get started as a Virtual Assistant in just 90 days!).

110+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant 

Social Media Services Virtual Assistants Can Offer

  1. Social Media Account Setup – Does your new employer have all their social media accounts set up and up to date? Do they have all of the relevant information needed to grow their brand and reach their target audience? My guess is no… offer your services as a social media expert to help them set up their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, and Pinterest.
  2. Social Media Management – The actual day-to-day posting on the endless social media channels that businesses are expected to be on these days. You can offer social media management for TikTok, Threads, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
    1. Editing and Uploading Posts
    2. Finding Trends Sounds
    3. Caption Writing
    4. Resharing Popular Content
  3. Facebook Group Management – A lot of creators have found managing their Facebook Groups can become overwhelming. And when they get burnt out, their group loses momentum and engagement. That’s where you come in! Help creators make the most of their Facebook and other online communities. 
  4. Hashtag research and implementation – Hashtags and how we use hashtags are always changing. If you can stay up to date with those changes, you’ll be a huge asset to someone’s social media business. 
  5. Writing engaging social media copy – This could fall under copywriting or social media management. But if you’re the social media expert then you should be in charge of writing compelling copy that gets their audience to engage with their business.
  6. Engagement – Responding to comments, commenting on posts for engagement, and building community to increase engagement
  7. Managing social media schedulers – how is this different from managing their social media accounts? Instead of being logged in across platforms, you can be good at managing through a scheduler like CoSchedule or Later. 
  8. Securing sponsorship – you can offer brand research and outreach to content creators! Help them find brand deals, hotel stays, and UGC partnerships. A job like this would look like researching brand contacts and sending proposals! 
  9. Collaboration between businesses – apply to have their account featured on other accounts/looking for opportunities for story takeovers
  10. Managing Influencer Campaigns – is there a brand you love that wants to start working with influencers and content creators? Why not offer to help them get there?
    1. Finding influencers for brands OR finding brands for influencers
    2. Reaching out to Brands/Influencers for collaborations
    3. Negotiations
    4. Following up with content
    5. Appointing campaign hashtags
    6. Resharing collaborative content
  11. Responding to DMs/Community Building
  12. Social Media Audits – are you an expert at bios, keywords, and beautiful layouts? Why not offer to audit people’s social media accounts? You can provide your clients with an in-depth analysis of their account – bonus points if you then help them implement it! 
  13. Create Social Media Templates these could be used for posting on the main feed, stories, and highlights. You could also create graphics for Facebook, TikTok, or anywhere else your client is online. 
  14. Pinterest Management – do you dream of being a Pinterest Manager like me? Send me an email at [email protected] to find out how you can take 9-Day VA and the Pinterest Playbook Course for less! 
  15. LinkedIn Management – I’ll be honest, I’m not on LinkedIn. However, I have many friends in business who have benefited from having this channel active for their businesses. This is a skill that is perfect for a VA in 2024.
  16. PR management – this would be one of the most valuable skills (and one of the best-paid skills) that I think you could offer as a VA. PR managers are responsible for building, executing, and monitoring your PR strategies and tactics
  17. Ad Running and Management – trust me, this is another skill as a VA that you can (and should) get paid a lot of money for! Ad management is a huge industry and a huge asset for businesses.
    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Pinterest Ads
    3. IG Ads
    4. TikTok Ads
    5. Twitter Ads

Copywriting Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant

  1. Blog writing – this is a service that I offer and love. As someone who loves to write, I started my VA career working for travel bloggers. It’s been so fun to circle back to offering blogs to my clients. If you love to write – this is a great choice for VAs. 
  2. Ghost Writing – how is this different than blog writing? When you write a blog, you leave your name on it. When you ghostwrite, you’re writing in their voice and allowing the content to be published in their name. The skill is to make sure you’re able to write in their voice. 
  3. Email Copy – writing emails is one of the most lucrative because people’s email lists are their most engaged audiences. For most people, they’ll want emails to engage and sell – which is where the money is. 
  4. Website Copy – website copy can range from sales pages for course creators to compelling about pages, work with me pages, and home pages that flow and engage. 
  5. Content Repurposing – a big example of this would be turning people’s YouTube videos into blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts. 
  6. Copy Editing – editing content that the creator or business owner has written. To work as a VA in this field you’ll need a great grasp of spelling and grammar, a keen eye, and a lot of patience. 
  7. Optimizing past content – blogs often need to be updated year after year. This blog was originally posted in 2020 but has been updated 3 times already. If you want to help someone update their content to stay informative and relevant, this is a huge skill you can offer as a virtual assistant. 
  8. Optimizing Website SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization – and it’s what helps people find all content online. If you can master SEO, you will be very valuable to businesses around the world. 
  9. Conducting Keyword Research – conduct keyword research and report back to a blog or business on content that they should be creating and how they can optimize the content that they already have.
  10. Blog Audits – similar to the social media account audits that I shared above, you can offer audits for blogs as well. You’ll need a strong understanding of their niche, SEO, editing, and competitors. 
  11. Interviewing for Guest Posts – and turning those interviews into content.
  12. Creating Course Content – writing content for people’s courses is one of the things I did at my first VA job. This can mean you turn their videos into worksheets, course content, course workbooks, etc. You can also write scripts for their videos! 
  13. Scriptwriting for Podcasts, Videos, etc. – along those lines, you can also script videos for podcasts, course videos, YouTube videos, or short-form videos. This can also include helping them research and organize their thoughts for their content. 
  14. Resume Writing – how you write a resume matters. Being able to help someone write and perfect their resume is a very valuable skill for VAs to offer. 
  15. AI Prompts – and more importantly, how to write effective AI prompts. Having someone who truly understands platforms like ChatGPT and knows how to make the most of them will go far as a VA in 2024. 

Business Management Services

  1. Email Management – cleaning up inboxes, unsubscribing, responding to queries, and overall inbox management. 
  2. Moderating Online Communities – assisting in a Slack channel, Facebook Group, or other online community for a business owner or business. 
  3. Funnel Building – what happens after someone subscribes? Is there a warm-up sequence? Is a sales sequence in place? Your job will be to make sure that these newly collected leads are funneled to help the business grow and profit.
  4. Funnel Optimization and Testing – for those who have funnels set up, analyze where clients are falling through the cracks and smooth out any kinks that the funnel is missing. 
  5. Project Management – project management can mean a lot of things! It can mean you help them launch a new project like an online course, an app, or a community, or help with the overall management of a blog. Any project that is going on in that business – you can help manage it and make sure that it runs smoothly.  
  6. Lead Generation – help the business get leads. That can mean engaging on social media to get emails, doing cold calling or cold emailing, etc. Anything that helps bring leads into the business. 
  7. Travel Planning – this one would be my favorite! Do the business members travel a lot? Could you help with booking flights and hotels? You could go above and beyond and find the restaurants they might love. If you love to travel – this would be a great service to offer. 
  8. Event Planning/Management – do you have a knack for making sure events go off without a hitch? As an event planning virtual assistant, you could become a huge asset to someone’s business! 
  9. Bookkeeping – a virtual assistant can be a bookkeeper! A bookkeeping assistant records and tracks the financial transactions of your business. 
  10. Recruiting – recruiting new team members! If this is your service as a virtual assistant you might also help with the interview process. 
  11. Team Management – organizing meetings, making sure staff members are completing their tasks on time and correctly, and sending gifts for anniversaries and birthdays. 
  12. Providing Customer Service – such as the following:
    1. Live Chat
    2. Email Support
    3. Phone Support
  13. Customer Experience – this can cover everything from answering customer questions on social media to making sure that customers have a smooth journey from email sign-up to sale. 
  14. Managing Product Launches – this can be a very big job! It means you need to make sure links are working properly, buttons lead to the right places, the copy is in place, funnels are working, and social media posts are scheduled. Launches are big, you can charge big money as a virtual assistant for smooth product launches. 
  15. Self-Publishing Assistance – self-publishing is no easy task, offering this as a service can help new authors break into the world of publishing. You can be the force that helps someone get their book off the ground. 
  16. Formatting eBooks – making sure the information has been edited and is formatted correctly for a digital download or publication. In other words, you can’t just copy and paste your words into an eBook and have it look perfect. 
  17. Monitoring Product/Client Reviews/Online Mentions – this can help the team improve and understand what customers are looking for. If the business is getting a lot of good or bad reviews, it’s important to have someone on the team keeping an eye on that date. 
  18. Tracking and Reporting Metrics – keeping an eye on what parts of the business are growing and what areas need improvement. You would be creating and sharing reports of these metrics with the higher-ups on the team. 
  19. Managing a team of VAs – in other words, the ultimate virtual assistant, or what my friend Deya calls: An Online Business Manager.  
  20. Scheduling Appointments and Calendar Management – calendars can get out of control – a virtual assistant can help with keeping things organized and making sure that important appointments don’t fall through the cracks.  
  21. Webinar Support – live launches have a lot of moving parts. One of those moving parts is the webinar with people joining live. Making sure that the live launch goes well is the most important part of any launch. 
  22. Webinar management – technical support in setting up the webinar, promoting it, and making sure that the webinar funnel is airtight. This can also mean taking the recorded webinar and uploading it to an evergreen platform. 
  23. Live webinar assistance – having someone attend the webinar with you to collect questions and offer technical support during the launch. 
  24. Proofreading – as it sounds, proofreading everything before it goes live! You must have an acute attention to detail and love grammar for this one.  
  25. Data entry –  pulling emails, poll answers, filling out Excel sheets and simply making sure that all of the data a business collects is in the right place. 
  26. Payments and Invoicing – paying bills, fulfilling invoices, and making sure that credit cards are being paid off.  
  27. Branding Services – even if you don’t have an eye for design, you can still help with branding. You can help establish the tone of voice and create what’s known as a branding voice sheet which everyone on the team can refer back to. 
  28. Press Releases – approving copy, sending the correct photos, making sure links are correct, and anything else that goes with a press release! 
  29. Organizing Technical Support Tickets – making sure that the right questions are getting to the right people to be answered. 
  30. Training New Staff/Preparing Systems for Onboarding – if you love organization and admin, this might just be the job for you! Collect the systems of the entire organization and place them in one spot like ClickUp. Make Loom videos explaining everything so that new team members can onboard quickly. 
  31. Asana Setup/ClickUp Setup – help the business get onboarded into project management software.
  32. Asana/ClickUp Management – once you have everything set up, become a member of the team that manages the project management software! You’re the person who knows where everything is and how everything works. 
  33. Surveying Audiences – run polls and quizzes to survey the audience. You can also be the one who jumps on free calls to learn more about what audience members are looking for. 
  34. Competitor Analysis – check out what the competitors are doing. Analyze their websites, blogs, and products to help your boss do things better.  
  35. Run Link-Building Campaigns – request backlinking to relevant and helpful content. 
  36. Turn Raw Data into a Report for Team Members – love peaking at all the numbers? Are you good at organizing things? You could be an asset for a business that collects a lot of raw data. 
  37. Collecting Documents for Tax Season – make sure forms and receipts are ready for tax season. 
  38. Customer Refunds – processing refunds, reviewing feedback, and offering customer support.  
  39. Welcome and Goodbye Packages for Staff and Clients – are you great at finding the perfect gift? Make sure you’re in charge of welcome and goodbye packages for clients and staff. A lot of businesses love to go the extra mile with thoughtful gift packages like this. 
  40. Conducting Background Checks (credit checks and criminal checks) – do the admin of making sure that background checks are run for the company on new hires and potential new hires. 

Website Design, Building + Maintenance as a Virtual Assistant

  1. Website Management – making sure the theme and plugins are up to date. Checking links and buttons and overall just making sure that the website is running smoothly. 
  2. Membership Site Management – if someone runs a membership website, there are going to be moving parts that you can help manage! This can also include tracking memberships and processing refunds when needed. 
  3. Landing Page Creation – landing pages for email signups, sales pages, or anything else that might require a landing page. 
  4. Page Layout and Design – branding, page flow, content, making sure that the website works on desktop and mobile, these are all things that you might do here. 
  5. Website Development – building the website. I recommend continuing your education to learn coding languages to proficiently help your clients here but you can also use website builders like DIVI. 
  6. Managing Developers for Website Creation – has a developer been hired to work on the website? It might be your job to project manage, answer questions, and make sure the build goes smoothly. 
  7. Setting Up and Managing an Online Store – from Stan store to Shopify, being able to help someone set up and manage their online store is a very important skill. At the end of the day, if you can help a business make money online, you are going to be their biggest asset. 
  8. Managing Databases – there’s a huge amount of variety when it comes to working as a tech VA. Simply being able to manage a business’s databases can be a great entry into tech VA work
  9. Website Audits – similar to social media audits and copy audits – you could also offer to audit a business’s website! Are there broken links? Is the navigation easy to navigate? Does the website work on mobile and desktop? All of these are questions that you would answer in a website audit. 
  10. Updating Plugins and Themes – even if you’re not a developer and you didn’t build the company’s website, you can still be in charge of updates! Keep in mind that updating plugins is more than just clicking ‘update’. You have to make sure that nothing breaks or changes on the website with the plugin update. 

Podcast Management + Development

  1. Research for Episodes – gather research for future episodes of the podcast. 
  2. Uploading Episodes to Each Platform – take the final cut and upload it to the podcasting platforms or make sure that everything is running smoothly with the RSS feed. 
  3. Turning Podcast Episodes into YouTube Videos – edit podcast episodes so that they can be shared on YouTube as visual podcasts. 
  4. Sending Out Email Blasts for Shows – in other words, you’re in charge of the email marketing for the podcast! 
  5. Securing Sponsorship – finding brand deals and advertising for the podcast. This is important as you’ll be helping the podcast turn profitable. 
  6. Writing Show Notes for Podcasts – write show notes and summaries that can be shared on the podcast episode page, on the website, and on social media. 
  7. Podcast Editing – edit the podcast episode. This can be the most time-consuming part of any podcast, so if you can offer this service to podcasters you’ll be flooded with work! 
  8. Transcribing – different from writing show notes, this is a full transcription of the podcast episode. Some podcasts might want this to help with show notes and to allow the audience to read the episode and follow along that way. 
  9. Securing Guests – locking in and scheduling guests for the episode. 
  10. Podcast Promotion – this can be creating graphics for the podcast to be shared via social media or email. It can also mean you’re in charge of the social media accounts for the podcast!

Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer to Bloggers

  1. Managing Affiliate Programs – affiliate programs might feel like passive income, but they take a lot of time to manage. You have to constantly make sure that links are updated and working – otherwise, the blogger could be leaving money on the table. 
  2. Uploading and Formatting Blog Posts (or other content) – even if you’re not writing the blog post, you can save a blogger a lot of time by uploading and formatting the blog post into their website. This means adding pins, cover images, optimizing images, adding tags, keywords, and everything else that goes into a blog post! 
  3. Managing Email Lists – cleaning up bounced emails to make sure that bloggers are making the most of their email list engagement. This can also be running ‘re-engagement’ campaigns to help boost engagement. 
  4. Email Campaigns (sending newsletters, etc) – being in charge of sending weekly, monthly, or quarterly emails to an email list. 
  5. Managing Contests and Giveaways – there are a lot of moving parts in a giveaway! You could become an expert at collecting data, running contests, and making sure that everyone who enters stays engaged after the contest ends. 
  6. Sourcing Stock Photos – scouring the internet looking for the best and most relevant stock images for a blogger’s blog! Bloggers don’t need to be photographers – that is why stock images exist! But finding unique and relevant ones, is a task most bloggers simply don’t have time for. 
  7. Coordinating Guest Posts – reaching out to other bloggers to see if they’re interested in guest posting on each other’s blogs. 
  8. Coordinating Speaking Opportunities (Podcasts, Events, etc) – doing outreach to help a blogger be a guest on podcasts or be invited to speak at various events!
  9. Creating Lead Magnets/Content Upgrades – help them create and update their lead magnets so that they stay relevant and up to date each year. Content needs to be updated regularly so that it continues to serve people. 
  10. Managing an Editorial Calendar – you should see my content calendar… it’s chaos. This is where a VA can come in and make sure tasks get done and posted on time. 

Services You Can Offer to Videographers/Photographers

  1. Photo Editing – helping a photographer to edit their photos! This is especially relevant if the photographer has presets that help make editing a breeze. 
  2. Photo Culling – eyes closed? Not looking at the camera? Blurry? It can be your job to scroll through the thousands of photos and delete the bad ones. 
  3. Video Editing – helping a videographer edit their videos! Editing videos takes a lot of time. It could be your job to edit the B-roll. 
  4. Video Culling – similar to culling photos, you’ll watch through all the videos and simply delete the ones that can’t be used or edited. 
  5. Writing Captions for YouTube Videos – write the captions or video descriptions for YouTube and YouTube Shorts. 
  6. Creating Project Catalogues for Clients – cataloging their content by project, day, destination, or anything else that will help them locate content quickly. 
  7. Organizing Past Projects – going back through old projects and organizing the videos into archives. 
  8. Scripting YouTube Videos – help work on the script for a YouTube video. 
  9. Cataloging Photos and Video Clips – if you love organization and you have great attention to detail, you can catalog photos and video clips for videographers and photographers. This can be tedious but once everything is organized, they’re going to love you. 
  10. Editing YouTube Videos into Shorts – taking YouTube videos and editing them into relevant YouTube Shorts that can be shared throughout the week. 

Graphic design work for Virtual Assistants

  1. Creating Social Posts – create graphics and carousel posts that people can share on their social media channels. 
  2. Facebook Ads – create engaging graphics that will help a business grow through Facebook Ads.  
  3. Instagram Ads – create engaging graphics that will help growth through Instagram Ads. This may require a lot of tweaking and cross-testing, but it’s a valuable skill for virtual assistants to help with. 
  4. Pins for Blogs and Products – if you want to work on Pinterest in any respect – make sure to email me at [email protected]. If you have a great eye for design, you can have a career ahead of you working on Pinterest and creating pins for products and blogs.  
  5. IG Stories – create templates for business and content creators to engage with their audiences on IG stories. 
  6. Email Headers/Newsletter Design – have you ever opened a newsletter that’s been so beautiful you’ve actually wanted to stay subscribed? I have – and this is a skill that companies will pay big bucks for! 
  7. Creating Presentations – this can be for talks, courses, master classes, or anything else that needs to be designed beautifully. 
  8. Resume Design – helping someone create a beautiful, organized, and clean resume is a big skill. Your resume is your foot in the door to a new job, so making sure that you have a standout resume (that’s not cluttered or unprofessional) can be everything. 
  9. Logo Design – along with branding, you can also offer businesses logo design. Creating the perfect logo and making sure they have a version for web, social, and print is a valuable skill to offer. 
  10. Creating Infographics – infographics can be shared on their blog, sold on their website, or shared to help skyrocket growth on Pinterest. 
  11. Workbooks for Courses – can you turn all of the content from a course into a well-designed workbook? Then you’ve just become a huge asset for course creators in every niche! 
  12. PDF Products – help turn long content into beautiful PDFs that can be sold as products.  

As you can hopefully see from this post, the opportunities for work as a virtual assistant are endless. I’ve probably missed hundreds of other skills and jobs out there that virtual assistants do every day. 

Do you want to know the best part of working as a virtual assistant? You don’t have to do it alone. There’s a course out there that can help you learn ALL of this (and more!).  I want to briefly introduce you to the 90-Day VA.

The syllabus for the 90-Day VA includes all of these modules:
  • How To Work Online For Others Effectively
  • Content Repurposing & Content Marketing
  • Blogging and Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Podcast Management
  • Video Editing & Management
  • Lite Email Marketing
  • Web Management for VAs
  • Manage Client Projects + CRM Like a Boss
  • PR Management for VAs

And this doesn’t even include over 10 other bonuses that Esther has thrown in just to help your journey even more. Everything I shared above can be learned in the 90-Day VA.

Why am I so passionate about it?

Let’s face it… working online can be scary and lonely. And I wouldn’t be here without the girls from the 90-Day VA. The Facebook community helped me to find jobs and hone my skills. The support you receive is worth more than the entire course. But don’t just take my word for it, click here to learn more about the 90-Day VA.

Most of the girls in the program start working online within the first month. I landed my first client after 2 weeks of being in the program. Once you know how to get started, the options are endless! I mean, there are 101+ services you can offer as a virtual assistant in this post alone!

Before you go, I’ve got one more thing for you! If you decide to start your Virtual Assistant journey with the 90-Day VA, send a picture of your receipt to [email protected]. I’ll send you my eBook, ‘Working as a Pinterest Manager’ which includes the exact email templates that I use to land Pinterest clients ALL the time (value $17). And I’ll throw in a free 30-minute coaching call where we can talk about Pinterest, working remotely, finding clients, getting started and so much more (value: $297). 

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below! Happy working online friends.

*Disclaimer – some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. Small commissions like this help me keep this blog running full of free resources and without ads! Thank you for your support!

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