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In this post, I’ve rounded up the top growing trends on Pinterest in May 2024, in every niche. The goal of this post is to help you create the content your audience is already searching for, to skyrocket your growth on Pinterest.

Is anyone else freaking out that it’s already May?! I don’t know about you… but I haven’t done a single thing on my to-do list for this year.  I’ve yet to complete my Pinterest course updates, sell a single Pinterest account audit or complete my 28-Day Pinterest Challenge on Instagram (launched in February!). This is some serious internet honesty, I’m probably oversharing… but one thing that I have managed to do this year is post consistently on my blog. 

I had a goal of posting 52 blogs this year, and I’m on target to hit that goal. I also wanted to share these monthly Pinterest Trend Roundups, and I’ve been posting them each month as well! Because of this consistency, I’m also seeing blog growth like never before! 

People think blogging is dead, but let me tell you that it is not! Blogging is very much alive and well and while my blog doesn’t make me loads of money, it does help build my credibility and I often get incredible travel perks thanks to it. 

Anyway, this post isn’t about blogging, it’s about Pinterest! Today I’m going to help you plan May’s content around Pinterest Trends. If you want to read any of my past guides, you can do that below. 

Read past posts: 

Remember, Pinterest trends tend to start 20% earlier than other platforms and sustain 21% longer. That means if you still want to share something from March or even April’s trends – go for it! 

I’ve made this guide as easy to use as possible. Everything on this list is a trending keyword on Pinterest. Turn them around and create content! Maybe that means a dedicated blog post about the latest trend in fashion or food travel or simply recording a video talking about that topic that you’ll then share on Pinterest. 

Better yet, do both! 

Whatever you choose to do next, this guide will help you grow on Pinterest! Let’s jump right in, here’s what to post on Pinterest in May 2024. 

What to post on Pinterest in May 2024

This is your go-to guide to creating scroll stopping content all year long.

The goal: done for you, easy blogging that actually helps you grow. Blogging is a long, long game. Let’s make it that much easier by working together. The goal with Pinterest (and blog growth) is to publish at least one blog per week, for the entire year. This content guide should help you plan the next 4-6 weeks worth of content in less than 30 minutes.

If you need more help with your Pinterest strategy, check out my services to help you here. 

Let’s create a blogging plan for Pinterest in May 2024. 

May Holidays to Celebrate on Pinterest 

  • 01 May | Mother Goose Day
  • 02 May | National Truffle Day
  • 04 May | Bird Day
  • 05 May | Cinco de Mayo
  • 06 May | National Nurses Day
  • 12 May | Mother’s Day
  • 21 May | National Strawberries and Cream Day
  • 31 May | National Smile Day

Sometimes you just need a quick content win. When you’re struggling with knowing what to create – and you just want to put something quick together, look for silly upcoming holidays. There are so many holidays just around ‘food’ that you could post about. And you don’t have to be a food blogger to share. 

I’m sure there are 100 ways that you could tie ‘strawberries and cream day’ into your content! These holidays are a great way to help you create and share silly, quick content with your audience. 

As always, for big holidays coming up you should already be posting that content months in advance! This goes for seasons as well. We’re officially into quarter 2, spring is in full swing and now’s already a good time to start posting about summer travels, outfits and recipes. 

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in May 2024. 

May 2024 Fashion Trends on Pinterest

I’m going to go ahead and say that May is officially ‘summer season’ on Pinterest. If you have any more spring posts, make sure to get them uploaded quickly. You should 100% be posting about summer now. This summer we’re going to see similar trends to what we saw last summer. Things like Cowgirl and Barbie summer are back. We’re also seeing a lot of travel capsule wardrobes. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘women’s fashion’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Jorts Outfit Women’s (up 10,000%) – Yes, as in ‘Jean Shorts’
  • Recycled Outfit (up 10,000%)
  • Summer Fashion 2024 (up 10,000%) – You should already be posting about summer. Whether it’s beachy days, coastal grandma or summers in Italy, start sharing your summer fashion posts on Pinterest. 
  • Business Casual Outfits for Women
    • Business Chic Spring Work Outfits
    • Business Casual Spring Outfits
    • Baddie Business Outfits
  • Cute Disney Fits
  • Italian Summer Outfits
  • Barbie Outfits
  • Cute Everyday Outfits
    • Pretty outfits
    • Dream clothes
    • Fashion inspo outfits
  • Earthy Outfits
  • Chubby Outfits
  • Summer Concert Outfits

Like I said, it’s summer baby! Make sure that you’re sharing your summer looks and don’t be afraid to play around with pins, photos and videos. I’ve seen OOTD videos do extremely well on Pinterest this season. Men are still a growing demographic on Pinterest! Here’s some ideas for anyone in the ‘men’s fashion space.’

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘men’s fashion’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Jort Outfits (I kid you not!)
    • Jorts fit
    • Jort outfit
    • Jean Shorts Men Outfit
  • SciFi Outfit
  • Men’s Smart Casual Outfits
  • Masc (masculine) Summer Outfits
  • Summer Outfits Men
  • Linen Shirt Men
  • Summer Streetwear Men
  • Men’s Date Night Outfit

I love that ‘Jorts’ is trending. It makes me laugh every time. 

Food and Drinks Trends on Pinterest in May 2024

May doesn’t have as many ‘typical’ food holidays – while April was full of them! You can plan food content around Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, but other than that, it’s just using fresh summer ingredients, cooking food for hot days and chasing some of those silly daily holidays where various foods are celebrated. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘food and drink’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Dinner Party (up 3,500%)
  • Greek Orzo Salad (up 2,000%)
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette (up 1,500%)
  • Zucchini Recipes (Dinner) 
  • Zucchini Baking Recipes
  • Soul Food Plates
  • Easy Camping Food Ideas
  • Summer Dinners
  • Pool Party Snacks
  • Easy Dinner Ideas
  • Strawberry Shortcake 
  • Southwest Egg Rolls
  • Chick-fil-A Sauce

If you’re a food blogger, there is genuinely no shortage of content ideas for Pinterest. I would say that planning meals is in the top 5 ‘reasons’ that people use Pinterest! You should definitely be sharing your content here if you’re not already. 

May 2024 Beauty Trends on Pinterest

Beauty on Pinterest is a hard one. It usually revolves around hair and nails. If you think about it, most pinners are looking for inspiration while they’re sitting at the nail salon or hair salon! So it makes sense that those are the top searches on Pinterest. Lately, I’ve seen Nail Tutorial videos take off on Pinterest. If you’re in the space, here’s what you should post (according to Pinterest) in May! 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘beauty’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Spring Nails 2024 Trends (up 10,000%)
    • Spring Toenail Colors 2024
    • Spring Nail Sets
  • Extra Baddie Nails (up 10,000%)
  • Cute Funky Nails (up 10,000%)
  • Braids
    • Cornrows Ideas (up 10,000%) 
    • Dolly Braids
    • Fulani Braids
    • Braids in the Front Natural Hair
  • Summer Nails 2024
  • Country Glam
  • Chrome Nails
  • Hair Style Ideas
    • Blowout Taper Fade
  • Greek Goddess Nails
  • Mom Cut
  • Curly Hairstyles
  • Unique Makeup Looks
  • Skincare
  • Men’s Dreadlock Styles

As usual, nails and hair. Though we did see some makeup and skincare sneak in there! I recommend posting nail, hair and makeup tutorials on Pinterest this month. The more videos, the better. 

Home Decor Trends on Pinterest in May 2024

I always love the home decor niche. I thought it was mainly because it’s a ‘catch all’ niche (and I love those) but I also think it’s because I simply don’t have a home. One day I’ll be able to travel the world full time and have a house somewhere, but for now, it’s home inspiration on Pinterest for me. If you’re in the interior design, lifestyle or home decor space, here’s what you should be posting in May. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘home decor’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Modern Cozy Bedroom Neutral (up 9,000%)
    • Cozy Living Rooms
    • Living Room Inspiration
  • Cozy Dorm Room (up 10,000%)
    • Cozy Dorm Ideas
    • Dorm Inspo Cozy
    • Pretty Dorm Room
  • Home Inspo (up 10,000%)
    • Apartment Inspiration
  • Home Outdoor (up 10,000%)
    • Outdoor Ideas
  • Cubicle Inspiration
  • Blob Mirrors
  • Driveway Entry Landscaping
  • Young Boys Bedroom Ideas
  • Whimsical Decor
  • Girly House

As the weather gets warmer, we’re starting to see more outdoor living spaces come to life! People are starting to decorate their patios, balconies and landscape in general. If you have some tips for getting your home and apartment summer ready, make sure to share them now! 

DIY and Craft Trends on Pinterest in May 2024

DIY and Crafts is a trend that I just started sharing this year. I feel like it will be a helpful category for a lot of different bloggers/creators. Whether you’re a crafter or a mom blogger, or a schoolteacher, there will be something in this category for you! 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘DIY and Crafts’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Mini Clay Art (up 10,000%)
    • Easy Modeling Clay Ideas
    • Small Clay Projects
  • Bendy Candles (up 100%)
  • Bracelet Ideas
  • Cute Crochet Patterns (free) 
  • Unique Granny Squares
  • Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids
  • Housewarming Gift Ideas
  • Easy Spring Crafts for Kids
  • Bee Crafts for Kids
  • Bug Crafts for Toddlers 
  • Butterfly Crafts for Kids
  • Garden Crafts for Kids

I love that May is all about crafts for kids – and that those crafts are all insect related! I think that’s so cute. Otherwise, we’re also seeing more Mother’s Day content so definitely start sharing that and if you love ‘bendy’ candles, that’s still a trend that we saw last month as well. 

May 2024 Travel Trends on Pinterest

As a travel blogger at heart (read the travel blog here!) I always have to make sure I find the best travel related trends on Pinterest. Remember, pinners are planners, which means it’s time to start helping them plan their summer escapes. Think places like Italy, the South of France and Mexico!  

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘travel’ on Pinterest for May:
  • Japan Travel (up 10,000%) – I love that Japan is trending! It’s one of my favorite countries that I’ve ever been too!
    • Tokyo 
    • Kyoto 
    • Sakura
  • Summer Bucket List 2024 (up 10,000%) – An easy win on Pinterest right now would be helping your audience create a summer bucket list! This has been a recurring growing trend for a couple of months now.
    • Bucket List Travel (up 8,000%) 
  • 10 Day Travel Wardrobe for Summer – This obviously could go into the fashion category as well, but sometimes the highest searches for ‘travel’ on Pinterest are packing guides!
  • South of France Outfits (also post your South of France itinerary!) 
  • Brazil Travel
    • Rio de Janeiro 
  • Florida
  • Barcelona
  • Jamaica
  • New York
  • Miami 
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic 
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Chicago

Ladies! I cannot believe how many destinations are popping off on Pinterest right now! If you’re not already, I highly recommend that you start sharing your travel posts right now. We usually see 1-2 destinations, followed by 100 packing guides, so to see each of these destinations on Pinterest is making me so happy. 

Remember that people plan for travel 3-12 months in advance (unlike me who plans trips usually the week before I leave). So when it comes to posting about travel, it’s never too early to share! 


Alright, that’s your May 2024 Pinterest posting guide. Keep an eye on this space because I will be continuing to share these posts every month. I really want these trending keywords to become a resource for you to plan your content and grow your blog in 2024. 

These posts are the ultimate cheatsheet. All you have to do is grab the idea that you want to share, and start writing. 

Ready to grow on Pinterest in 2024? Here’s everything you need to know! 

If you want customized help and ideas specific to you and your niche – send me an email at [email protected]. I offer services like Pinterest Account Audits and Courses to help you learn everything there is to know about Pinterest and make the most of your time on the platform! 

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