Pinterest Trends for July 2024 in Every Niche

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Welcome back, yes it’s already time for another Pinterest Trends Roundup. In today’s guide, I’m going to share the top growing trends on Pinterest in July 2024, for every niche.

It’s always my goal with these posts to help you create the content your audience is already searching for. And to help you ultimately skyrocket your blog and Pinterest growth this year. 

I always want to start these roundup posts by saying that I can’t believe it’s already this far along in the year… And then I tell myself to stop talking about the passage of time and instead focus on the trends because that is after all, the reason that you’re here. 

Regardless let’s not waste any more of the precious time that’s flying by. We have to face the fact that it’s already July and start creating content that’s going to help you succeed in the second half of this year. 

If you’ve been seeing a decrease on Pinterest right now, don’t worry because you’re not alone. This year Pinterest is actually removing Idea Pins and simplifying their overall pinning process. All of my clients who haven’t been moved to the ‘new’ pinning system have seen a decrease in their traffic. Which is something that I’m actively working on managing. 

I’m working on solutions, but for now, I highly recommend creating trending content for your audience using Pinterest trends! And keep publishing on your blog consistently.  

My goal with this Pinterest roundup is to help you plan your next 4-8 weeks of blog and social media content, based around Pinterest trends. Use this guide to help you stay consistent, because consistency is genuinely the way to grow a blog. Trust me, I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years and consistency is the secret to success. 

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Remember, Pinterest trends tend to start 20% earlier than other platforms and sustain 21% longer. That means if you still want to share something from my May or June roundups, go for it! 

Now, let’s jump right into our July Pinterest Trends! Let’s plan our July content around the trends emerging on Pinterest right now. If you want to read any of my past Pinterest Trend posts from this year, I’ll link them below. 

How does this Pinterest trends guide work?

I’ve organized this guide to make it as easy to use as possible. 

Each bullet point on this list is a trending keyword on Pinterest. In other words, it’s a specific search term that people are looking for on Pinterest. 

You can take the exact phrase and turn it into content on your blog and social media channels. That could be a dedicated blog post about a trend in fashion, food, or travel. You can also create video content talking about these phrases. 

Whatever you choose to do next, this guide will help you grow your blog and Pinterest! Let’s jump right in, here’s what to post on Pinterest in July 2024. 

What to post on Pinterest in July 2024

This is your go-to guide to creating scroll-stopping content all year long.

If you need more help with your Pinterest strategy, check out my services to help you here. 

Let’s create a blogging plan for Pinterest in July 2024. 

July Holidays to Celebrate on Pinterest 

  • 04 July | Independence Day
  • 05 July | Hawaii Day (a great chance to share your blogs about Hawaii travel!) 
  • 08 July | National Raspberry Day & Freezer Pop Day
  • 14 July | Shark Awareness Day
  • 18 July | Tropical Fruit & National Sour Candy Day
  • 23 July | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day
  • 26 July | National Aunt and Uncle Day
  • 30 July | International Day of Friendship

Each month has hundreds of these random holidays that can help you create quick content on Pinterest. You could probably share an entire month of content around Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day if we’re being honest! I always recommend picking a random ‘silly’ holiday every month just to freshen up your other content and create something timely. 

As always, for big holidays coming up, you should already be posting that content months in advance! This goes for seasons as well. And yes this means if you haven’t already started posting about the 4th of July, you’re already behind!

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in July 2024. 

July 2024 Fashion Trends on Pinterest

July is full summer. People haven’t started searching for fall fashion yet. They’re still focused on summer travel, summer outfits, and summer trends. You’ll start to notice come August that more people are searching for those fall and transitional trends, but for now, keep your content focused around summer. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘women’s fashion’ on Pinterest for July:
  • Cute Everyday Outfits (up 2,000%) 
  • Vacation Outfits
  • 4th of July Outfit (up 400%) 
  • Summer Bar Outfits
  • Summer Interview Outfits
  • Summer Family Picture Outfits
  • Baseball Game Outfit Summer
  • US Open Outfit (up 200%) 
  • Bike Shorts Outfit Summer 
  • Back to School Outfit (up 400%) 
    • Back to School Shoes
    • First Day of School Fits
    • Outfit Ideas for School
  • Summer Country Concert Outfit

As you can see, people are very much searching for summer outfit inspiration! But I was surprised to see so many trending searches around ‘Back to School’ fashion. That’s a trend I would have predicted for August. If you’re planning on sharing any back-to-school inspiration, it looks like July is the perfect time to post. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘men’s fashion’ on Pinterest for July:
  • Men’s Summer Casual Outfits (up 4,500%)
  • White Sambas Outfit (up 2,000%)
  • Men’s Street Style (up 1,500%)
  • Classy Outfits for Men
  • Rodeo Outfits Men
  • Vacation Outfits for Men
  • 2000’s Fashion Men
  • Men Beach Outfit

I’ve been seeing a lot more men’s fashion trends on Pinterest and they’re still one of the growing demographics on the platform. If you have any men’s fashion to share, these are the top post ideas for July 2024. I actually really love how specific these keywords are as well! 

Food and Drinks Trends on Pinterest in July 2024

Our big holiday in July is obviously going to be the 4th of July. If you have anything to share regarding this, please get it posted right away! You might just catch the last-minute searches for people who still have holiday prep to do. Otherwise, it looks like people are searching for simple, healthy recipes with a focus on seasonal ingredients. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘food and drink’ on Pinterest for July:
  • Cottage Cheese Flatbread (up 10,000%)
  • Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (up 7,000%) 
  • Homemade Ceaser Dressing
  • Chicken Ceaser Recipes
  • Summer Baking Recipes
  • Watermelon Sorbet Recipe
  • Summer Dinner Recipes
  • Peach Recipes
    • How to Freeze Peaches
    • Peach Cobbler with Fresh Peaches
    • Peach Crisp with Fresh Peaches
  • Black Raspberry Recipes
  • Light Summer Dinner Recipes

If you’re a food blogger, there is genuinely no shortage of content ideas for Pinterest. I would say that planning meals is one of the top 5 ‘reasons’ that people use Pinterest! Make sure you’re focused on summer ingredients, quick recipes, and occasional trends like this month’s cottage cheese flatbread.  

July 2024 Beauty Trends on Pinterest

If you’ve read any of these roundup posts before you know that people on Pinterest are searching for the latest hair and nail trends. The ‘beauty’ category on Pinterest is all about these two specific categories. But sometimes we see the occasional makeup trend pop up. Let’s see what July has in store for you. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘beauty’ on Pinterest for July:
  • Summer 2024 Nail Trends (up 10,000%)
    • Summer Nail Colors 2024
    • 2024 Summer Nails
    • Nails Summer 2024
    • Summer 2024 Nails
    • Simple Summer Nails 
    • Blue Summer Nails
    • Red Summer Nails
    • Yellow Summer Nails
    • Summer Nail Inspo
  • 4th of July Nails
    • 4th of July Nails Simple
    • America Nails
    • Firework Nails
  • Back to School Nails
  • Bixie 90’s Haircut
  • Date Night Beauty (up 10,000%)
  • Men’s Short Haircut
  • Haircuts for Short Fine Hair
  • Summer Toe Nails

While we do normally see a lot of nails in this category, my searches this month turned up almost exclusively summer nail trends. If you’re stuck on what to post in July, you could steal a couple of these ideas for some easy and trending content.  

Home Decor Trends on Pinterest in July 2024

I always love the home decor niche because ‘home planning’ is something I’ve always used Pinterest for – even though I’ve never had a home. Pinterest is such an inspirational platform and with such a high demographic of American Women – if this is your niche your target audience is definitely on Pinterest. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘home decor’ on Pinterest for July:
  • Home bedroom refresh (up 10,000%) 
  • Home Color Design
  • Kids Room Inspo (up 10,000%)
  • Office Decor Workplace
  • Gallery Wall Template
    • Bedroom Wall Collage
  • Outdoor Halloween Decorations
  • Front Porch Christmas Decor (up 200% – No, I’m not kidding!) 
  • Living Room Inspiration
  • Bedroom Inspiration
    • Master Bedroom Decor
    • Bedroom Room Inspiration
    • Small Bedroom Ideas
  • Small Bathroom Ideas

While last month I saw a lot of outdoor and backyard searches, this month we moved almost fully indoors with each room getting a focus and inspiration. We’re also going to start to see an increase in searches for ‘Dorm Rooms’ because that trend is usually circulating with the other back-to-school trends. 

DIY and Craft Trends on Pinterest in July 2024

DIY and Crafting is another topic that people are always searching for on Pinterest. From parents to school teachers and adults looking for new hobbies, this is definitely a niche that people on Pinterest love. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘DIY and Crafts’ on Pinterest for July:
  • How to DIY (up 5,000%)
  • Easy Summer Crafts for Kids (up 200%)
    • Summer Arts & Crafts for Kids
    • Summer Crafts for Toddlers
    • Easy Summer Crafts
  • Crochet Bag Tutorials
  • Beach Crafts for Kids
  • 4th of July Decor
  • Camping Crafts for Kids
    • Camping Crafts for Toddlers
  • 4th of July Crafts for Toddlers
  • Airdry Clay Projects
  • Boo Basket (up 600% – yes, I’m serious this is a Halloween activity! In July!)
  • Pumpkin Painting Ideas

I’m serious, we’re already seeing a couple of trends being searched for around Halloween! It’s hard to believe, but Pinterest trends really do start earlier. Even though you might feel *crazy*, it’s a good idea to start sharing your Halloween DIY and crafting content sooner than later. 

July 2024 Travel Trends on Pinterest

While I love talking about Pinterest, I’ll always be a travel blogger at heart! Which means this is my favorite part of our Pinterest guide, sharing travel with you! While in the past we’ve always seen travel in the form of outfit and packing guides, these days Pinterest is all about travel! 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘travel’ on Pinterest for July:
  • Summer 2024 Travel Bucket List (up 10,000%)
  • One Day in Paris (up 6,000%)
  • Nightlife Travel
  • Rio de Janeiro 
  • Japan
  • Jamaica
  • Tokyo
  • Alaska Cruise Outfits
  • Santorini Greece Outfits
  • Camping Must-Haves
  • Lake Powell
  • Miami, Florida
  • Omaha, Nebraska (I’m not kidding! This is a destination people are searching for on Pinterest!)
  • Lake Tahoe Summer
  • Italian Summer
  • San Antonio

I cannot believe how many destinations are popping off on Pinterest these days. If you’re not already, I highly recommend that you start sharing your travel posts right now. We usually see 1-2 destinations, followed by 100 packing guides, so to see each of these destinations on Pinterest is making me so happy. 

Remember that people plan for travel 3-12 months in advance so when it comes to posting about travel, it’s never too early to share! 

That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap on your July 2024 Pinterest and blog posting and content guide. Keep an eye on this space because I will be sharing these guides every single month! I really want these trending keywords to become a resource for you to plan your content and skyrocket your growth in 2024. 

These posts are the ultimate cheatsheet. All you have to do is grab the idea that you want to share, and start writing. 

Ready to grow on Pinterest in 2024? Here’s everything you need to know! 

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