What to Post on Pinterest in March 2022 by Niche

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In this post, I’m going to share the juicy details of what to post on Pinterest in March 2022, by niche. Every month I’m bringing you detailed guides to help you make the MOST of your pinning strategy in 2022. If you wanna learn how to grow on Pinterest in 2022 – go ahead and learn more here. If you wanna read February’s Pinterest guide here. And now that you have a million tabs open – let’s get into what to post on Pinterest in March 2022.

What to post on Pinterest in March 2022

I’m back with another monthly Pinterest guide! Every month I spend some time scrolling through trends and predictions on Pinterest. This helps me get an idea of what’s coming up for pinners, and what the platform is likely going to be wanting to promote. By taking ideas from this post – you’ll be able to stay ahead of what your audience AND Pinterest are looking for.

I go through and divide this post by niche – but anytime you can make a trend for another niche work for your niche – well more power to you babe. The more content you can produce that your audience and Pinterest are searching for – the better and faster you’re going to grow!

Now let’s jump right into what you want to post on Pinterest in March – by content niche!

This month I want to start with some really fun trends upcoming on Pinterest.

Fun Pinterest Trends on Pinterest

+52% increase in searches for “black with blonde highlights”

Dark-haired Pinterest users are brightening with blonde streaks and bold “money piece highlights,” a nostalgic ‘90s nod.

3X increase in searches for “pink almond shaped nails”

Pinterest users are looking for manicures using classic Valentine’s colors, as well as switching up their nail shapes.

+152% increase in searches for “empanada”

On Pinterest, people are getting their game-day dining plans in order with sliders, dips and other hand-held snacks.

I love reading through a few of these and coming up with ways that my clients can work trending content into their own content plan! Pinterest is all about creativity and planning ahead – that’s what I create these guides to help you do.

Now onto the niches!


Fashion is always changing on Pinterest, and it’s always interesting to me to see what people are searching for. Something to keep an eye on this month and going forward – is that men’s fashion is popping up more and more. In March we’re seeing an increase in Men’s Shoes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s followed by more men’s trends in the coming months. More men are using Pinterest than ever before!

  • Rainy day outfits
  • Prom dresses
  • Trendy summer fits
  • Summer outfit inspiration
  • Euphoria inspired outfits party
  • Men’s shoes
  • Business casual women’s outfits chic
  • Spring outfits 2022 trends
  • Checkered outfits (Checkered trends are something that Pinterest is predicting will be huge this year. Is it something you can work with!?)

Food & Drink

Remember, pinners love to plan! And what else do people love to do? Meal prep! Pinterest and food go hand in hand because we plan our meals using Pinterest. Here are the top trends on Pinterest for anyone in the food/lifestyle niche on Pinterest in March.

  • Spring dessert ideas
  • Ground beef recipes
  • King Cake recipes
  • Ukrainian recipes
  • Mardi gras food
  • Knoephla soup
  • Dinner ideas/dinner recipes
  • Slow cooker chicken
  • Father’s Day brunch recipes
  • Easy lunch box ideas


In beauty we’re seeing a bit of St. Patrick’s day – nails are always trending on Pinterest so it makes sense that continues for St. Patrick’s day. Other nail trends that are coming up on Pinterest are more involved with what’s trending overall and Spring.

  • Natural hairstyles for black teenagers
  • St. Patricks day nails
  • Green nails
  • Trendy hairstyles for long hair
  • Nail inspo baddie
  • Mushroom brown hair color
  • March nails ideas acrylic
  • Cute short square nails
  • Bold nail designs
  • Spring nails 2022

Home & Lifestyle

Home and lifestyle on Pinterest are usually all about home improvement and things you can do around the house. In March that’s taking a more ‘men-centric’ focus just like fashion. With ideas for Workshop/Garage store and layout. But we’re also seeing an increase in people searching for farmhouse interiors and cheaper home renovations.

  • Rocket stove designs
  • Workshop storage/garage workshop layout
  • Dollar tree room decor and DIY
  • Apartment decorating for men
  • Farmhouse interior ideas
  • Pastel wall color ideas
  • Workbench plans
  • Dream garage


US travel is still trending massively on Pinterest, with this month being all about the parks. Disney and Universal that is. Now, this could also fall under ‘fashion’ because along with travel tips people are also searching for what to wear on a day to the parks. So if this is something you can work into your niche, now is your chance.

  • Oceans/Beaches
  • Nightlife in cities
  • Disney parks/Disney parks outfits
  • Universal Studios/Universal studios outfits
  • Nashville Bachelorette party/Nashville bar outfit
  • Best sunrises & sunsets
  • Italy travel
  • Dominican Republic

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about pinning on Pinterest in March 2022. This guide is going to help you make the most of your time on Pinterest, and your time creating content for your blog. Make sure to check back here every month so you know what kind of content is coming up! And trust me, the sooner you start posting what users are searching for directly on Pinterest… the faster you will grow.

So if you’re thinking, OK cool this is great but… I’ll just keep with my posting ideas… you’re really hurting your own growth. Make sure that you’re finding some way to work these ideas into your posting schedule each month.

And while you’re at it – follow me over on Pinterest. I’d love to connect there!

Happy pinning and I’ll see you on the next guide!

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