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In this post, I’ve rounded up the top growing trends on Pinterest in April 2024, in every niche. The goal of this post is to help you create the content your audience is already searching for, to skyrocket your growth on Pinterest.

Each month I help my clients harness the power of Pinterest to drive traffic, grow their email list and skyrocket their sales. And now I’m giving away my biggest strategy to YOU, completely free. 

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Remember, Pinterest trends tend to start 20% earlier than other platforms and sustain 21% longer. That means if you still want to share something from March’s trends – go for it! 

I’ve made this guide as easy to use as possible. Everything on this list is a trending keyword on Pinterest. Turn them around and create content! Maybe that means a dedicated blog post about the latest trend in fashion or food travel or simply recording a video talking about that topic that you’ll then share on Pinterest. 

Better yet, do both! 

Whatever you choose to do next, this guide will help you grow on Pinterest! Let’s jump right in, here’s what to post on Pinterest in April 2024. 

What to post on Pinterest in April 2024

This is your go-to guide to creating scroll stopping content all year long.

The goal: done for you, easy blogging that actually helps you grow. Blogging is a long, long game. Let’s make it that much easier by working together. The goal with Pinterest (and blog growth) is to publish at least one blog per week, for the entire year. This content guide should help you plan the next 4-6 weeks worth of content in less than 30 minutes.

If you need more help with your Pinterest strategy, check out my services to help you here. 

Let’s create a blogging plan for Pinterest in April 2024. 

April Holidays to Celebrate on Pinterest 

  • 01 April | April Fool’s Day
  • 02 April | International Children’s Book Day
  • 04 April | National Burrito Day
  • 09 April | End of Ramadan
  • 13 April | National Scrabble Day
  • 21 April | World Creativity and Innovation Day
  • 22 April | Earth Day
  • 24 April | National Bucket List Day

Fun world holidays can be a quick and easy way to create engaging content on Pinterest. You can create a video or carousel introducing people to the holiday, and then let them know how you’ll be celebrating! This can be an especially strong strategy for food and lifestyle bloggers because there are a lot of random food related holidays every month.  

Keep in mind that these holidays can help you create quick content that’s silly and engaging for your audience. 

Remember, for big holidays coming up you should already be posting that content months in advance! This goes for seasons as well. We’re officially into quarter 2, spring is in full swing and now’s already a good time to start posting about summer travels, outfits and recipes. 

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in April 2024. 

April 2024 Fashion Trends on Pinterest

Spring fashion is in full swing on Pinterest right now. It’s best to get your spring posts out ASAP. We’re seeing a huge increase right now (upwards of 10,000% increase) for keywords related to spring fashion, spring trends and spring outfits. Keep posting spring, but don’t be afraid to start sprinkling in summer fashion either – that’s going to be quick to follow spring trends. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘women’s fashion’ on Pinterest for April:
  • Spring Outfits 2024 (up 10,000%) – As I said, spring has sprung fashion girlies!
    • Spring Fashion 2024
    • Spring Outfit
    • Hippie Spring Outfits
    • Spring Church Outfits
    • Outfits for Spring
    • Casual Outfits for Spring Family Pictures
    • Casual Spring Outfits
    • Spring Transition Outfits
  • Summer Fashion 2024 (up 10,000%) –  I’m also already seeing a huge increase in searches for summer 2024. Don’t be afraid to start sharing your summer looks, especially related to summer travel! 
  • Cute Everyday Outfits (up 5,000%)
  • Barbie Outfits (up 3,000%) – I believe we are going to have another very pink summer!
  • Baddie Cowgirl Outfits – Last summer we saw the trend “Coastal Cowgirl” and now (thanks to Beyonce I am sure) we are seeing cowgirl fashion of a different kind! Luckily, if you jumped on the coastal cowgirl trend of last summer, you’ll already have several of the pieces necessary for this summer’s hottest looks. 
  • Business Casual Outfits for Women – This trend is up 1,500%!
    • Business Chic Spring Work Outfits
    • Business Casual Spring Outfits
    • Baddie Business Outfits
  • Spring Break Dresses
  • Baseball Game Outfits
  • Winery Outfits (spring) 
  • Brunch Outfit (spring)
  • Coquette Outfit
  • Earthy Outfits

We’re fully into Spring and coming up to summer fashion. Make sure you’re adding the words ‘spring’ or ‘summer’ to your content to really maximize your reach on these trends. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘men’s fashion’ on Pinterest for April:
  • Jort Outfits (I kid you not!) 
  • Men’s Jean Shorts Outfit
  • Red Sambas/Green Sambas
  • Men’s Summer Outfits
    • Summer Streetwear for Men
    • Casual Summer Outfits for Men
  • Men’s Spring Outfits
  • Linen Pants Outfit for Men
  • Men’s Beach Fits
  • Cargo Shorts Outfits for Men

It’s said that ‘men’ are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest, which means sharing more men related content could be a great way to reach a new (and growing) audience on the platform! 

Food and Drinks Trends on Pinterest in April 2024

Spring is already in full swing, and a great way to take advantage of that on Pinterest is by sharing fresh spring flavors and colorful food! There are also plenty of ‘mini food holidays’ in April, like National Burrito Day. Our big food holidays (Easter, Passover and Ramadan) are coming to a close, so be creative with ways you can share fresh spring recipes with your audience this month.  

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘food and drink’ on Pinterest for April:
  • Clean Food Breakfast (up 10,000%)
  • Stove Top French Toast Recipe (up 10,000%)
  • Mexican Snack Bar
  • Food Porn – continues to be a growing trend each month this year!
  • Zucchini’s Dinner Recipe
  • Easy Summer Dinners (Healthy)
    • Healthy Summer Dinner Recipes
    • Easy Summer Dinner Ideas
  • Homemade Mayonnaise (up 700%)
  • Dessert Recipes
  • Caesar Salad Recipe (up 300%)
  • Healthy Blueberry Overnight Oats
  • Garlic Aioli Recipe
  • Fresh Strawberry Desserts

If you’re a food blogger, you should definitely be posting your content on Pinterest! Searching for recipes (especially easy, healthy and quick meals) is one of the main ways that Pinners use Pinterest. 

April 2024 Beauty Trends on Pinterest

When it comes to beauty trends, I recommend the more tutorials you make, the better. People love to see exactly how you’re doing your hair, nails and makeup on Pinterest. For maximum reach, get comfortable with making tutorial videos. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘beauty’ on Pinterest for April:
  • Spring Nails 2024 Trends (up 10,000%)
    • Short Spring Nails 2024
    • 2024 Spring Nails
    • Spring Acrylic Nail Designs
    • Simple Spring Nails
    • Spring Nail Colors
  • Fluffy Bob for Black Women (up 10,000%)
    • Bobs on Black Women (real hair) 
  • Summer Nails 2024 (up 9,500%)
  • Copper Balayage Brunettes
  • Short Clean Nails
  • Spring Toenail Colors
  • Sun Kissed Hair Brunette
  • Chrome Nails
  • Curly Hairstyles
  • Short Hairstyles

The beauty category is 90% spring nails right now. I kid you not, every way I look at the trends for April, it’s screaming spring nails. From simple manicures to neutral favorites and bright spring acrylics, help your audience choose their next manicure by sharing your spring nail favorites now. 

Home Decor Trends on Pinterest in April 2024

I love the ‘Home Decor’ niche because I think it’s so adaptable to anyone in the ‘lifestyle’ space. There are so many ways that you can inspire, incorporate affiliate links and grow in this niche. The options are really endless – it doesn’t matter what kind of house you live in, or what your niche directly is. ‘Home Decor’ has something for everyone. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘home decor’ on Pinterest for April:
  • White Washing Oak Cabinets (up by 10,000%)
  • Old Mexican House
    • Mexican Farmhouse Decor
  • Home Whiskey Lounge
  • Apartment Inspiration
  • Cozy Living Rooms
    • Living Room Inspiration
  • Dark Feminine Bedroom (up 3,000%) – this whole year I’ve been seeing a rise in colorful and ‘dark’ homes. Think ‘girl apartment’ but with an Aadams Family twist. 
  • Midcentury Modern Living Room
  • Deck to Patio Transition
  • French Style Kitchen
  • Simple Front Yard Landscaping
  • Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen
  • Outside House Colors
    • Exterior Color Palette

From home decor to home DIY projects, there are so many ways that you can use your expertise to inspire your audience, while also monetizing with affiliate links! 

DIY and Craft Trends on Pinterest in April 2024

Speaking of DIY, another great trend on Pinterest is the ‘DIY and Crafts’ trend. This trend is perfect for lifestyle bloggers, mom bloggers or our crafty girlies! I’ve always loved to crochet and scrapbook, so including this niche is so inspiring for me! 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘DIY and Crafts’ on Pinterest for April:
  • Junk Case (up 10,000%) – learn more about this trend here
  • Bendy Candles (up 10,000%)
  • 10 Inch Square Quilt Patterns (free) (up 5,500%)
  • Stuff to Make Out of Clay
  • Bracelet Template (think ‘Era’s Tour!’) 
  • Crochet Top Tutorial
    • Crochet Summer Tops (free tutorial) 
  • Spring Floral Wreath 
  • Wood Creations
  • Paper Dolls DIY
  • Mother’s Day Baskets
  • Spring Crafts for Kids
  • Spring Art for Toddlers 

March was all about Easter, but with the main ‘major’ holidays finished for now, think about summer crafts and ways to keep the kids entertained while they’re out of school – which is going to sneak up on us in no time! 

April 2024 Travel Trends on Pinterest

As a travel blogger at heart (read the travel blog here!) I always have to make sure I find the best travel related trends on Pinterest. Remember, pinners are planners, which means it’s time to start helping them plan their summer breaks. Think summer across Europe, trips to Mexico and more. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘travel’ on Pinterest for April:
  • Summer Bucket List 2024 (up 10,000%) 
    • Summer Bucket List Ideas
    • Summer Things To Do
    • Summer Checklist
  • 10 Day Travel Wardrobe Summer (up 7,000%)
  • Solo Beach Pics
  • Tokyo Travel
  • Japan Travel
  • Jamaica Travel
  • Florida Travel / Florida Destinations
  • Mexico Travel
  • Travel Day Outfit
  • Vacation Essentials
  • Things to do at the Beach
  • South of France Travel
    • South of France Outfits
  • Road Trip Outfit /Road Trip Essentials 

The travel inspiration on Pinterest is often related to outfits for trips! But keep in mind that when someone is searching for outfits specific to a destination, that destination is also going to be trending! Which means you can write a blog about packing for the South of France, but also several guides for people traveling in the South of France. 

Remember that people plan for travel 3-12 months in advance (unlike me who plans trips usually the week before I leave). So when it comes to posting about travel, it’s never too early to share! 

And with that, your April 2024 posting guide is ready!

Keep an eye on this space because I’ll be posting these guides each month. I hope these trending keywords help you plan your content for the month of April and for the year. All you have to do is grab the idea that you want to share, and start writing. 

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