New (and Honest) Strategies to Grow on Pinterest in 2022

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In this post, I’m sharing all and giving you honest tips to grow on Pinterest in 2022.

Who’s tired of Pinterest changing? 

It’s exhausting – I know. 

As a full-time Pinterest marketer and blogger, my job is changing constantly trying to keep up with the changes and updates to Pinterest over the last few years. I can’t imagine how you must feel trying to figure it all out on your own. 

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In the meantime, here’s how you can start growing on Pinterest in 2022. Trust me, these are proven strategies that I use for myself and my clients all around the world. 

7 New Strategies to Grow on Pinterest in 2022

As I was typing this post I was already thinking about the new updates to the ways that I’m showing up on Pinterest for my clients. And trust me, it’s gotten a lot more complicated to grow on Pinterest. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and I still believe that Pinterest is one of the most important platforms that you can use for your business. 

Gone are the days when you can simply set your content to automatically publish and only spend about 20 minutes on Pinterest a week. (Yup I definitely miss those days!) Nowadays we have to be much more active and with that, much more careful that we don’t get swept up in Pinterest’s spam filters. I warn all of my clients that at one point or another we’ll get suspended on Pinterest but we always, always get the accounts back (and usually in less than 24 hours). 

Regardless of it being harder to grow on Pinterest in 2022, it’s not impossible. Here’s what’s working for the clients I currently work with! 

Posting in the App

The first strategy that I’m going to share with you is that you should be posting more in the App – on your phone. Especially when it comes to Idea Pins. If you’re just starting out on Pinterest, download the app on your phone and spend time there posting and engaging with content. Yup scroll the feed, watch videos in the ‘watch’ tab, and share your own Idea Pins here. 

I recommend posting 2-3 idea pins a week (on your phone) and spending at least 4 days a week/20 minutes on each of those days, engaging in the app with the users that you follow or users that inspire you. Make sure you’re spending this time following new people as well. 

Pinterest growth these days is determined a lot more by being on the platform vs scheduling on Tailwind and forgetting about it. 

New Content

I’ve been talking about new content for years now (literally) but it is still one of the best ways to grow on Pinterest right now. Honestly, I focus more on new content than ever repining or pinning to multiple boards. And don’t forget, new content simply has to be new to Pinterest. You can share the same blog post, with new pins and images, and it’ll be counted as new content. 

Repurpose content from other platforms 

Don’t waste content that you’re creating for other channels. Share your TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and Instagram posts to Pinterest as well. For Instagram carousels, repurpose that content into standard pin size and share a carousel. Then repurpose it again to Pinterest idea pin size and share it as an Idea Pin. Make sure you’re sharing the videos you’re creating both as video pins and as idea pins. This alone can give you so much content! 

Show your face

Show up and talk to your audience on Pinterest. You can create content directly for Pinterest using idea pins. Just like every other platform out there, Pinterest wants you to create content on their platform and they want you to be creating original content for their platform as well. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but test showing your face on Pinterest and creating idea pins from your phone – in the Pinterest app. 

We did this with a client of mine and they absolutely blew up, and even though they’ve only created 2 pins on Pinterest in this manner, those pins continue to bring them, new followers, to this day. 

Plan your content and focus on trends

Every month I post Pinterest trends that I’ve found for you in every niche. Start using those guides to plan out and create content for Pinterest. One of the best ways to grow on Pinterest is to genuinely give your audience what they want. And how do you know what they want? By studying the trends and keywords on Pinterest. 

The best part? Every month I do this for you. It’s so simple. Just read my monthly guides and plan your content accordingly. 

Start reading the monthly guides here.

Continue to focus on SEO

I’m always rattling on about how important SEO is on Pinterest. And that hasn’t changed. Always start with the basics. The basics are going to build the roots of your business and help you truly blossom. Stop worrying about how frequently you’re going to post and go back to focusing on the quality. Do your SEO research and go back to filling your pins with helpful, valuable, and SEO-driven content. 

Pin less

YUP. Pin way less and repin almost never. With most of my clients, the only time we are repinning for them is when it’s valuable content from a group board or Tailwind Community. Otherwise, we are focused entirely on their content. And we’re pinning a lot less. Some days I have clients pinning only 1-3 times a day. And most of my clients are pinning a maximum of 5 pins a day. We have drastically reduced the number of times we’re pinning and focusing instead on making quality content that really serves their audience. 

Those 7 new strategies are the key to helping you grow on Pinterest in 2022. Trust me, every single one of these strategies is what I’m doing with each of my clients and my own account right now. But there’s another thing you guys have been asking me about… a lot. And that’s Tailwind. So let’s answer the question, is Tailwind still worth it?

Is Tailwind still worth it?

Y’all have been blowing up my email about the Tailwind app these days and I get it. With Pinterest constantly improving its own, in-app scheduling, people are wondering if using Tailwind is helping or hindering their reach. I’m not going to say yes or no yet. I’m currently testing behind the scenes, a lot of Pinterest vs Tailwind scheduling and when I have honest, real results to back me up, I’ll share them with you. 

But for now, I am still using Tailwind so several of my clients and I’m currently seeing no change in reach for those clients. With Tailwind offering new plans to fit your budget, I would recommend still using it – just less frequently. The one feature I still love about Tailwind is their smart schedule. When you start scheduling on Pinterest you choose the times and they’re just 30-minute intervals throughout an entire day. Tailwind still uses its data and algorithm to know when your audience is active and pin for you during those times. That’s why we haven’t stopped using Tailwind for our clients! 

You can sign up for a free account with Tailwind HERE. 

Here’s a rundown on how to grow on Pinterest in 2022 (and going into 2023):

  • Use the app and spend time each week engaging with your audience
  • Focus on pinning a lot less and increase the quality of your pins
  • Use Idea Pins 2-3 times a week and experiment with creating some idea pins in the app
  • Show your face and talk to your audience
  • Be consistent on the platform

If this sounds like a lot, and you want help growing on Pinterest in 2022, look no further than my Pinterest Courses. I teach a 5 day Pinterest course that helps you launch your account and start pinning from day one. I also teach the Pinterest Playbook Course which is my flagship, bestselling Pinterest course. It will help you maximize your reach and truly grow on Pinterest in 2022.

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