An Honest Review of Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad, Switzerland

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In this post, I’m sharing an honest review of Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad, Switzerland. This post is not sponsored and you can trust that all opinions are my own! Enjoy exploring Gstaad with me.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. While it’s incredibly tiny, it’s home to some out-of-this-world mountains, and along with them come green rolling valleys. Gstaad is the perfect example of this. Gstaad is a typical Swiss ski town with a quaint village and beautiful mountains surrounding it on all sides.

We drove to Gstaad from Geneva which took just around 2 hours. While there we were lucky enough to stay at Le Grand Bellevue, a 5-star hotel, and while I haven’t stayed in many 5 star hotels, staying at Le Grand Bellevue made me feel like I could definitely be a 5-star traveler (the trouble is I don’t have a 5-star budget 😂.)

What this trip to Gstaad taught me though, was to make sure you’re not letting your budget stop you from trying new experiences. There are so many chances to get 5-star hotels at discounted rates. Or choose just one or two nights out of your holiday to splurge on somewhere magical.

You always have options when it comes to splashing out!

Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad, Switzerland

Le Grand Bellevue has the perfect location in Gstaad. It’s no more than a 5-minute walk from the main street in Gstaad. It’s in a very quiet location and it’s set away from the road, making it feel even more remote and private.

If you’re able to travel this year, you’ll also be just in time to enjoy this fantastic popup restaurant in the field next to the hotel called the Lodge Gstaad. They’re making food from local ingredients and everything I tried was amazing.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the hotel itself and my experience there.

When you walk in the front doors of the hotel you’re welcomed with smiling faces and unforgettable decor! I loved how uniquely designed the interior of this hotel was. With tassels on the chairs, colorful sofas, and a giant camel dressed in plaid when you walk in.

Checkin was amazing, the staff at Le Grand Bellevue were so accommodating. They have transport all over the town, so if you need advice on an activity, they’ll help you plan your day and drive you where you need to go. To return you simply call them and they come back to get you.

The Rooms at Le Grand Bellevue

Le Grand Bellevue has a variety of rooms from their Chic and Chic Delux all the way up to their Chalets and Suites sleeping between 4-6 people. We stayed in the Chic Room, which is the room you’ll see featured in this post.

Our room was in their second building, connected by a long walkway/hall that wrapped around, with windows all the way down. We had a perfect view of the main building of La Grand Bellevue. Our room had a massive bathtub and balcony which were my two favorite parts of our stay. We had drinks out on the balcony and the perfect bath before checking out (12 pm YAY!)

The soft drinks and beer in the minibar are free so you can help yourself to those out on your balcony.

The Food at Le Grand Bellevue

During our stay, we got to have both breakfast and dinner at the hotel. We ate at Leonard’s, their main restaurant with a 3-course dinner. Our starter was a minestrone soup, the main course was vegetables with rosti and for dessert, we had fruit sorbets served with fresh fruits and berries.

Dinner (3-Courses at Leonard’s Restaurant)

To be perfectly honest the food was much better if you didn’t have to stick to a fully plant-based diet. If you’re more flexible with your food, or if you eat meat and cheese, I’m sure the food would have been better than ours. All in all, my review of the dinner was that it lacked a bit of flavor. But the wine was amazing, as was the atmosphere and company, so I can’t complain.


Breakfast on the other hand is outstanding. They have a full menu of food that you can order, along with a buffet of fruits, cereals, bread, and cold-cut meats. They also have tea and coffee along with a selection of fresh juices.

For me, breakfast really redeemed dinner the night before. I loved that they had Belgian Waffles and American Pancakes on the menu. I was surprised by just how much they had to offer for breakfast.

The Spa at Le Grand Bellevue

Now for the real reason, you want to splurge on a night or two at La Grand Bellevue: The Spa.

WOW. Now, this spa is the reason you should splurge for a night here. Their spa has what they call wellness spots and in total, they have 17 that you can use. From various saunas to experience showers, food massages, and an ice fountain, you’ll never want to leave. They also have an incredible pool with views out towards the mountains of Gstaad and a jacuzzi.

Now here’s the secret to getting your money’s worth at Le Grand Bellevue. You can check in to the hotel at 3 pm. From then go straight to the spa to swim, relax and read until dinner. Then you can get ready for dinner, enjoy your night, AND use the spa for an additional 3 hours after you check out.

We checked out at 12 pm and we were able to stay in the spa until 3 pm. That gave us just enough time to have lunch and make the drive back to Geneva feeling relaxed and happy.

My favorite saunas in the spa were the Turkish Steam Room, the Hay Sauna, and the Salt Inhalation Grotto. We loved the experience shower was the Glacial Shower, where you’d have hot water spraying you from all sides and then…. I think I’ll let you stay at Le Grand Bellevue to find out what happens next. 😉

Genuiley, this entire spa experience was incredible. The staff, the pools, the saunas, and the extra wellness treatments that you can do, will leave you feeling better than ever before. The spa at Le Grand Bellevue made me rethink the number of saunas I’ll have in my home one day (I think I’ve settled on about 7 😂)

Now here are the dirty details for your stay at Le Grand Bellevue.

Booking your stay at Le Grand Bellevue

During our time at Le Grand Bellevue, we stayed in a Chic Room, but what you have to do is book the full package. Make sure that you book full board AND make sure that your stay includes the use of the spa. Trust me, trust me, trust me. You need to use this spa.

Keep an eye out for their off-season deals. You can often get a better rate if you stay during the week as well, instead of at the weekend.

Whatever you do, book your stay at Le Grand Bellvue today.

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Happy Gstaading!