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Welcome back! In this post, I’m sharing the top growing trends on Pinterest in June 2024 for every niche. My goal with these posts is to help you create the content your audience is already searching for, to skyrocket your growth this year. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already June, and you might be seeing decreases in Pinterest traffic right now. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Throughout this year Pinterest is going to be simplifying their pinning process and removing pin types. All of my clients who haven’t been moved to the new pinning system are seeing decreases in their traffic during these last few months… We’re working on solutions, but for now I highly recommend creating trending content for your audience using Pinterest trends! And keep publishing consistently.  

Whenever our traffic sources become turbulent I always, always recommend staying consistent with your blog. People will continue to tell you that blogging is dead, but I know for a fact that it is not! I’ve been posting consistently this year and my blog traffic is up 270%!! The increase in traffic has led to additional affiliate income, better collaboration opportunities and email list growth. 

That’s why my goal with this Pinterest RoundUp is to help you plan your next 4-6 weeks of blog and social media content, based entirely around Pinterest Trends. 

But enough about blogging, let’s jump right into our June Pinterest Trends! Let’s plan June content around the trends emerging on Pinterest right now. If you want to read any of my past Pinterest Trend posts from this year, I’ll link them below. 

Read past posts: 

Remember, Pinterest trends tend to start 20% earlier than other platforms and sustain 21% longer. That means if you still want to share something from May or even April’s trends – go for it! 

I’ve made this guide as easy to use as possible. Everything on this list is a trending keyword on Pinterest. Turn them around and create content! Maybe that means a dedicated blog post about the latest trend in fashion or food travel or simply recording a video talking about that topic that you’ll then share on Pinterest. 

Better yet, do both! 

Whatever you choose to do next, this guide will help you grow on Pinterest! Let’s jump right in, here’s what to post on Pinterest in June 2024. 

What to post on Pinterest in June 2024

This is your go-to guide to creating scroll stopping content all year long.

The goal: done for you, easy blogging that actually helps you grow. Blogging is a long, long game. Let’s make it that much easier by working together. The goal with Pinterest (and blog growth) is to publish at least one blog per week, for the entire year. This content guide should help you plan the next 4-6 weeks worth of content in less than 30 minutes.

If you need more help with your Pinterest strategy, check out my services to help you here. 

Let’s create a blogging plan for Pinterest in June 2024. 

June Holidays to Celebrate on Pinterest 

  • 01 June | National Play Outside Day
  • 04 June | International Corgi Day
  • 05 June | Global Running Day
  • 08 June | World Ocean Day
  • 16 June | Father’s Day
  • 19 June | Juneteenth
  • 22 June | World Rainforest Day
  • 24 June | Midsummer

Throughout the year there are holidays that help you create ‘quick-win’ content on Pinterest. There are days like ‘National Pizza Day’ and ‘National Ice Cream Cake Day’ that you could quickly and easily create trending content for on Pinterest. I always recommend picking a random ‘silly’ holiday and planning a small piece of content around that. 

As always, for big holidays coming up you should already be posting that content months in advance! This goes for seasons as well. We’re officially into quarter 2 and it’s time to be posting about summer. Summer outfits, travel, skincare tips and hairstyles. If you’re not already posting your summer content… you’re behind! 

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in June 2024. 

June 2024 Fashion Trends on Pinterest

You should be 100% focused on Summer fashion trends on Pinterest right now. Between May-July it’s all about summer and then around August is smart to start posting your autumn or transitional content. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘women’s fashion’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Festival Outfits (up 10,000%) – Summer is in full swing and we all know that means festival season! 
  • Concert outfit ideas
  • Khaki Outfits
    • Cargo pants
  • Summer Fashion 2024 (up 10,000%) – You should already be posting about summer. Whether it’s beachy days, coastal grandma or summers in Italy, start sharing your summer fashion posts on Pinterest. 
  • Outfits for Summer School
  • Baseball Outfits
    • Baseball fits
    • Red Sox game outfit
  • Graduation Guest Outfits
    • What to wear to a graduation as a guest
    • Graduation guest casual outfit
  • Chic Outfits
  • Recycled Outfits (up 10,000%)
  • Cute Everyday Outfits
  • Barbie Outfits
  • Summer Airport Outfits
  • New York Summer Outfits
  • Pool day outfit

Basically, whatever fashion you want to share, make sure it’s summer related. And definitely jump on the trends of ‘baseball fits’ and ‘barbie core’ especially because you can recycle things from last summer when Barbie was a huge trend! Now, let’s jump into men’s fashion on Pinterest. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘men’s fashion’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Men’s summer casual outfits (up 3,500%)
  • Summer outfits for men 
  • Birkenstock outfit men
  • Jean shorts men outfit
    • Jorts fit
    • Jorts outfits 
  • Beach outfit men
  • Cool outfits for men

I love that ‘Jorts’ is still trending. It’s going to be the look of the summer.

Food and Drinks Trends on Pinterest in June 2024

The only major ‘family’ food holiday in June is Father’s Day! It’s also time to start posting your 4th of July recipes, because that is a major holiday that is fast approaching. Otherwise it sounds like pinners are looking for fresh, quality ingredients that are in season this summer.  

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘food and drink’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Father’s Day Meal Ideas (up 10,000%)
  • Simple Crock Pot recipes (up 7,000%)
  • Snack plate ideas
  • Banana bread muffin recipe
  • Zucchini bread recipe
  • Fresh salad recipes
  • Strawberry vinaigrette dressing
  • Cheap grazing table ideas
  • Fresh cherry recipes
  • 4th of July recipes
    • 4th of July food

If you’re a food blogger, there is genuinely no shortage of content ideas for Pinterest. I would say that planning meals is in the top 5 ‘reasons’ that people use Pinterest! You should definitely be sharing your content here if you’re not already. 

June 2024 Beauty Trends on Pinterest

As usual, beauty trends on Pinterest are focused around hair and nails. I personally love seeing more self-care and makeup tutorials, but when it comes to the top Pinterest searches, those are completely beaten out by our hair and nail girlies. That being said, your content should be a balance of what’s trending and what you love! I recommend sprinkling in a trending nail guide once a quarter. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘beauty’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Date Night Beauty (up 10,000%)
  • Summer Nails 2024 (up 10,000%)
    • Summer 2024 nails
    • Simple summer nails
    • Summer toe nails
    • Cute summer nails
  • Very short bob
  • Soft gothic makeup (up 10,000%)
  • Honey brown curls 
  • Spring beauty
  • 90s grunge haircut
  • Unique makeup looks
  • Haircuts for thin fine hair
    • Thin hair haircuts
  • Coffin nail ideas
    • French coffin nails
    • Coffin nails
  • Cute Korean nails
  • America nails
  • Beach hair

Unlike usual, there were less nails and hair this month! We did finally see some makeup and skincare sneak into the Pinterest beauty trends! I recommend posting nail, hair and makeup tutorials on Pinterest this month. The more videos, the better. 

Home Decor Trends on Pinterest in June 2024

Let’s chat about home decor trends on Pinterest for June. I love this niche because there is so much you can do with it. There are so many brands and affiliates you can work into your content, that can really help you grow and profit off your blog. I also feel like it is a great niche for multi passionate girls (which I most certainly am!) 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘home decor’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Home bedroom refresh (up 10,000%) 
  • Spring organization (up 10,000%) 
  • Best above ground pool
  • Hotel vibe bedroom
  • Apartment aesthetic cozy
  • Vintage inspired nursery
  • Landscape design ideas
  • Office decor workspace
  • British cottage interior 
  • Surf room decor
  • Small backyard pool ideas
  • Blob mirrors

Summer is in full swing on Pinterest in this niche as well. People are looking for tips for their outdoor spaces including pools, landscaping and deck ideas. 

DIY and Craft Trends on Pinterest in June 2024

DIY and Crafts is a trend that I just started sharing this year. I feel like it will be a helpful category for a lot of different bloggers/creators. Whether you’re a crafter or a mom blogger, or a schoolteacher, there will be something in this category for you. 

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘DIY and Crafts’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Bendy candles
  • Crochet ideas
    • Crochet patterns
  • Bracelet ideas (Taylor Swift has taken Pinterest by storm with bracelet trends) 
  • Quilt patterns
  • Scrapbooking ideas
  • Father’s Day diy gifts
    • Father’s Day gift ideas
    • Fathers Day gifts ideas from kids diy
    • Easy Fathers Day crafts for kids
    • Fathers Day gifts from kids
  • Origami tutorial easy
  • Spring organization (up 10,000%)
  • Summer arts and crafts for kids

We are seeing a lot of Father’s Day crafts and DIY gifts from kids on Pinterest right now. But we’re also seeing a huge increase in ‘adult hobbies’ which I really love! 

June 2024 Travel Trends on Pinterest

As a travel blogger at heart (read the travel blog here!) I always have to make sure I find the best travel related trends on Pinterest. Remember, pinners are planners, which means it’s time to start helping them plan their summer escapes. Think places like Italy, the South of France and Mexico!  

Here’s what I found when looking at ‘travel’ on Pinterest for June:
  • Summer bucket list 2024 (up 10,000%)
    • Summer bucket list ideas
    • Kids summer bucket list
  • Printable travel checklist (up 10,000%)
  • Travel Inspo
  • Alaska cruise outfits
  • Santorini Greece outfits
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
  • Jamaica
  • Florida
  • New York City
  • Mexico
  • Miami
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Puerto Rico
  • European summer

I cannot believe how many destinations are popping off on Pinterest right now! If you’re not already, I highly recommend that you start sharing your travel posts right now. We usually see 1-2 destinations, followed by 100 packing guides, so to see each of these destinations on Pinterest is making me so happy. 

Remember that people plan for travel 3-12 months in advance (unlike me who plans trips usually the week before I leave). So when it comes to posting about travel, it’s never too early to share! 

Alright, that’s your June 2024 Pinterest posting guide. Keep an eye on this space because I will be continuing to share these posts every month. I really want these trending keywords to become a resource for you to plan your content and grow your blog in 2024. 

These posts are the ultimate cheatsheet. All you have to do is grab the idea that you want to share, and start writing. 

Ready to grow on Pinterest in 2024?

Here’s everything you need to know! 

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