What to Post on Pinterest in May 2022

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In this post, I’m sharing what to post on Pinterest in May 2022. And like usual, it’s organized by niche. Wondering how to use this guide? It’s easy! Take these trending keywords I’ve compiled for you, and figure out how to tie them into your content plan. Maybe that means a dedicated blog post to a topic, maybe that means creating an idea pin talking about one topic here. Or if you’re the queen of content, do BOTH! With multiple ideas. Whatever you choose to do next, here’s what to post on Pinterest in May 2022. 

What to post on Pinterest in May 2022

Welcome back! Every month I research every niche and topic on Pinterest to help you find trending keywords and topics to post about on Pinterest. If you’d like to catch up on past months, you can read them all!

Pinterest has changed a lot in the past couple of years and it’s getting harder and harder to grow on this platform. Gone are the days when you can pop in once a week, share your latest blog, and see more traffic than any other platform combined. We have to work for our Pinterest traffic these days. If you want to learn more about how to grow on Pinterest in 2022, read this guide

Alright, now that you have a million and one tabs open, let’s talk about posting on Pinterest in May 2022. 

May Holidays on Pinterest 

01 May | First Day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

01 May | First Day of Jewish American Heritage Month

03 May | Teacher Appreciation Day

05 May | Cinco de Mayo

06 May | National Nurses Day

08 May | Mother’s Day

30 May | Memorial Day

Obviously, the big holidays in May would be Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. But if these other holidays work with your content and niche, you should definitely work them into Pinterest as well. Be creative with your teacher appreciation gifts this year and share that as an idea pin, or come up with a special way to celebrate your heritage and share that throughout the month in tandem with Asia Pacific American Heritage or Jewish American Heritage Month. 

However, you can relate these to your niche is great. 

Earlier this year I also started sharing ‘fun’ trends that Pinterest predicts are going to be huge this year. Last year Pinterest predictions came true 8 out of 10 times. So make sure to work these into your content if you can! Chances are they’ll be very relevant Pinterest trends in 2022. 

Fun Pinterest Trends on Pinterest in May 2022

146% increase in searches for “spa design interiors”

People are searching for ways to ‘bring the spa’ home. They’re also searching for calming bathrooms and bathroom design ideas. Home improvement is always HUGE on Pinterest, so make sure you’re working bathrooms into your home improvement content this month. 

152% increase in searches for “trending sunglasses”

The sun is shining and Pinterest users are here for it. If you’re a company that sells sunnies, or your fashion blogger with affiliate links, this is your money-maker this month. Find a way to work sunglasses into your try-on hauls, unboxings, and other content in May. 

185% increase in searches for “garden planning” 

It’s Spring and that means people are planting and flowers are blooming. It makes sense that there’s such an increase in searches for garden planning, as people want to get outside and start garden-scaping for the year. There are plenty of ways to work gardening into your content! 

Now onto the niches for what to post on Pinterest in May 2022. 

Fashion trends on Pinterest in May 2022

Men’s fashion has been increasing month after month on Pinterest this year. We’re also seeing an increase in male users on the platform. If you can work male fashion into your content, or if you are a male fashion blogger, take full advantage of this. Other fashion trends on Pinterest in May 2022 include:

  • Prom dresses & prom poses
  • “Swaggy” outfits
  • Adam Sandler outfits for Spirit Week
  • 90’s party outfits
  • Office outfits for professional young women
  • Graduation outfit ideas
  • Spring school outfits
  • What to wear in Nashville in the Spring
  • Island vacations outfits for Black women

Also, keep in mind that we’ll be moving from Spring into Summer soon, so find ways to start incorporating summer outfits, summer vacation outfits, bikinis, and more into your content. It’s about to be very relevant. 

Food and drinks trends on Pinterest in May 2022

Besides Mother’s Day brunches, there aren’t a lot of ‘eating’ holidays in May. Mostly we see people looking for easy and quick things to make. And like always, people want to know that these quick and easy dinners are healthy – especially with summer around the corner. Here’s what to post on Pinterest in May if you’re in the food/drinks niche:

  • Easy lunch box ideas
  • Easy dinner recipes/Dinner ideas
  • Quick and healthy meals
  • Mother’s Day brunch/luncheon ideas
  • Chicken recipes
  • Teacher’s Appreciation Cookies
  • Ground beef recipes

One fun thing you can do is create an idea pin sharing cookies for both teacher’s appreciation and nurses’ appreciation this month! 

Beauty trends on Pinterest in May 2022

Every single month we see that anything related to ‘nails’ is trending like crazy on Pinterest. This month is no different. But we’re also seeing a LOT of inspo related to prom and graduation hair. If you’re a hairstylist or beauty blogger, this is an amazing opportunity to share idea pins with hair tutorials! 

  • Prom hairstyles for medium length hair
  • Prom nails and prom makeup
  • Hot nails designs
  • Pretty coffin nails
  • Groovy nails
  • Short nails summer 2022

As I said, May on Pinterest is mainly going to be nails and prom. 

Home Decor & Lifestyle Trends on Pinterest in May 2022

Lifestyle content on Pinterest is always a lot of home decor. But you can basically work so many of these niches into your content if you fall under the ‘lifestyle’ category. But regardless of that, here are some trending ideas we’re seeing on Pinterest in May 2022.

  • Above ground pool ideas
  • Landscaping around your front porch/front deck planters
  • Dollar tree decor and decorating tips
  • Back deck decorating ideas
  • Cozy patio decor
  • Trending exterior house colors
  • Gardening, Victory Gardens, garden planning

Travel Trends on Pinterest in May 2022

And lastly, of course, my favorite niche. Let’s see where people want to go as the world starts opening up again. Let’s see what people are searching for on Pinterest when it comes to travel! Keep in mind that the world is opening back up just in time for spring break and summer holidays. Don’t be afraid to post about travel. People have itchy feet and your content might be the push they need to board that flight. 

  • Alaskan Cruises
  • Summer in Italy
  • Destination wedding
  • Vacation packing list
  • All-inclusive resorts in the US
  • East coast vacation ideas

Wow, I am actually shocked by that travel section, I guess I was expecting people to be itching for more exotic travel as the world opens up, but it looks like we still have a lot of US travel destinations winning out. 

And just like that, what you should post on Pinterest in May 2022. Stay tuned for next month’s guide.

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