Admiring the View While Staying at Lakeview Villa in Bled, Slovenia

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Welcome! In this post, I’m sharing my honest review of Lakeview Villa in Bled, Slovenia. I’ve been to Bled multiple times over the years, but this was my first time staying with Lakeview Villa. While I was invited to Bled by Lakeview Villa, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine! You can trust that anytime I review accommodation, I am doing so very honestly. Let’s go!

Staying at Lake View Villa in Bled, Slovenia

Bled is an incredible spot in Slovenia, it is also one of the most ‘touristy’ places in Slovenia (for good reason!) The church on the lake and castle on the cliff became very ‘Instagram Famous’ after being discovered a few years ago.

The summers in Bled are definitely high season. We went in November and had most of the lake to ourselves. If you’re looking for a full guide to traveling in Bled, especially in the winter, make sure to jump on my email list! My guide to Bled will be released soon!

Besides having the lake to yourself, another great reason to visit Slovenia in October/November is for the Fall Colors. Fall and Autumn are amazing in this part of Europe, Slovenia especially having some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.

Now let’s jump right into my stay with Lakeview Villa in Bled, Slovenia.

Highlights of Staying with Lakeview Villa in Bled

When I’m traveling, it’s really important that I get to experience a city/town like the locals. Often this means skipping the big resorts and opting instead for apartments, Airbnb, and homestays.

Lakeview Villa in Bled is one of those places. On a quiet, residential street I was able to chat with the neighbors, shop at the supermarket, and make a vegan version of a Slovene favorite – Ričet.

Lakeview Villa ticked all of the boxes for me.

Also on top of sleeping 6 guests, they also have a sauna, jacuzzi, and a gym that you can use! (The Sauna was my favorite part!) And since these are not your average hotel rooms, you also have a full kitchen at your disposal. Plus a balcony just begging you to enjoy dinner and sunset (or coffee and sunrise) overlooking the lake.

Getting to Lakeview Villa in Bled, Slovenia

You have plenty of options to choose from for getting to Bled. If you’ve flown into Ljubljana, you can rent a car from the airport and drive the 45-50 minutes straight to Bled. You can also take a train or bus from the Ljubljana city center that will get you to Bled in about an hour.

For Slovenia, I always recommend having a rental car so that you can explore even more, but if you’re traveling in Europe without one, you’ll be able to easily get to Bled by train. On my first trip to Bled, I took the train and it was beautiful to see the countryside that way.

If you’re driving to Bled, pop Lakeview Villa into your GPS and wind up right at the front door. If you’re taking the train to Bled, you’re going to want to grab your belongings and walk up to the Villas from the train station. Luckily, the train station is a quick 5-minute walk away from the villa and the bus station is a bit further away – at 15 minutes walking.

You can walk down to the lake in about 20 minutes.

About the Lakeview Villa Apartments in Bled

The First Floor

On the first floor, you’ll find the fully equipped kitchen, dining room with a table big enough for everyone, and a living room area with a TV, couches, and comfy armchairs I loved reading in. There’s also a small bathroom on the main floor and a space to hang up all of your coats.

However, the best part of the main floor is a massive balcony just begging you to enjoy your dinner/morning coffee outside overlooking the lake. They’ve definitely earned the name, Lakeview Villa here. You have full views of the lake outside the entire front of the apartment.

The Second Floor

When you head up the stairs you’ll find a bathroom with a gorgeous built-in shower, then two bedrooms. The bedroom directly in front of the stairs features a huge bed, couch, and little reading nook. But the real feature room of the house is on your left when you walk up the stairs.

The pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the design and layout of this room.

It also features a couch/reading area and a table and mirror where you can get ready for the day. This main room also has a loft area with skylights, two single beds, and a small toilet. The entire space is used well, and each feature is thought out well.

Would I stay again?

One thing that I always consider when recommending accommodation to you is, “Would I stay here again?” When it comes to Lakeview Villa in Bled, they’re going to be my go-to accommodation in Bled anytime we come back! I’m already planning a getaway to Slovenia for my friends, with a few nights in Bled at Lakeview Villa.

Just make sure you book in advance, especially if you are planning a trip to Bled in the summer. Trust me, accommodation this good is likely to sell out quickly.

Tina will take such good care of you. She was easily reachable for anything we needed but hands-off enough to truly allow you to feel at home. You’ll be hoping your stay in Bled was even longer so that you could truly spend more time just enjoying the peace and beauty of Lakeview Villa.

Don’t forget to pop open a bottle of champagne or local Slovene wine to celebrate the views.

Do you have any questions about visiting Bled? Or staying with Lakeview Villa? Make sure to comment on this post or come chat over on Instagram (@justynjen).

And when you’re ready to start planning your trip, read my full guide on spending 48 hours in Bled, Slovenia. But take it from me, you’re going to want more than 48 hours in Bled and you’ll definitely want more than 48 hours at Lakeview Villa.

Book your stay at Lakeview Villa in Bled today.