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n this post, I’m going to be talking about What to Post on Pinterest in February 2022. Every month I’m bringing you detailed guides to help you make the MOST of your pinning strategy. If you wanna learn how to grow on Pinterest in 2022 – go ahead and learn more here. If you wanna read January’s Pinterest guide here. And now that you have a million tabs open – let’s get into what to post on Pinterest in February 2022.

What to post on Pinterest in February 2022

Every month I spend some time scrolling through trends and predictions on Pinterest. This helps me get an idea of what’s coming up for pinners. And what the platform is likely going to be wanting to promote. By taking ideas from this post – you’ll be able to stay ahead of what your audience AND Pinterest are looking for.

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I go through and divide this post by niche – but anytime you can make a trend for another niche work for your niche – well more power to you babe. The more content you can produce that your audience and Pinterest are searching for – the better and faster you’re going to grow!

Now let’s jump right into what you want to post on Pinterest in February – by niche!

Holidays – Valentine’s Day

Trending Pinterest content for Valentine’s Day in February is going to be exactly what we’re used to! Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is coming up. My clients that are already publishing their Valentine’s Day content are doing really well. You should always be posting content for a holiday 6-8 weeks before that holiday comes up. Pinterest users are planners. They’re looking ahead for good ideas, holiday trends, and decorations. So make sure that you’re posting your Valentine’s Day content already!

Here are your TOP Valentine’s Day searches for V-Day 2022:

  • Valentine’s Day Nails
  • Valentine’s Day Decorations
  • V-Day Gifts for Him (you can also try the keyword – Valentine’s Gifts for Boyfriends)
  • Valentine’s Day Crafts
  • Valentine’s Day Outfits

That’s essentially what I was expecting for Valentine’s Day! But keep in mind that if you’re in another niche – like FOOD or SELF CARE, there are plenty of ways that you can hop on the Valentine’s Day trend for your audience.

Pinterest Niches – Fashion

If you’re a fashion blogger or influencer, here’s what you’re going to want to post on Pinterest in February 2022:

  • Suits for men
  • Coachella outfits
  • Classy tattoos for women
  • Baddie winter outfits
  • Prom dresses (see – Pinterest is for planning! This is a great example of an event that’s months away, that users are already looking and planning for!)
  • Jenna Ortega-inspired looks (it is ALWAYS a good idea to recreate celebrity styles for your Pinterest audience!)

Pinterest Niches – Food

If you’re a food blogger, chef, or nutritionist, here’s what you’re going to want to post on Pinterest in February 2022:

  • Healthy crockpot recipes (always, always a HUGE trend on Pinterest)
  • Chilli recipes
  • Easy meals
  • Soup recipes (people are still living cozy winter vibes so a LOT of what’s trending on Pinterest right now is going to be food to match that feeling, i.e. Chicken noodle soup)
  • Chicken and Dumplings
  • Snow cream recipe
  • Overnight oats
  • Quick and easy breakfast ideas

Pinterest Niches – Lifestyle

I always feel like people in the lifestyle niche can pull from a lot of these other niches and tailor the content to their audience. Being a lifestyle blogger allows you to share all different aspects of your life with your audience. That can be food, drinks, health, or beauty. But so my lifestyle bloggers don’t feel left out, here are some trending topics for you to post on Pinterest in February 2022:

  • Romantic room surprise – think romantic dates from home this Valentine’s Day!
  • Yard art
  • Living home decor and remodeling
  • Laundry room ideas (last month we were all about home offices – this month we’re doing laundry and watching TV haha!)
  • Rich girl lifestyle
  • Dream board lifestyle aesthetic

Pinterest Niches – Travel

Now onto what is always my favorite niche! I’ve been a travel blog since the beginning of my travels (well it was mostly a digital diary back then… and let’s be honest… it still is.) But that doesn’t stop me from always wanting to create new and trending content when I’m traveling. So for all my travel bloggers out there, here’s what you need to know about Pinning in February 2022:

  • Charleston South Carolina (I saw this destination come up last year as well! Is Charleston the new LA?!)
  • Traveling Sunsets
  • Hawaii lifestyle (ooh not just traveling to Hawaii – but a Hawaiian lifestyle! That’s a great spin-off trending content)
  • Nashville Bachelorette parties
  • Traveling to Greece
  • Traveling to Texas

Once again – there’s only one destination trending right now for travel OUTSIDE of the US. Before COVID that was a whole different story. Make sure when you’re posting travel content is still inspiring your audience, and encouraging them to travel locally when that’s the better option. People are still loving local travel.

Pinterest Niches – Beauty

Now onto Beauty. Here’s what you need to be posting on Pinterest in February 2022, if you’re a beauty blogger or influencer:

  • New and trendy bob hairstyles
  • Tips for covering up your grays (the best hair colors for covering up your grays)
  • Jelly nails
  • Short and Sassy hairstyles!
  • Euphoria nails and makeup
  • Valentine’s day nails
  • Cornrow hairstyles for men

And that’s that! Everything you need to know about pinning on Pinterest in February 2022. This guide is going to help you make the most of your time on Pinterest, and your time creating content for your blog.

Make sure to check back here every month so you know what kind of content is coming up! And trust me, the sooner you start posting what users are searching for directly on Pinterest… the faster you will grow.

So if you’re thinking, OK cool this is great but… I’ll just keep with my posting ideas… you’re really hurting your own growth. Make sure that you’re finding some way to work these ideas into your posting schedule each month.

Happy pinning and I’ll see you on the next guide!

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