What to Post on Pinterest in October (and why it’s important!)

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In this blog post, I’m walking you through what to post on Pinterest in October. This guide will help you create blog content, creative content, and products that your audience will LOVE this month. And it’ll also help you know why October is one of the most important months for your business on Pinterest!

What to Post on Pinterest in October

Pinterest is a search engine where users can find inspiration and answers in the form of ‘pins’. So this post is here to help you know what to pin this October and how to best answer the questions that your audience is searching for.

These are the October Trends and what Pinterest Predicts is going to be popular this month on Pinterest.

Although we manage Pinterest accounts for clients around the world, we like to provide actionable steps that you can take on your own when you’re not quite ready to hand your account management over to others just yet! Or perhaps we do manage your account and you’re interested in what style of blog and content to promote this month. Either way, this post will help you get some ideas for October!

There are times of the year when people are searching for specific things that they’re not searching for at other times of the year. For example Halloween. In fact, the holidays are fast approaching and you’ll notice a big theme in what to post this month, and why what you post on Pinterest in October is so important.

With a Pinterest Business Account, you can use the Pinterest Trends and Pinterest Predicts features to figure out what’s coming and what’s important to post on Pinterest and your blog in the coming quarter. Right now, we’re focusing solely on October, but some of these themes will carry on throughout the end of the year.

Holiday Content Planning On Pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest, you need to promote your business and your products early. Launch and publish your products on Pinterest before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Start posting about the holidays at least 4 weeks in advance.

I always tell my clients and students that Pinterest is a long game, so you need to give things time to circulate on Pinterest. That means posting early.

Here are the upcoming holidays to plan for:

Halloween: October 31

Veterans Day: November 11

Thanksgiving: November 25

Start of Hanukkah: November 28

Christmas: December 25

Start of Kwanzaa: December 26

New Year’s Eve: December 31

October Pinterest Trends: Top Keyword Research for October


It’s time to start posting for Halloween! In fact, if you’re not already posting about Halloween you are going to be behind the curve a bit. Remember to always post early when it comes to Pinterest. For Halloween 2021, people on Pinterest are searching for:

Obviously when October rolls around the term “Fall” is huge. Along with that, “Autumn” is actually huge as well. For Halloween specifically, though, create content with these keywords in mind.

  • Halloween
  • Halloween Nails
  • Fall Nails
  • Halloween Makeup
  • Family-Friendly Halloween costumes
  • Fall Aesthetic
  • Up Costume
  • Disney Costumes
  • Halloween decorations
  • Halloween porch decor
  • Fall porch decor
  • Fall Wallpaper

Along with these terms & keywords, brainstorm what your audience is going to be searching for during this time. This is why understanding your audience is so important. If you’re trying to attract moms, you’re going to use very different keywords than if you’re trying to attract women in their early 20s for example.


Food is always huge on Pinterest! And that is no different in October. You should already be planning to share Thanksgiving recipes, homemade candy and treats for Halloween, soup, soup, and more soup and finally, right now you should also be focusing on meal prep. With the kids back in school, “meal prep” has been a huge search term on Pinterest this Fall.

Here are some things you can create around Fall and Food on Pinterest:

  • Thanksgiving recipes
  • Soup recipes
  • Comfort food
  • Apples
  • Canning
  • Candy Corn
  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Family meal prep
  • Crockpot recipes
  • Pumpkin Pie


For my travel lovers and travel bloggers, think about Fall & Autumn destinations that people will want to visit. Also, plan your content to revolve around the upcoming holidays. A big one for Fall in the travel industry is Oktoberfest. Does your city host an Oktoberfest? Or have you traveled to Germany for Oktoberfest? Now is the time to whip that content out for your audience.

Here are some other terms that people are searching for in October on Pinterest:

  • Christmas in New York/NYC Christmas (HUGE)
  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • Boston
  • Colorado
  • Fall Foliage Travel
  • East Coast Fall Colors
  • Oregon
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Oktoberfest
  • Family road trips (entertaining kids on a family road trip)


Once again Fashion in October is going to be all about Fall, Autumn, and Halloween! Keep in mind that layering, sweaters, and boots are huge right now. You can also still focus on Back to School Fashion & Outfits. Back to the office outfits are trending as well still.

This is a hugely popular topic on Pinterest. If you are a beauty or lifestyle blogger, take full advantage of the season to get some great content out there.

Here are the keywords to look out for on Pinterest in the fashion niche:

  • Boots (booties, heels, over the knee boots)
  • Cardigans, Sweaters, and Kimonos
  • Long Sleeves and Layering
  • Scarves
  • Autumn Women’s Outfits
  • Early Fall Outfits
  • Fall Nails
  • Autumn Colors
  • Fall Hair Styles


Beauty can fall right along with Fashion, but the reason I keep it separate is that I consider fashion to be more what you’re wearing and beauty to be more around makeup, skincare, and hair. So if you’re in fashion & beauty, you’ll find this blog to be a double whammy for you! Enjoy!

Here are the keywords to look for on Pinterest in October:

  • November Nails
  • Fall Nails
  • Halloween Nails
  • Over-shaped Nails
  • Acrylic Nails for Fall
  • Eyeliner styles
  • 70’s Makeup
  • 1960’s Makeup
  • Halloween Makeup
  • Bath Rituals


Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle often get lumped together. For me, this lifestyle category could be anything from fall activities to home decoration and #selfcare. Lifestyle is just what it sounds like, anything related to life. So here are some key lifestyle terms to watch out for in October on Pinterest:

  • Thanksgiving Decor
  • Fall home decor
  • Christmas decorations
  • Kids science projects
  • Fall coloring books for kids
  • Thanksgiving decorations
  • Thanksgiving aesthetic
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights


Finally for fitness. I have several clients who work in fitness and it’s always a challenge to find out what they should be posting on Pinterest during specific seasons. Especially a season where it’s getting too cool to be working out outside, and it’s a time of year when people are traveling more, busier, and eating more (think Halloween and Thanksgiving here!)

In fitness, you don’t want to make people feel bad for splurging this time of year, but you still also want to be conscious of what they’re searching for. That being said, here are some keywords to keep in mind while you’re creating content for Pinterest in October:

  • Healthy comfort food
  • Meal planning is HUGE in the Fall as people are planning for kids back to school
  • Preparing/dealing with Seasonal Depression
  • Bathing Rituals (candles, bath bombs, etc)
  • Tips for getting better/more sleep

Keep in mind that with the holidays fast approaching, you need to get ahead of the curve with your holiday content. Especially focusing on Halloween and Thanksgiving right now, but also keep in mind that Christmas is coming and there will be a LOT of holiday content to compete with.

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The main thing I want you to focus on this holiday season is serving your audience and putting your unique spin on the trends and popular searches on Pinterest. How can you bring a unique angle to the platform? How can you serve your audience in a unique way?

If you need help brainstorming how to stand out on Pinterest this holiday season, I’ve got just what you need. Book a LITE Pinterest Account Audit with me. Then let me know that you’re specifically interested in serving your audience for the holiday season. I’ll make sure that you get the unique strategies and templates that you need to make an impact this holiday season.

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