Digital Nomad Insurance Just Got So Much Better (with SafetyWing!)

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In this post, I’m introducing the ultimate digital nomad insurance upgrade from SatefyWing. Meet Nomad 2.0, the travel essential that I’ll never leave home without.

Let’s face it…

Sh*t happens.

When you’re traveling and things go wrong… it can be a whole lot more stressful than when you’re at home dealing with those issues in an environment that you know, with your support system around you.  

In my nine years on the road, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps. From having my backpack stolen with several cameras, an iPad, and my laptop inside to being hit by a car while riding on a scooter… 

I’ve even had an air conditioning unit leak in the night and completely wreck my computer which was charging on the table beneath it. 

Let me tell you, when you work as a digital nomad and your laptop gets destroyed in the jungle of Sri Lanka or stolen in Southern Portugal, it can be really hard to replace it as fast as you really need to

But what always helps in these situations is good insurance. I’ve learned the hard way that paying for insurance pays off. 

And since those early mistakes, I never travel without SafetyWing coverage

If you’re new around here, I am a big advocate for SafetyWing. Let me give you a quick introduction: 

SafetyWing provides digital nomad insurance on a subscription basis. They have medical coverage, but they also help you with travel delays, and lost luggage; which means when you arrive in Montenegro and your luggage has somehow landed in Serbia, SafetyWing will have your back.

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Introducing: SafetyWing Nomad 2.0 

While they’re always been my go-to insurance, I am so excited to share that their coverage just got better! 

NEW: Theft of Electronics

Now when you travel with SafetyWing you get electronics coverage – which means that time my laptop got stolen… I would have been protected! 

This is really important insurance for us digital nomads – and it’s not something that I knew I could be covered for until I had my electronics stolen. When my laptop got stolen, everyone told me to reach out to my insurance! My response was… “What?!” and since I didn’t have coverage, I had to buy a new computer out of pocket. 

If you’re on the fence about electronics coverage, learn from my mistakes! 

From SatefyWing: Get reimbursed up to US$1000 per item if your laptop, phone, camera or other electronic device is stolen.

And if you didn’t think it could get better… 

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NEW: Adventure Sports Coverage

You also get Adventure Sports Coverage like Cave Diving, Scuba Diving, and 30+ other adventure sports activities! When does this insurance come in handy? 

Well in my case, it’s diving! Most dive centers won’t let you dive with them if you don’t have proof of insurance, so I used to have to get extra coverage from another insurance agency for divers coverage. 

Considering the fact that I leave for a diving holiday in two weeks, this new coverage is an extremely exciting update from SafetyWing. 

From SafetyWing: Get coverage for 30+ adventure sports like cave diving, quad biking, and scuba diving in addition to all the other activities we already cover.

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NEW: Redesigned Claims Experience

Last but not least, they’ve also redesigned their claims experience to make it even more user-friendly. Most people have nothing but horror stories to share about their insurance. I am so happy to have an insurance that’s working to constantly improve their claims department for their customers. 

That’s why I love sharing SafetyWing with you because they’re a company I trust! (I know – I just said ‘company I TRUST’ while talking about insurance…)

Please note: If you are a US resident, please be aware that this product is currently unavailable. However, we anticipate its availability in the coming months. – SafetyWing

So here’s the thing, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you need insurance while traveling… please do me one favor! Learn from my mistakes! You do not want to find yourself in a position where you are without your laptop (or worse, sick or injured in an accident) without the insurance that you need to protect you. 

Travel is an amazing thing! Being able to travel the world while working full-time as a digital nomad is something that I will never take for granted! But with that comes protecting myself while I’m on the road. 

I truly hope that you never go through some of the things I’ve experienced abroad, but if you do – make sure you’re covered! 

Get insured with SafetyWing’s new Digital Nomad 2.0 Insurance today. 

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