What to Post on Pinterest in June 2022

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I’m sharing what to post on Pinterest in June 2022. Wondering how to use this guide? It’s easy! Take these trending keywords I’ve compiled for you, and figure out how to tie them into your content plan. Maybe that means a dedicated blog post to a topic, maybe that means creating an idea pin talking about one topic here. Or if you’re the queen of content, do BOTH! With multiple ideas. Whatever you choose to do next, here’s what to post on Pinterest in June 2022 for bloggers. 

What to post on Pinterest in June 2022

Welcome back! Every month I research every niche and topic on Pinterest to help you find trending keywords and topics to post about on Pinterest. If you’d like to catch up on past months, you can read May here, April here, March here, February here, and January here. (YUP that’s a lot of Pinterest monthly guides) 

Pinterest has changed a lot in the past couple of years and it’s getting harder and harder to grow on this platform. Gone are the days when you can pop in once a week, share your latest blog, and see more traffic than any other platform combined. We have to work for our Pinterest traffic these days. If you want to learn more about how to grow on Pinterest in 2022, read this guide

Alright, now that you have a million and one tabs open, let’s create a blogging plan for Pinterest in June 2022. 

June Holidays on Pinterest 

01 June | First Day of Pride Month! (You’ll surely see a LOT of Pride content on Pinterest this month!) 

01 June | First Day of Caribbean-American Heritage Month

19 June | Juneteenth Day

19 June | Father’s Day

There are a lot fewer major days to celebrate in June. The biggest ‘days’ are by far Juneteenth Day and Father’s Day. But overall in June, you’ll see people celebrating Pride all over Pinterest and all over the world. You’ll also see a lot of celebration (I hope) around Caribbean-American Heritage Month and if you’re a Caribbean-American take full advantage of this month and celebrate YOU and your family through recipes, traditions, outfits, parties and so much more. 

However, you can relate these to your niche is great, but remember with this month’s holidays, in particular, give space to creators in these niches. 

And earlier this year I  started sharing ‘fun’ trends that Pinterest predicts are going to be huge this year. Last year Pinterest predictions came true 8 out of 10 times. So make sure to work these into your content if you can! Chances are they’ll be very relevant Pinterest trends in 2022. 

Fun Pinterest Trends on Pinterest in June 2022

30% increase in searches for “patio lights string ideas”

It’s summer and you know what that means! BBQ season! Light up your backyard with patio lights string ideas. This trend is great for home, lifestyle, and ‘mom’ bloggers who can share their own home DIY ideas. 

26% increase in searches for “fried corn on the cob”

Once again – SUMMER IS HERE. And Pinterest users are searching for all things summer, but also all things BBQ. Come up with your own creative, fun corn on the cob and BBQ ideas in general. Stick with a BBQ theme this summer and you’re good to go. 

3X increase in searches for “trendy dorm room ideas” 

Pinners are off to college and they can’t wait! They’re searching for paint colors, themes, and schemes for their college dorms this coming year. Once again, if you’re a student, or in the lifestyle niche, or a mom blogger, this is your niche! This is your search. 

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in June 2022. 

Fashion trends on Pinterest in June 2022

Last month we saw men’s fashion trends and outfits trending like crazy on Pinterest. This month we’re seeing less of that… but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you should stop! If you can post about men’s fashion, do! But also we see a rise right now in Lolitacore and Coquette fashion. 

  • Lolitacore aesthetic 
  • Coquette outfits
  • Summer outfits 2022
  • Clean look outfit
  • Pearl jewelry design
  • Beach bridal dresses

Also, keep in mind that it’s summer now! So focus on bringing summer fashion into the year and especially into this month. 

Food and drinks trends on Pinterest in June 2022

Summer and BBQ season is upon us! Make sure that your food content is all about BBQ and summer flavors. School is out for summer, kids are at home, students are back from University and everyone is having a BBQ. Bring summer ingredients into your kitchens. 

  • Zucchini recipe
  • Dinosaur cake ideas
  • Berry 1st birthday party
  • Two groovy birthday cake
  • Celiac recipes/diet
  • Pork buttons recipe crockpot
  • Father’s Day dinner ideas

Another interesting thing I’ve seen on Pinterest this month is themed birthday cakes for kids. I guess all those COVID babies are turning 1 or 2 years old now and it’s time to celebrate those littles! 

Beauty trends on Pinterest in June 2022

Every single month we see that anything related to ‘nails’ is trending like crazy on Pinterest. Of course, June is no different. But I do think that for the most part, the nail ideas trending right now are more unique than usual. Take advantage of people wanting a change, something new and unique. Use that to your advantage! 

  • Acrylic nails with bf initials
  • Summer nails 2022
  • Lip filler inspiration
  • Long nail designs pink
  • Grunge y2k nails
  • Frontal ponytail black girl
  • Medium length hairstyles
  • Haircuts/hairstyles 2022

As usual, Pinterest in June for the fashion niche is nails and hairs. That’s what people are looking for usually on Pinterest.  

Home Decor & Lifestyle Trends on Pinterest in June 2022

Lifestyle content on Pinterest is always a lot of home decor. But you can basically work so many of these niches into your content if you fall under the ‘lifestyle’ category. If you’re in the lifestyle niche, try to work on these topics in during June 2022. 

  • Interior paint colors 2022 trends
  • Luxury bedroom
  • Colorful maximalist decor
  • Bed frames 
  • Modern master bedrooms decor 
  • Aesthetic bedroom with vines
  • Undersink organizing kitchen

Travel Trends on Pinterest in June 2022

Lastly, let’s talk about the travel industry. I’ve been saying for months now that I think the travel industry is making its come back and every month Pinterest seems to tell me that it’s not. This month, however, finally, I have noticed more searches relating to travel. And that’s mostly summer in Europe! Here’s the content for you if you’re a travel blogger. 

  • Cool camping ideas
  • Summer in Italy
  • What to pack on a cruise
  • Visiting the French countryside
  • Packing for a summer in Italy
  • Summer in Europe

Don’t forget to also share about Pinterest is your favorite/hometown American city as well. Travel in America is going to continue to be huge this summer. Trust me. 

Wooh and there you have what to post on Pinterest in June 2022. Stay tuned because, in a couple of weeks, we will be seeing what July brings. 

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