Staying at Dahab Paradise in Dahab, Egypt

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Dahab Paradise was one of the best hotels I stayed at during my whole trip to Egypt. I absolutely loved the service, food, and incredible pool. Not to mention you are right across the street from the ocean which just can’t be beaten.

Let me tell you about my stay at Dahab Paradise and why you should add this gorgeous hotel to your dream bucket list as well.

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Getting to Dahab Paradise

The best way to get to Dahab Paradise is to take a taxi from the bus station. As for the taxi, you shouldn’t pay more than 40 LE. I usually paid anywhere from 25-30 LE but sometimes I ended up paying 40 LE. As for getting back to the city center, the hotel staff will happily organize that for you.

While in Dahab I was so lucky to be able to stay for a few nights at Dahab Paradise. Aptly named, Dahab Paradise is an oasis of greenery, peaceful nights, and a stunning pool which was my favorite part! Unfortunately, it rained while I was in Dahab so I wasn’t able to enjoy the pool as much as I would have hoped but I loved waking up every morning with views of the pool and palm trees overlooking the ocean.


The rooms at Dahab Paradise are warm and cozy. When you are ready to take a shower, you should turn on the hot water about 10 minutes before and then turn it back off after. The switch is super easy to use in the bathroom and the shower was nice.

My favorite part about the room though was the bed. The beds at Dahab Paradise were HUGE. I looked forward to getting into bed every night and dreaded getting back out by the time morning came around. The only thing that got me out of bed in the morning was the breakfast (and the diving! Read more about Diving in Dahab).


The staff at Dahab Paradise are happy to help you organize any activity that you might want to do during your stay. Some of the things you might want to do in Dahab include diving, hiking the mountains and surrounding desert, snorkeling trips, Bedouin tea/barbeque trips and more.

While I was in Dahab I wasn’t able to spend much time in the desert and mountains. Diving was so exhausting that by the time I got home every day, all I could think to do was sleep. I highly recommend hiking Mount Sinai for Sunrise.

I wasn’t able to do it during my visit but a friend showed me pictures that looked amazing and well worth it. Ask at the reception for the hotel staff to help you book.

Eat & Drink

Dahab Paradise has a 24/7 restaurant with lots to choose from. My favorite was their Guava juice, topped with apples and banana. You can order from a series of quick eats and full meals any time of day.

I had their breakfast every day, with foul (cooked beans) and falafel, pita, and loads of fresh fruits and veggies. They also had an omelet bar if that’s your thing.

From the restaurant, I also had the veggie pizza and Falafel wrap. All the food turned out to be amazing. While I only ate the veggie options, they had plenty of options for those who eat meat as well.

I was so impressed with the staff all around Dahab Paradise.

The only downside that I found with the hotel was the wi-fi. They had 3 wi-fi routers but none of them had a good connection and I had a really hard time getting my work done in my room or by the pool. For this reason, I was actually spending my days not diving at a coworking space that I found in Dahab.

If you are there for a holiday though and you don’t have to work, your stay will be perfect. If you are like me and you need to work while visiting as well, I recommend getting a sim you can hotspot or working at the co-working space ‘downtown’.

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If you have any questions about Dahab or my stay at Dahab Paradise, please let me know. You can hop over to Instagram and ask any questions there.

Dahab Paradise Hotel was kind enough to host me during my stay in Dahab but like everything, my views and opinions are always my own. If you book your Dahab holiday at Dahab Paradise, I’ll receive a small commission – at no additional cost to you! Your support helps me continue growing this blog. Thank you!