Pinterest Strategies of 2021

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Here are the Pinterest Best Practices for 2021

In this post, I'm sharing the top Pinterest Best Practices for 2021. If you're looking to grow on Pinterest this year, you NEED these strategies, trust me.

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New Pins v.s. Repins: Everything You Need to Know About Pinning

Pinterest · Sep 12, 2021

In this post I’m helping you navigate New Pins v.s. Repins on Pinterest. Personally I get A LOT of questions about New Pins and Repins, and which one you should be using more. So I hope that this post will start to shed some light on the best practices for both styles of pinning. Ready? Let’s get pinning.

Is the Market for Pinterest Managers Too Oversaturated?

Pinterest · Jul 18, 2021

If someone doesn’t realize what a great asset Pinterest is, then why on earth would they be posting about it on Facebook? They need someone to first let them know how important Pinterest would be for them. And guess what, from now on you’re going to be that person.

5 Pinterest Tips for New Bloggers in 2021

Pinterest · Jul 4, 2021

Is it too late to start a blog? Is the market too oversaturated? Is Pinterest really as good as they say it is? Well... let's find out!

Using Tailwind Create to Design Pins for Pinterest

Pinterest · Jan 27, 2021

I've been using Tailwind Create to design pins on Pinterest for the last few months. In this guide I'm teaching you how to make the most out of Tailwind's newest feature!

3 Tips on How Pinterest Can Help You Grow Your Blog Right Now

Pinterest · May 11, 2020

The world has turned upside down this year. And chances are, if you're like me, your blog traffic is plummeting. Today I want to walk you through the few things that I'm doing on Pinterest to help keep traffic coming to my blog.

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