Pinterest Trends February 2024 (Endless Content Ideas for Every Niche)

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Welcome my intrepid Pinterest explores! In this post, I’m sharing the hottest trends – helping you know exactly what to post on Pinterest in February 2024. I always organize these posts by niche, so you can easily find the trends for you. Keep scrolling to find plenty of ideas to help your blog and content grow on Pinterest this February. 

Back in 2022, I used to post these guides each month! And as we kick off 2024, I’m bringing back this monthly series. Over 2023 I help my client go from this 👇🏻

To this 👇🏻 (in one year!)

By writing blog posts centered around Pinterest trends. 

Amazing right? We harnessed the power of Pinterest to take her from 95 outbound link clicks a month to almost 6,000!

If you want to check out January’s top trends – you can find those here. Remember, Pinterest trends tend to start 20% earlier than other platforms and sustain 21% longer. That means if you still want to share something from January’s trends – feel free! 

If you’re new here and wondering how to use this guide – it’s easy! Everything on this list is a trending keyword on Pinterest. Turn them around and create content! Maybe that means a dedicated blog post about the hottest nail trends for Valentine’s Day or simply recording a video talking about that topic that you’ll then share on Pinterest. Or if you’re the queen of content, do both! 

Whatever you choose to do next, this guide will help you grow on Pinterest! Let’s jump right in, here’s what to post on Pinterest in February 2024. 

What to post on Pinterest in February 2024

I’m bringing these posts back throughout all of 2024! Circle back every month to find the trends and content ideas that I’ve researched for you – in every topic and niche on Pinterest. This is your go-to guide for creating scroll-stopping content this year. 

The goal: done for you, easy blogging that helps you grow. Blogging is a long, long game. Let’s make it a bit shorter by working together. 

If you need more help with your Pinterest strategy, check out my services to help you here

Let’s create a blogging plan for Pinterest in February 2024. 

February Holidays on Pinterest 

  • 02 February | Work Naked Day
  • 03 February | Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
  • 11 February | Make a Friend Day
  • 14 February | Valentine’s Day
  • 17 February | Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 26 February | Pistachio Day

I always start these posts out by sharing the fun and random holidays that you can celebrate on Pinterest. Similarly to jumping on trends, you can also jump on these random holidays to create unique, attention-grabbing content. I mean who isn’t going to want to learn more about ‘Work Naked Day’ or know the best pistachio foods to eat on ‘Pistachio Day’?

Keep in mind that these holidays can help you create quick content that’s silly and engaging for your audience. 

Remember, for big holidays coming up (like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day) you should already be posting that content months in advance! And that does mean if you haven’t already started sharing your Valentine’s Day content, you’re behind! 

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in February 2024. 

February 2024 Fashion Trends on Pinterest

Keep sharing winter fashion, women’s searches for 2024 Winter Outfits are up 10,000% as we head into February, but don’t be afraid to start releasing Spring content as well. We’re already seeing Spring Outfits and Trends popping up in our growing trends. Now is also the time to jump on popular trends like Saltburn, Coquette, and Grandma Chic.

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘women’s fashion’ on Pinterest for February:
  • 2024 Winter Outfits (up 10,000%) – Women on Pinterest are looking for cute winter outfits that go beyond puffy coats but still leave us warm and cozy. 
  • Saltburn Outfits –  Saltburn has been all over the internet, it’s no wonder we’re seeing people start to obsess over the looks and style icons here on Pinterest. Try some of these blog posts if you want to jump on this trend: 
    • Recreating Popular Saltburn Looks
    • Create Your Own Saltburn Aesthetic with These Essential Items
  • Coquette Aesthetic – we’re still going to see a lot of coquette this year, but it’s currently being overshadowed by everyone’s new obsession: Saltburn.
    • Additionally: pink bow aesthetic, coquette bow, and pink bows (all as keywords)
  • 2024 Prom Dresses – already popping up even though prom is months away! 
  • Y2K Outfits (Black Women) – we’re seeing so many more trends specifically for women of color – and this Y2K trend jumps on the ‘Rom-Com’ fashion and early 2000’s grunge that we saw last year. 
  • Spring 2024 Fashion Trends – pinners are planners! Ladies are already looking for outfit inspiration and trends for warmer days. 
  • Hyper Feminine Outfits
  • Corporate Outfits
  • Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas
  • Grandma Chic – keep an eye out for a lot more of this trend in 2024
  • Purse Must-Haves
  • Juicy Couture Tracksuit
  • European Summer Outfits

Hyperfeminine and coquette are still on the rise, and if you’re planning any Valentine’s Day content – post it now!

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘men’s fashion’ on Pinterest for February:
  • Giovanna Ramos outfits
  • 2024 Outfits
  • 90’s Men’s fashion
  • Soft Masc Outfits
  • Black Men Style
  • 90’s RnB Fashion
  • Eclectic Fashion Style
  • Ralph Lauren Men

‘Men’ are currently one of the fastest-growing demographics on Pinterest! If you create content for men, this might be your chance to grab an up-and-coming audience. 

Food and Drinks Trends on Pinterest in February 2024

This February we’re seeing a lot of people wanting to make Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day memorable! From treats to brunch, there are a lot of searches for Valentine’s Day, so make sure your content is up-to-date and posted. People have also moved on from ‘diet’ specific searches and instead want clean food and high protein choices. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘food and drink’ on Pinterest for February:
  • Food porn breakfast
  • Dinner Party
  • Antiinflammatory Meals Dinner
  • Clean Food
  • Blue Vintage Cake / Aquarius szn Cake
  • Casserole Meals
    • Additionally: Tator Tot Casserole Recipe Easy
  • Kid’s Cocktails
  • Sourdough Starter
    • Additionally: Sourdough Discard Recipes
  • Valentine’s Strawberries
    • Additionally: Valentine’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries
    • Galentine’s Brunch
    • Valentine’s Treats
    • Valentine’s Cookies Decorated
    • Valentine’s Desserts
  • High Protein Recipes

For food bloggers, there’s no better place to post your content than on Pinterest. Pinterest and blogging are the original besties of the internet. Make sure that your seasonal recipes are ready to go for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and spring! 

February 2024 Beauty Trends on Pinterest

Our hottest trends for beauty bloggers on Pinterest are usually in the hair and nails category – and that’s no different going into February. I’m seeing a lot of content for women’s braids and old money/baddie nails. Another trend that we’re seeing more in February (that we also saw in January) is “Women’s Health.”

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘beauty’ on Pinterest for February:
  • Unique Loc Styles Short
  • 2024 Hair Color Trends for Women
  • Old Money Bob 
  • Shabby Blob with Bangs Round Faces
  • Simple Fulani Braids
  • Classy Baddie Nails Short
    • Additionally: Basic Baddie Nails
  • Vag Care – this trend was also up and coming last month, and we’re still seeing it grow in February! 
  • Nail Trends 2024
    • Additionally: Nails 2024
  • Boys Haircut
  • Coquette Nails
  • Neopolitan Braids
  • California Brunette Hair
  • Unique Nails Acrylic 
  • Cybercore Makeup 

There are actually a lot of trends popping off in the beauty space on Pinterest right now, and they’re so different from what we used to see at this time of year, which basically revolved around ‘Prom Nails, Prom Makeup, and Prom Hairstyles.’

Home Decor Trends on Pinterest in February 2024

I love this trend on Pinterest. I know that people use Pinterest to plan out their dream homes and to embark on home DIY projects. If you’re in this ‘home decor’ space on Pinterest, you can play around with everything from Interior Design to Lifestyle content and the platform will love you. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘home decor’ on Pinterest for February:
  • Little Apartment Aesthetic
  • Whimsy Goth Bedroom
  • Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
    • Additionally: Moody Farmhouse Kitchen
    • Modern Farmhouse Decor
  • Grown Woman Bedroom Ideas
  • Baddie Bedroom Ideas
  • Realistic Pantry Organization
  • Shower Inspo
  • Coquette Pink Wallpaper
  • Unique Beds
  • Dark Feminine Bedroom
  • Functional Kitchen Cabinets
  • Farm Style House

From simple moodboards to full-blown plans to redecorate, if you’re a lifestyle blogger or interior designer, these are the trends to watch! 

DIY and Craft Trends on Pinterest in February 2024

Speaking of home decor and DIY projects, this month I decided to add DIY trends specifically to our round-up! I personally love DIY on Pinterest, so I thought this would be a fun category to share. Let’s see what DIYers are up to on Pinterest this February. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘DIY and Crafts’ on Pinterest for February:
  • Valentine’s Craft for Adults DIY
  • Crochet Valentine’s Patterns
    • Additionally: Valentine’s Crochet
  • DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Boyfriend
  • Hello Kitty Valentine’s 
  • Valentine’s Day Baskets
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • Disney Valentine’s 
  • Spring Crochet Ideas
  • Valentine’s Table Decor
  • Easter Wooden Crafts

Alright, y’all, I know it’s Valentine’s Day next month… but I was not expecting the DIY and Crafts category to be quite so heavy on V-Day! If you’re in this space and haven’t already shared your Valentine’s Day crafts and crochet, you’re late to the party. 

February 2024 Travel Trends on Pinterest

I always save my favorite for last! I’m a travel blogger at heart, so I love seeing what’s trending in the ‘travel’ category on Pinterest. This category usually isn’t so much about planning your trip… as it is about finding pic inspiration once you’re in a destination… but I love it nonetheless!  

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘travel’ on Pinterest for February:
  • Jamaica pictures
  • Summer Bucket List Ideas
  • Travel Day Outfit
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Summer Beach Aesthetic
  • Ski Town Outfits
  • Rosemary Beach Florida
  • Sanibel Island Florida
  • Island Vacation Outfits
  • Summer Camp
  • Italian Summer
  • Mackinac Island
  • Anna Marie Island
  • Italian Summer Aesthetic
    • Additionally: Italy Vacation Outfits
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Panama City Beach Florida

Florida is popping off as a travel destination this year! If you’re planning a trip to Florida, make sure to document and share on Pinterest. 

Remember that people plan for travel 3-12 months in advance (unlike me who plans trips usually the week before I leave). So when it comes to posting about travel, it’s never too early to share! 

Last month I shared a bonus category around being a Content Creator in 2024 because I know that’s something a lot of people want to get into! The trends haven’t changed much for that niche since last month, so if that’s the content you want to see or teach on Pinterest, read last month’s post for your trends!

Alright, that’s your guide to what you should post on your blog and Pinterest in February 2024! We’re starting the year strong with plenty of content ideas to make creating EASY. And pretty soon, it’s going to be time to start sharing Spring and even Summer! Gasp! Remember, it’s never too early to start sharing on Pinterest. 

(*OK well it might be too early for some things… don’t post about Christmas yet… just don’t)

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