The Best Things to Post on Pinterest in January 2022 (for every niche!)

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In this post, I’m sharing what to post on Pinterest in January 2022. And more specifically we’re going to focus on Pinterest trends and predictions for January 2022 and Quarter one of the new year. If you’re wondering what to post on Pinterest in 2022, this is your guide! And if you’re wondering how Pinterest is changing in 2022, read this helpful guide here.

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Pinterest Predicts 2022 has arrived. What does this mean for your content creation, blog, and influence in 2022? Let’s break down what Pinterest thinks is coming for 2022. This post is mainly going to focus on what you can post to grow on Pinterest in January 2022. This blog post is here to help you make the most of these trends and adapt them if possible to your brand. The most important thing to keep in mind is creativity. How can you use your own creativity to adapt trends to your brand, niche, and audience?

How valuable is ‘Pinterest Predicts’?

Last year Pinterest’s predicts were right on 8 out of 10 predictions. Here’s what Pinterest has to say about it.

But that’s what Pinterest is saying about Pinterest Predicts.

What am I saying about Pinterest Predicts?

When ‘Pinterest Predicts’ first launched, I didn’t spend much time going through what they had to say. I would scroll through but mostly just pin what I thought/guessed my audience would want. However, that has totally changed in the past year. Every month I now consult Pinterest predicts and Pinterest trends to find out what users are searching for and looking to be inspired by.

What to Post on Pinterest in January 2022

We’re going to tell you what to post on Pinterest in January 2022 by niche. Have a scroll through this post and find out what your niche is, and then don’t forget to get creative about how you can use these trends in a way that works with your audience and your niche.

Want to stay up to date on Pinterest trends? Check back here each month because I’ll share with you the top trends on Pinterest so you can zone in on your Pinterest marketing strategy throughout all of 2022! This will be your go-to resource for Pinterest Marketing in 2022 – I can promise you that!

If you’re new to Pinterest, please check out this beginner’s guide to Pinterest marketing and Pinterest SEO.

Happy New Year everyone! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been really looking forward to 2022 – but I still can’t get over how quickly these years seem to be flying by! 2022 will be a big year for me – if you’ve been missing ‘travel-blogger’ Justyn, don’t worry because SHE IS BACK. And loving life on the tropical island of Mauritius. Follow along this new journey here. But enough about me, you’re here to learn what to pin on Pinterest in January 2022.

Let’s dig deeper into January Pinterest trends and what you should share in the new year.

Top Pinterest Trends January 2022

It’s true – every month I scroll endlessly through Pinterest Trends and Pinterest Predicts to find out what’s most popular! This January, it’s similar to what’s usually trending at the start of the year! People are looking to start the year ‘right’, whatever that means to them.

You can see that a lot of pinners are interested in things like healthy recipes – easy workouts – journaling and meditation. There are also massive trends this year in remodeling and redecorating their homes! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s break down these trends by niche for 2022.

New Years Resolutions for 2022

January is the time of year when people are looking forward to a fresh start or even a clean slate. On Pinterest, they are looking for ways to take action and make a change. One thing Pinterest wants to stress this year is that ‘People use Pinterest to plan and inspire for the future’. Well, New Year’s Resolutions are one of the number one ways to do that.

People are Pinterest are setting goals and looking for things to help them fulfill their dreams.

Goals for 2022 include:

  • Learn New Skills
  • Pay Off Debts
  • Explore hobbies
  • New fashion trends and ways to stand out with what we’re wearing

If you’re marketing in the fashion world then really focus your content and boards on inspiring your audience to create a look – especially if that look includes an item in your store or an item you’re an affiliate for. People love to recreate celebrity looks, so if you can find a way to incorporate your style, items, and links into that … gold.

Food & Drink

In January 2022, you really want to focus on healthy food and drink. Let’s face it, you probably could have guessed that. People spend the start of the year wanting to push their health goals, so make sure you jump on that trend before we all remember how good chocolate is…

Right now in food and drink focus on:

  • Meal planning (especially when it comes to planning out healthy meals to eat while working)
  • Tips for Dry January – include all your mocktail recipes!
  • Recipes for Veganuary
  • Immunity boosters like tea, immunity shots, and immunity soups


Every month when I hop on Pinterest to look at beauty – I find a LOT OF NAIL ART. Pinterest is all about nails. Obviously, this trend changes with seasons so make sure you’re up to date with the various colors for winter/early spring. Also with Valentine’s Day coming up, there is a huge spike in nail art and manicures themed for the holiday.

But more importantly, here are the nail trends that we’ll see popping up next:

  • Galaxy nail art
  • Aurora nails
  • Ocean nails acrylic
  • Desert nails
  • Geode nail art

It seems that if we can’t travel far from home, at least our nails can remind us of faraway places we’d rather be!

There are also a lot of trends coming through for how we do and style our hair. For example, natural hair is IN. That being said if you’ve got gorgeous curls or puff hairstyles – now is your time to shine! If you can help people style these hairstyles – get creating!

  • High puff hairstyles
  • Space buns natural hair
  • Two puffs natural hair hairstyles
  • Short natural hairstyles
  • Natural hair bun style

Another search for Beauty that I found interesting was labeled: Rebellious Haircuts. When I dove in to learn more, I realized just what they meant! If you thought mullets were staying in the ’80s, you were so wrong! Here’s what people are searching for:

  • Bob cut wigs
  • Octopus haircut
  • Shaved head dye designs
  • Short hair mohawk
  • Mullet hairstyle


Home is in – people are obviously spending more time at home and with that, comes a need to redecorate and redesign their spaces. If you are into DIY, buying and selling homes, redecorating, or anything along those lines, better start promoting your stuff on Pinterest! People are looking for cleaner, cozier spaces and loads of home office inspo.

  • Music themed rooms
  • Crystal room
  • Tiny library room
  • Home massage room
  • Home office room

Two of my favorite things trending in January 2022 on Pinterest for our home niche are tea parties and decor for our pets!

  • High tea food ideas
  • Vintage tea party
  • Tea party aesthetic
  • Butterfly pea tea


  • Catify your home
  • Cathouse design
  • Luxury cat room
  • Luxury dog room
  • Dog beds made from furniture


Now for my favorite niche of all! Travel! Is travel making a comeback in 2022? You better believe it is in my life. I’m triple vaxxed and ready to party! If you’re working in the travel industry or trying to revive your travel blog this year, don’t give up hope! Pinterest is still your go-to tool because no matter what’s happening in the world, people are still dreaming about travel.

Some of the top searches for Travel in January 2022 on Pinterest are:

  • Beach vacations
  • Mountain escapes
  • Girls’ trips
  • Remote Airbnbs
  • Off the Grid Experiences

When it comes to travel right now, promote destinations that are easy for your audience to get to. That being said, if you know of a great Remote Airbnb for a Girls’ Trip – take advantage of that and share it with your audience! You can also just use this time to inspire your audience to visit faraway places like Mauritius 😉.

That’s January guys! I hope this post has helped you grab some content ideas for what to post on Pinterest in January 2022.

Looking at this list of trending keywords, what’s surprised you the most about what’s currently trending? 📌Are you feeling inspired to create content going into the new year?! I know I’m feeling more pumped about my own content creation and ideas for the new year.

If you’re wanting to learn more about how Pinterest is changing in 2022, and how you can stay on top of those changes – click here.

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Happy pinning!

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